Here’s How I Carry My Team When I’m Bottom Tier.

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Great replay 🙂 now I’m motivated to curbstomp tier 6s ^.^

  2. the baby-seal that you outplayed in the end has whopping overall of 173. that should in no way diminish your performance – great showcase!

  3. if that vk came with his frontal armor you would be dead

  4. Lemming, I enjoyed your tier 6 gameplay. It seems like common sense stuff but it helps a lot to see it played out. +1 definitely would watch more.

  5. Please do more low tier videos. I take a long time grinding lower tiers and play them a lot more since I don’t run a premium account most of the time. Tier ten is fun too but tier six is just as good for me.

  6. Lemming doing a video about my most hated T6 med? i never clicked so fast. seriously i hate this tank so much so i am so glad you made a video about it to show plebs like me how its done.

    (still about 12k xp away from eliting this turd D:)

  7. I thought the video worked on many levels and yes more lower tiers please. we,re all not super unicums and advice given is always good wether you choose to take it or not. I appreciate your time and effort mate. Thank you.

  8. Low tier is fun and all, but I really dont need to see you go seal clubbing.. Id much rather keep it competitive at high tiers and learn from you where I feel that I still have stuff to learn 😉

  9. keep it up buddy. I have learned a lot from your videos. Thanks for your effort.

  10. Very informative and entertaining as always. Thx for the change up and hitting the lower tiers

  11. lemmingrush can u tell me how to avoid being targeted by arty? I understand u get targeted cuz ur stats but Im not even that good even when I’m bottom tier I get targeted! am I just being retarded? should I just sit back for a while?

  12. No the hill 90% of the time people lemming train hill

  13. Awesome. SO much to be learned from this.

    Keep doing T6 and T8 replays, so that we can learn how to play with our food the way you did there. 🙂

    And it also helps highlight the differences between T6 and T10 play, so that I can take my IS-7 out and not get pwned. (Yeah, your video on the IS-7 came out about a week to late for me…)

    Keep up the good work!

  14. yep chat is so bad when there is a guy saying you got this Lemming

  15. I wish to see lemming clubbing seals.

  16. I have my chat disabled.

  17. Bears Beats Battlestar Galactica

    “Chat is toxic”
    Sees player say “You got this Lemming”

  18. “Here’s how gold ammo can help you to carry the game”

  19. Either I’m able to see into the future or this is Deja Vu ala over again….

  20. Hey lemming, i love your videos and they are always i formative but try to connect the title to what is said in the video more. At no point did you say “and this is my strategy for winning when im bottom tier” or something along those lines

  21. it could be fun if you played a bit of every tier to then gather up how you feel the meta changes from low tiers to 10’s, also on a side note I think because you die so much faster in general in low tiers newbs learns that doing anything kills you. Think that’s why so many sit back not doing anything later at around tier 8 from what they previously learned?

  22. Lemming, did you realize you didn’t get spotted at 13:07 when you spotted him and after you shot? His commander was probably injured and you only got spotted when he got closer.

  23. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    very informative video, another master peice good job buddy

  24. More lowtier and i would love you even more! <3

  25. you could tell that guy was an idiot because he spelled disaster as desaster…

  26. you are just too good for pubs lol great video

  27. Great game. The next question is what then to do in a tier 6 when you get a tier 8 game? I get that a lot, lately 17 out of 20 battles.

  28. Hey Lemming!

    Thanks for the vid. It was interesting and useful.

    Personally, I find it surprising to hear you seem surprised that people should request that you do videos aimed at the lower-tiers when the logic of it so simple: At the lower tiers, grand strategy is practically absent as a consideration. In a very real sense, it’s a different world.

    Look at the opening of your game. Your teammates couldn’t effect an orderly deployment without crashing into one another (and you). They couldn’t even get off of spawn without wasting time and risking damage before all their guns were loaded and the only reason any of them are going hill is because they’ve watched videos that made them think that that was the done thing. Go low enough for long enough on Himmelsdorf and you’ll see TDs and even artillery poking their widdle heads over the lip of the road leading up to the castle.

    Your approach to the thing—how to position your tank to best advantage for your team; how to break cap by taking your tank to an unpredictable position; and when to run and hide to get shots to break up an enemy push—was a set of really useful ideas presented in a way that was easily digested. Perhaps more importantly, your final duel contained an extremely useful didactic element for the inexperienced player when you point out that stepping off cap as a one-shot and then rushing blind around the nearest corner to chase your tormentor instead of hunkering down under cover and forcing your opponent to come to you with cap-pressure is an epically bad idea.

    Perhaps the best part of that encounter for me was your showing how really bad something that common is because of it’s being instantly recognizable a habit that a pubbie should remove from his/her play as quickly as possible.

    Perhaps you could break down your lower-tier videos into strategic considerations and tactical ones, as in, “don’t fail to angle your armor and get farmed in your spanking new premium tank like the poor bastard in the tiger 131 and the Thunderbolt 7 did.”

    I also wonder if you mightn’t profit by going even lower in terms of tiers.

    There’s a logic to this.

    Players in the mid-tiers on their way to becoming cannon-fodder in the upper tiers certainly need a grasp of strategy, but the lowest tiers are really confusing for new players. I think part of this confusion arises from how Wargaming throws new players in at the deep end, presenting different tech-trees with tanks that require radically different approaches toward playing individual machines. After over a thousand sessions on the proving grounds (yes, I’m one of those guys), I’ve found the M2 light, with its combination of good turret armor and its positively nasty gun, a very easy tank to play at tier II, while the Cruiser III, with wet rice paper for amor but with a gigantic gun requires a completely different play style.

    You might be able to do good things just by drilling people on how to succeed with the tanks they have at the lower tiers where the new players who haven’t become jaded and who still spend money and time on the game are.

    Any thoughts?

    Again, loved your video. I’m going to give it a re-watch later.

  29. Wot stream yegru

    Lol premium consumable in tier 6 match , That is overkill mate .

  30. I think you should make a video about controlling the tank the way you do … I mean your poke fast shoot technique gives you like 5 time the health you have … really master of that

  31. Excellent video. Thank you. I want more of this–better yet tier 5. It’s been shown that tier 5 is the best for making credits so I stick to tier 5. I could watch this 10 times and write a lengthy comment after each viewing. There is so much to comment on here. Most important to me is you’re seeing the difference in how mid tier games unfold and how mid tier players play versus tier 10. If you had XVM, like I did for awhile, you’d see that many of the random battles centering on tier 5 have few players that are better than 48%. This is where the average, free-to-play (cheap) players play because you’ll make credits even if you do no damage and die 30 seconds into the game. I was in a clan for awhile. The head guy said tier 10 games unfold slower. You saw that here. Flanks can fall quickly in mid tier games but that doesn’t necessarily lead to a loss (as you also saw here). Mid tier players go wherever they want and do whatever they want because the worst that can happen is they end up back in the garage having made a few credits no matter how their battle went to start the next battle. Another guy in the clan who had a lot of experience said he plays a lot of tier 5 using a T1 Heavy because it makes credits and he doesn’t have to play his very best all the time, In other words, he enjoys himself and has fun. I left the clan because I wasn’t learning anything that I could apply to pub games and I was spending a lot of credits and not having much fun. Any clan that would have me is a losing clan. Losing clan battles while pissing away credits was super frustrating. That clan is better off without me. The only tier 10 gameplay I’ve seen was bottom tier in a Tiger II running stock ammo to save credits. I was lucky to pen arty with the 88 at tier 10. The 105 with stock ammo wasn’t much better. Being so used to grinding I rarely think to use premium ammo, so by the time I decided to load it I was nearly dead and being flanked by a faster light or medium tank because I had to fight on the flank where the mediums go because I couldn’t pen the other heavies most of the time. In a word, my high tier gameplay was little more than costly frustration. I wasn’t really helping my team; I was either dieing or being carried because I had to play like a TD with a no speed, a weak gun and mediocre view range. Just as you showed in an earlier video, sniping doesn’t work. It especially doesn’t work in a bottom tier heavy shooting stock ammo out of a high fire rate low-pen gun. I felt bad about staying back in an effort to survive. I had to turn off in-game chat because I was endlessly chastised for not following the other heavies or doing what the other self-proclaimed in-game “commanders” wanted me to do. If I listened to the in-game chat and tried to move up I’d be farmed by vehicles with better speed and/or view range because I was often isolated. It sucked really hard. So now you know my story. I’m sure there are many other like it. Videos like this one are of real practical help to players like me. Thanks again. I appreciate your use of a regular tank and ammo on this one as well. I also prefer it when you actually play as opposed to the practice map stuff. I’m more attentive watching actual gameplay–not to mention how entertaining it is watching a good player play. It’s even better when it’s with tanks I actually see as opposed to tier 8 to 10 vehicles. It was really nice that you weren’t concerned with weak spots, reload times, premium ammo, broken modules, injured crew mates–all that crap. At my level of skill any time spent on those things usually gets me in more trouble. The automatic fire extinguisher is my favorite consumable because I don’t have to think about deploying it. Further, being a cheapskate grinder, I’m not used to pressing the number keys. In other words, it requires time for me to think about it, decide to do it, and do it. For example, by the time I decide to do repairs or heal crew members it’s too late; I’m low on HP and there’s an arty shell incoming or another tank circling me. That’s who this type of video helps–mid-tier grinders who are used to going back to the garage as opposed to burning credits trying to save one battle. I would have done something similar to what your last opponent did at the end of this game. I’m in that type of situation so seldom that I almost always screw it up due to adrenaline-fueled bad decisions. That means if you do more of these videos being alive at the end to teach end-game tactics will be helpful.

  32. “The ISU-122 is being completely retarded, he’s a fucking pubby, fuck that guy.”
    Said perfectly

  33. What you showed here would work for literally 1% of poor suckers trying to grind over another WG obstacle (soft paywall).
    Losing 40k credits in tier 6 only means you carry your wallet with you. You obviously have skill but that becomes irrelevant seeing how many crutches you use.
    Next time, show how you carry without all the premium bullshit and with a stock tank. Because that’s where almost everyone spends 95% of their time in WoT – grinding intentionally handicapped tanks while being pissed on from above.
    Whom are you helping here really?

  34. If you run food and other prem consumables at tier 6, how on earth do you EVER make any credits at all?
    Serious question, I would love to know how you can do this and be able to afford to buy new tanks.
    Even if you have all the tanks you want in the game, you still have to be able to make credits sometimes…
    Please tell me your secret.

  35. Tier 6 is probably the most balanced set of tanks across the board in the game. Tons of good vehicles in all classes. Wish there was a tier 6 only game mode.

  36. Marshall Allshouse

    I feel as if the hill is only useful sometimes. yes you can flank tank alley, but its not consistent (as the e5 replay expressed)

  37. gg good job lemming i find that pubbies distract and almost never provide gamewinning info thats why i have it disabled

  38. I think the low tier stuff is going to be something a lot more players can connect with. How many people have so many tier 10’s that they have trouble choosing which one to play? On the other hand, how many people have so many tier 6’s that they have trouble choosing which one to play?

    I also think that seeing games where you’re forced to be effective from below top tier will be very encouraging to a lot of players who always seem to feel they’re screwed if they’re on the bottom.

  39. Trevor Renkevens

    This is actually one of my favorite tanks for some reason

  40. can you please play the batchat 12t idk how to deal with its gun

  41. Low tier play is fun , and well played man,  u be knowing your shit !

  42. Even a blacktop racer goes back to dirt (mud) for fine tuning and fun !!!

  43. TROPIC Agario and more

    How to carry bottom tier…. load full prem and turn into a td

  44. Too much gold ammo!I learned how to play without gold ammo.

  45. I think there is a use in doing lower tier gameplay, since strats in tier 10 are practically cemented, you can usually predict gameplay. But at lower tiers there’s more unexpectedness due to the higher noob count, so lower tier gameplay I think can help with dealing with unexpected situations that arise on the fly

  46. Gotcha, don’t think like a tier 10

  47. Sick videos man, keep it up. I’ve learned a ton of new information and types of strategy from you.. cheers.

  48. Jaylin The LaxBro

    I used to be in MME like that Vk 2801,fuckin shitter XD

  49. “I lost credits because I was running food and things like that” – You mean running APCR?

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