Here’s How I “Brawl” In My Light Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

Hope it was an interesting watch 🙂


  1. wz132 LT line is my favorite!

  2. Love your vids lemming they help me out so much

  3. Which is the most important skill in a light tank?

    • If you mean as far as your tanks Commander skillz then it would be camo on all till 100% then reskill Commander with 6th sense and start camo again and for the others you can reskill them as well or leave the camo at 100% and start off the 2nd crew skill with one that suits your play style depending on if you want to scout passively or be an active agressive scout. But camo as a LT/scout is imperative as well as knowing when you’re spotted therefore 6th sense the rest is trivial.. hope this helps..

    • I mean like map knowledge or now when is time to leave a flank

    • Shooting without getting shot

    • xXinfinityXx
      Ahhh ok , yea that’s not easily or should I say not a short answer..LOL Alittle hint I used myself to go from a ultra “Red” player (500wn8) at 10k battles to a above avg player (1763wn8) with over 44k battles and avg just over 2k wn8 per battle is watch tons of very good(Unicum) players videos/livestreams and watch where they go in what tanks and so on and so forth and the most important thing is COMMON SENSE!!!!! That’s a players worst enemy is not using common sense. As far as when to run away , of youre thinking “hey should i run now it’s not looking good ” then its probably time. Ots better to run away too early then wait a min or two too long and die you know what i mean??? Like I said lots of You Tube and common sense buddy and I guarantee your stats will be on a steady climb..

    • In terms of player skill, probably patience

  4. Liked before I watch. They’re always good.

  5. It’s funny I actually like your live commentary more than replay analysis. You use less filler phrases like “You’ll notice here..” or “What’s gonna happen now is that…” etc. Anyway, thanks for the good content!

  6. I have given up on light tanks. My RU 251 was actually good and then it got put up a tier along with a dpm nerf. And the best part? The extra credits I pay to shoot one shell. Light tanks are such a disappointment.

  7. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    in a previous video you asked us how long it takes for you to be unspotted. I thought I would just say it’s 6 seconds. no idea if anyone already told you. Just felt like I should share.

  8. Seems like JPNZ missed the 57 hp bat chat. AH AH AH AH He was full HP before the JPNZ turned the corner ^^ Just playin with ya 😛

  9. Amazing… 95% of any light tank I get on my team thinks they are tds… And heavy I get love to hide behind mediums.. WTF happened to the game!!!! Also with that HWK,, He just knew that battle was a waste of time.. SO why try with a loser team vs getting another battle.. I do love though how you can back 3/4 of your tank out and not be spotted.
    Not calling cheats and such cause that would be dumb… Just wish I was on a team like yours vs thew trash I get stuck with 60% of the time.. Also no. Not a exaggeration. In the last 3 months my teams should have been 60.373% loss. Whos dick do I have to suck to get a decent team…

  10. Lemming you are my fav wot youtuber and livestreamer!! Better gameplay analysis than QB and just as funny as Circon sometimes imo <3

  11. I’m a simple man, I see a new LemmingRush video, I click it. 10x more valuable advice than some other people on youtube, not that I’d name names like some kind of fast infant.

  12. Its funny how most really open maps are actually the worst maps for light tanks.

  13. love how much i learn every time i watch your videos. i still suck but makes me suck a little less. keep up the good work bro

  14. Keep up the great content. I always look forward to seeing your videos on my notifications.

  15. my IS-3 loves to nomnomnom on brave light tank drivers

  16. What’s that mod that you have?

  17. Hey lemming, been getting back into light tanks. Currently have been running the LTTB and T-49. What other lights do you recommend, what are some of your favorites?

  18. Well, yeah, it is. It does mean that lemming still gets hit points to spend to make an aggressive play if his team has an advantage or to counter an enemy push if his team is on the back foot. It’s arguably harder to make a difference to the team if you lose most of your hit points or are killed pressing a choke point within the first few minutes of the game.

  19. Lemming, thanks again for great videos and mentorship.

  20. Holy shit these lts are uncomfortable to even watch, so clunky and artificially handicapped. I don’t know why you bother with them lemming

  21. It's not what you think

    Can you make a video on why 400 wn8 48%ers try to tell you how to play during a match when they end up with 0 damage at the end of the game?

  22. The new elc even 90 tank is going to break the game… 48% basic camo???

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