Heres how I farm Wn8 in “bad” tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

People pay too much attention to their tanks name, nearly all tier 10 mediums play the same. If your team winning and you have HP, You will always do better by being on the front lines.

I may have a spot available next week for training sessions, if youre 1 on 1 training session to help get better at .
To Apply, Please include:
-Your WoTLabs link (or just your ingame username)
-What you hope to improve on (Positioning early game, reading lineups, when you should be rotating, deciding whether or not to push or go back to base, how to finish carries) are all types of things I can help you with, and of course, much more)
-And your timezone/server.



  1. Marshall Allshouse

    0/10 not enough sniping in the leo XD
    tbh people that dont understand that you can play most meds the same way arent gonna ever get more than 1k wn8

  2. can u do how to farm wn8 in type 4 heavy in random with ppl spamming at u gold 24/7?

  3. leopard 1 can go front line, but USSR tanks have way better armer, and DPM, even shooting on the run. There is no doubt a USSR tank can do better than leopard 1. leopard 1has a lot of bad situation when you go to front lines, even you will die for this.

  4. I guess most of those commentators don’t know how WN8 works.
    You want a tank you can easy pad in? Well pick any tank you play better in then the average tanker. Done. If you are just average, good luck padding in obj 140 because better player then you spam that tank. If you somehow are super good in a m3lee, you can be padding for days because globally nobody play good in that tank.

  5. nice variance. if it’s a sample size of 1, you know it’s accurate.

  6. So… Risk can farms WN8.

  7. Would be cool if you made a video about handling matches where you don’t really see any opportunities to deal damage.
    Kinda frustrates me when I’m in a match, not seeing any place where I can be useful, and thus, being useless for the team.

  8. Wow, that was a lot of haters!

  9. Nice vid, I play mediums and am trying to be more aggressive. How to do this when bottom tier though?

  10. You make it look easy.

  11. Pretty sure wn8 is going to be obsolete with their next update or one coming soon.

  12. Great video, good subject.
    I’m an average player, OK just a tick below average, I am aware of how the game works, and I try.
    The other day my two buddies and I were in a platoon of three T-54s, there was another plat of two T-62As, on Kharkov, we were on the Northern base, all 5 of us ran down the 9 line and quickly won the town square area, and the three of us in the tier 9s pushed up the K line, the two T62As just camped the back corner and tried to snipe, we had them surrounded, but our tier X tanks did push, they camped, we fought hard but we were against something like 5 tanks and all of their tier X tanks. When we had died the T-62As called us noobs for throwing away our tanks….. they were in freaking tier X Russian MTs and they camp and snipe…… sigh…..
    Nice to see that in theory at least we were playing the game correctly, but our team let us down. I guess once we saw the T-62As camping and not advancing we should not have pushed.
    Great video

  13. Yeaaaa…. but were talking about M3 Lee, DW2, shitty tanks

  14. Watches Lemming videos, thinks ” Now I got it”, gets into a random…boom, dead being to ‘pushy”
    The “I believe I can fly” Lemming videos are making me a better player, for sure, just takes some time and I have to keep trying

  15. I think you made your point 😉

  16. I feel like a lot of these videos are all hindsight. You should think about doing live commentary, I would really like to hear your thought process in the heat of the battle and not after you’ve had time to review the video and create a polished script.

  17. can u do a Tvp5051 gameplay ? im really good in it but i still miss something when i play it 😀

  18. thats what i like about the leo, you can commit and disengage so easly with its mobility. I do play super agressive with mine and its very rewarding. Also the sniping meta is pretty much dead, if you snipe with the leo you will never go beyond 2k dmg per game in avarage.

  19. you can pen a foch with almost anything….aim for the hammerhead sights, big easy pen spot on all french TDs.

  20. Richard Komendanchik

    Do you play on the west sever? because I’ve only seen 13 on 13 and 14 on 14 on the west server, east is a better server imo

  21. You were lucky cause the enemy team was bad. If they had been good they would have wrecked you. They were stupid and that’s why they ignored an easy lightly armored target. The Leopard is a sniping tank. Taking it into the city is not a good idea ever. The heavies should be in the cities. Cause you know, they have armor.

  22. Our boy, LemmingRush >>>>>>>>>>>>> “famous youtuber” aka: QB. Thanks for the advices, love u.

  23. Lemming, I got allot of respect for you and your channel, thank you for helping me break the supposed glass ceiling I hit at 1900 recent and helping me hit 2200 and rising rapidly. 😀

  24. great video LR, your positioning and awareness really sets you apart.

  25. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    This is for you

  26. those comments at the end though 😛

  27. Lol all those comments at the end lmao

  28. The question about Leopard 1 is not if it is good or bad. The question is if it is better or worst than other tier X mediums.
    The answer is clearly worst.

  29. Oh my, that was also one of my comments on that video (not shown though, luckily 😀 ).

    Thanks for the vid though, I see what you mean, and how you are doing it, but I’m just not there yet, skillwise. I’m still lacking that… err… extreme situational awareness magic that lets you farm the enemy while I end up getting isolated in those positions and then get farmed. My mistake is that I’m also much more risk averse and I want to be sure to conserve hitpoints for when I fail to carry close battles.

  30. WN8 is done; gone. Now it isnt a true statistic indicator; 9.18 killed it. Anyone who thinks WN8 is still working now %90 blind %10 negationing the truth for make others think high wn8 still cool. It totally doesnt working anymore; complete disaster statshower. BYE WN8 wellcome official wargaming statistic indicator.

  31. Hey why do you think leopard as a bad grind tank? can you explain?

  32. This one of the best contributions to the WoT community. Thx

  33. you also very lucky most of the game so idon’t know if this replay is a good example…

  34. who are these ugly people in the comments at the end…? now, i dare you doing that in the gigantic hit-box the TVP VTU.. i got a funny feeling that i’m the onlyguy who play this trash…
    also… funny thing that no “youtuber” made a video on this great tank… so strange…

  35. Oh yeah well what do you know anyway ? :p

  36. You are very good in positioning and situation awareness and you will do good in every t10 med. Russian med gives much more space for mistakes this is why ppl do better with them.

  37. fuck school, lemmingrush uploaded!

  38. This is like a tutorial: “How to shut many baddies’ asses in a single video”.

  39. I’ve just read all those comments at the end of your video. Rly guys? You think Lemming has a “play-OP-tanks-only” profile? What is wrong with you? Don’t be outrage just because strats shown in his video don’t work for you. Do not try to reproduce it stupidly, just try to get the main idea and mixed it with your own play-style.
    and btw, thanks for your videos Lemming, you’re my man 🙂

  40. Mate do you use some mod for sniper mode? because when i use to zoom in or out (from x15,x30,x45 etc.) it just instant click, but your is just smooth like when artillery zoom for target

  41. so…. you say I should try to be braver in my paper premiums like sta2 or ravioli? 😛
    Seriously though, this is where “physical” skill is more important. Positioning is key, but in a paper tank reaction time has greater impact. That’s probably why generally people prefer russian mediums, I think they are easier to play on a micro level.

  42. why are there only 13 tanks on each team? nobody playing WoT anymore?

  43. Get everyone involved and make a WG day free, a day in which we, The Comunity will not play the World of Tanks game for 1 day, lets wake up this “Retards”, about who are the ONES that needs respect and need attention.
    We are the ones making this game GREAT.
    We are the ones that make the game POPULAR.
    We are the ones that make the game PROFITABLE.
    Join up with every popular Vlog-er/Streamer and establish a WOT FREE DAY.
    Stop pumping the game with PAY TO WIN tanks pls.

  44. Great vid Lemming, I loved the comments at the end 🙂

  45. allnamestakennn

    Stated otherwise – map awareness, playing aggressively without throwing away your hp for no reason but recognizing when you can take a shot and the luck of your team not losing 6 tanks in 2 mins will win you games and pad wn8 for days.

  46. Ofcourse u can be aggressive in any tank from time to time. What people are talking about is being statistically (reliably) aggressive in this tank. You had an opportunity in this game to be aggressive due to the general inexperience of the enemy team who by all means didn’t even enter the city in the first place and had an afk top tier. But your sole example here is meaningless statistically. You can’t do this in most games.

  47. LemmingRush – one question plz:

    How do you deal with situations when your teammates are way too passive ? Let’s take your beginning move as an example, when you rush to the middle of the city – you finally got some support from IS-3 there, but what would you do if nobody shows up at your side to help you out ? Would you keep waiting for some friendly tanks, knowing that enemy can simply rush you down near that building while you wait ? Or perhaps you would abandon this agressive and potentially good position and start looking for something else, knowing that at this time of battle all other good positions can be either taken by your teammates or contested by enemy ?

    I think it is a valid question because very often I find myself ahead of a team going down fast to some strong positions on the map. Sometimes it pays off, but very often I find myself left alone there, because my teammates are very passive, prefer to camp close to base or are distracted by some scout spotted early in the game and instead of taking positions, they prefer to try to shoot a scout on the run (you made a video about that on Malinovka). You might say: that proves you are overagressive. Perhaps I am – but if I don’t rush to certrain positions early on, I will have hard time getting there later, or worse – enemy will take them and get advantage over my team because of that.

  48. Why it looks so easy if you play the Leo? Again a great vid about my favourite tank in the game. Yet I still have so much to learn in it but thanks to your vids and explanation I got to see another playstyle and how it also can be played.

  49. It’s ya boi lemming rush? Hmm sounds like an asmongold reference lol

  50. New intro I guess;) I can confirm that you are a ‘boy’!

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