Heres How I Do Well In “Bad Tanks” on El Halluf

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. lol this was on the stream wasnt it? was fun to watch

  2. E50M sniping?
    Keep it up lemming!

  3. What if you’re playing a tank that’s REALLY squishy, like a Skorpion G? Still viable to take the corner of the hill?

  4. Ur still doing the 40$ tips and tricks?

  5. The Pleasant Pheasant

    Any video with an AMX 30B in it deserves a like.
    Beautiful tank.
    If huge tumors are your thing of course.

    Makes me feel good that we both have identical ways of playing sub par tanks on this map, makes me wonder why so many players still have not understood how to get out of their spawns in the first 10 minutes of a game…

  6. amx is good tank, show how to to good in something like obj 268 😀

  7. It’s around 3:00 am and I’m watching this. Who needs sleep anyways?

  8. lel love your reaction to that IS 7 on the stream.

  9. Can you make a video about T-44 tier VIII russian med? 🙂

  10. HAHA Nice Video of 30B! Always looking for a good one, thx Lemming(me Slain :D)
    Don’t get me wrong, I still would say this tank is a truly opportunist, the reasons you farming so much damage I think are due to your skills and the chance your teammates created for you, shtty armor like 30B can’t really creates much chances on its own compare to other meds.
    Always appreciate your videos change my style of playing this game(how important of playing aggressively), hat off~

  11. It's not what you think

    What if you have 1 degree of gun depression?

  12. unicum render range snipe haxs is7 at beginning of battle,fucking disgusting. Id rather drink Phenolphthalein then watch this

    *obvious joke is obvious,also Phenolphthalein is used to as a indicator for acid base chemistry memes and acid=NaCl=salt therefore salty tears confirmed 122% legit*

  13. 3:56 unicum confirms that unicums are bae camping shitters that dont help the team, fucking disgusting. Id rather take battery acid up the ass then play with these scums.

    *obvious joke is obvious,please dont consume battery acid unless u play arty*

  14. Try El Halluf in Chinese tier 9 medium. It is insanely hard to do well in wz-120 for me on this map.

  15. what do you guys think of AMX 30B modifications ( patch 9.20 ) ?

  16. lemming did u google that shit wg said? XD and yaaay time to see another LR vid even tho i saw it on stream xD
    google this: WoT Q&A 08.07.2017 then click first link of Armoredpatrol website and read the 1st paragraph about russian meds… lmao WG is so stupid xD when u read it u will think 2 things:
    1. loooooooooooool
    2. wg doesnt play their own game, stupid wg.

  17. How do you fell about the supertest changes to the amx 30b?

  18. thank for map info

    🙂 S.E.Asia

  19. Enjoying your videos Lemming, you’ve got some very good info in them.

  20. Pepijn van Heeswijk

    van you stream on Twitch?

  21. Valentin Kovachev

    I wouldn’t blind fire if I were you. Often people camp on that same position you were affraid of being shot at, so if you fire, you are 100% getting spotted and I have taken shots thatway.

  22. Arcane Gianterino Kripperino

    AMX30B isnt bad… its just mediocre compared to the other mediums… but its by far not bad…

  23. “I run away because I don’t want to get clipped out” Batchat confirmed to regularly clip out tanks

  24. Very interesting match.

  25. Ahhh yes, the 30b; worst tank in history. 😀

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