Heres How I Farm Damage When My Team Does Too Well

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Chimonakimi WoT-Console

    What do you suggest doing against teams that are bad, like, unpredictable YOLO players who rush and focus you? Is there any way to counter this? Besides the obvious out playing them.

  2. Very nice video. I just 3 marked my amx30 and i realised the same things. Sadly it took me way more time than to watch this but hopefully others will learn. Or not. I hope not. More marks for me. :3 Gj.

  3. amazing video and thank god the players that i get to play with dont think like you or else i wont have any chance to have good games XD

  4. Next game I learned my lesson and charged in on 2 batchats with my e5.

  5. Yeah, looks really easy when your driving an E5! Well known for being OP. Try doing that in a Maus, I don’t think it would of turned out so well.

  6. Another great video 🙂

  7. 2:45 the amx lower plate is better sloped than the upper plate and its 120 mm, and at the angle u were shooting from was about 240 mm, so it would be better to shoot the sides wich are only 55 mm and at that angle it was only 150ish armor, so maybe u should get better at aiming at weakspots 😉 but it makes no sense having to aim for weakspots on a t8 tank, in a t10 tank with 250 pen …..

  8. shigeolincolntaco

    So why did u call the rhm’s pussy’s? Isn’t that role of the rhm sit in a bush and cover the flanks and snipe?

  9. Press “W” for maximum farming

  10. I drive TD sometimes but I play aggressively spot snipe move to the next victim, see you on the field on fire lol

  11. hay gyz, HE duz moar damij s0 lode ull HE bicuz it duz moar damij and u kil moar stuf with moar damij. :>

    (Plz help my cringy self.)

  12. You should call this video The milk man because he milked the HP and left some tanks with 10 HP so his teammates could mop up the kill, it kept them busy so he could advance to higher HP. I don’t care who you that’s just smart. Don’t hate the player hate the game

  13. Go apeshit when the enemy team is getting crushed…got it

  14. Damn Bro you be putting putting up videos dawg

  15. Methinks the line between “being aggressive” in a heavy and “Yolo-ing” is quite thin. I wish it paid off for me more! But that line I spoke of is called “awareness”, which you have, and I am learning. You showed the difference by constantly referring to the map and where your team was. I find that a lot of time I am so focused on “Do Damage!” that I tunnel on a tank or two, not looking at how the team is unfolding on the map.

    Good stuff as always, sir.

  16. I will try it when I have enough to drive in my Tens, I rarely get a top tier battle with this MM unless in a ten, by the way your team mostly followed you so thats why your count was down early and them doing that doesnt always work out.

  17. Lemming provides the most practical (and idiot-proof logical/real) advice on this game than any channel I follow. Love the “real” feel of your vids LR! Keep it up.

  18. I have a habit of playing my at7 really aggressively the frontal armor on it allows me to be a little more aggressive

  19. I tend to be too complacent with dealing like 2k damage so I tend to just accept the battle is over.

  20. Daniel Alexander

    Ine other thing to mention is that you just have to hope your team doesn’t cap the base while you wheel over to the other side to get more damage. I find this happens more often than not when I win a flank handily. The others that are with me just cap the base while I’m switching sides to farm te remnants of the enemy team.

  21. It's not what you think

    “When my team does well”. I only play pubbies though.

  22. Hey lemming if you don’t mind. Would you reccommend going where you think most of the enemy team would go even if it’s not a “heavy tank position” in any heavy tank. Or more all around type heavies like the t110E5?

  23. I’m a pinkie trying to improve my wn8 and just want to get better in general, I just can’t consistently get good results in my heavies but do even worse in others so I play heavies alot, could u explain how I could have better positioning and some better tactics for a tank like the is4?

  24. The IS-6 USED to be cheating… well, you prolly shoot prem only, so yeah, that’s cheating.

  25. What release was this replay. when they nerfed the E5, I havent bounced a fuckin thing

  26. Marshall Allshouse

    The point came across crystal clear, and is something I need practice with.
    I’ve been noticing that in a lot of my roflstomp wins, that if i was just ahead of the guy in front of me, I would have been the one with like 6k dmg
    this video only further proves the point that choosing targets and being aggressive can force roflstomps in your favor, great video 😀

  27. Does this advice work for auto loading heavies?

  28. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    So you’re teaching plebs how to steal our late-game damage. Thanks -__- kappa.

  29. This reminds me of a game two days ago. I was wasted on vodka playing my e50m against whole bunch of heavys. Did 8k+ and uploaded the replay “vodka and e50m” i think.
    Now when I’m all sobered up I barely do 4-6k on good games.
    WoT is so freaking competitive and I think this is the type of videos that should be made more often.

  30. I think Everybody doing this even without this video

  31. great video as always, but sadly I end up in situations like these in a heavy that’s a lot slower, so I won’t get there in time to get the late game damage.

  32. So… Like… What are you trying to say? Wait what?

  33. It feels so right that you just make video’s about these topics while nobody gets pissed off of them

  34. I just team kill my team so they can’t keep up.

  35. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    The problem with me is that I am too agreesive in the wrong times :/

  36. For me the two outstanding things when I look at you’re replays are you’re map awareness and decision making… I could literally watch all day as I learn so much from you just talking about what your doing and why? More videos just talking through these apsects please 🙂

    Were you always a natural at seeing where and when to push or was it a steep learning curve for you?

  37. the heat shell is visible down left corner hitlog.

  38. Abdürezzak Ebubekir

    This is exactly the reason why i sold my jgpnzrE100

  39. nice vid, I often struggle to get good dmg in heavies when it’s a ROFL stomp, so it was interesting to see the way you think about it.

  40. Well he’s the sincerest youtuber
    Which is a super unicum
    And wants to learn people things out
    Gj Lemming

  41. Montgomery Bojangles

    Great vid, I’m trying to 3rd mark my T21. These strats don’t exactly work for a light tank but your other videos have covered that. gg

  42. when i see a new LR video.. im so happy. best utuber ever..

  43. The only reason why it might piss off some players is because they’re bad and salty about it.

    More damage is not just for bigger e-penis to wave at people. It helps win battles, gets you more exp and credits and helps a lot with completing missions, marathons and especially personal missions.

  44. Tomáš Chochola

    how is possible that those bc didnt focused you, every time iam more agresive i get focused by some suicide retard

  45. 1. If AMX 49 is angling, shoot the cheek of the upper hull (also for ammorack) 2. It’s pronounced “shkoda”.

  46. Which Heavys or Heavy Tank would you advice as a “Starter” Tank to improve? Is7? E5? Or something else?

  47. Hampus Johansson

    I think this only covers the NA server, on EU people can’t read teammates, if someone rush in and provide cover/distraction everybody just stays back and complain that you cover their targets…

  48. Keep up the good work my wn8 is 700 atm i know its bad and my recent and in 30 days is 1500

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