Here’s How I setup my T-34-3 When I 3 marked it.

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. I run the same but run 1 less heat shell.. I also only have 3 skill crew but I’m glad that someone actually likes this tank and gives it good views unlike 99.99% of WoT players who don’t own it

  2. Wow… I was no kidding looking for a set up for this tank and was looking at your old videos.. Thanks

  3. average comment on your vids:
    “Hey lemmingrush cool video bro i was 300wn8 7 minutes ago and after i watched this my wn8 is 1800 thanks man.”

  4. lemming can u do a setup on the t54 after the guns change also? and whens the next stream?


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  6. hey lemming can you make a video about churchill 1 or 7 and maybe give some tips for how to play them?

  7. Thank you Lemming Rush for sharing your wealth of wisdom and knowledge.
    Many patches ago the German tanks were very susceptible to being lit on fire from the front. I discovered the driver perk “preventive maintenance” . this perk stopped the fire’s.
    Not sure if it will work with the Chinese tech line though.
    please keep up the good work.
    Hope your videos spread like wild fire, because your really helping people to become better tankers

  8. guys t-34-3 or is-6?

  9. Just in time before I buy mine tomorrow evening

  10. I run vents as opposed to GLD as I find I’m moving around too much to get the use of it (GLD) am just a casual player so not into 3 marking tanks…

  11. Arcane Gianterino Kripperino

    maybe you wouldnt be on fire that much IF YOU WOULDNT FUCKING TRY HARD WITH FOOD

  12. i love how cynical and blunt you are.

  13. Yep I concur fully on the EGLD over Vents. As for crew skills, I don’t have as many skills as you do but basically I’m trying for the same set up, the ones I found to be important. Just missing BIA and we’re the same. Well I don’t shoot on the move and that 1 or 2 % from smooth ride…I’ll just do with out it lol. Food really helps this tank. It makes ok credits but I play for the challenge it is for me.e

  14. Do you find Armorer and Jack of all trades all that useful now, with those renewable consumables?

  15. Does this tank play similar to T-44/122?

  16. oh so there are others who like this tank too xD also its kinda scary cuz before i watched this i already had this exactly same setup also My crew i use are from the type t34 like yours so fucking spooky xD

  17. Richard Andersen

    Hi Lemming! Keep up the good work:)
    Would it be a good idea to use the firefighting directive as it only costs two bonds? atleast untill you get a good firefighting crew.

  18. Hey LemmingRush, I just got threw 3 marking my IS-3 an T-29 and was wondering if you could give me some tips one how I should set up my new TVP 50/51? I have had it about a week and right now I”m running Verts, Vents and GLD. I have already gotten my first mark on it and was hoping you could give me some tips on how to get the most out of this tank. I think this tank is an absolute beast in the right hands and I think I’m doing well in it but I don’t have a ton of experience playing auto loaders.

  19. I’m using vents because I have a naive hope that it boosts my snapshot/smoothride and helps gun handling kinda like food. Wish there was a way to test which is better.

  20. Valentin Kovachev

    I am very glad, that you are taking this youtube thing that seriously ! Realy happy for you, and really happy for the ammount of videos you are making (I like your videos if you hadn’t noticed :D) <3

  21. 3 of 4 crewmember of his 5 skill crew is trained for the Type T-34. interesting.

  22. Hey LR, I don’t know about you but I don’t like that word unicum. Does anyone have a suggestion what other word we can use?

  23. lol i was about to ask for this video when I watched your last one

  24. do you have a t-54 mod 1?

  25. I’d love to like this tank. But I cant, I’d rather play the M4 Rev any other day.

  26. Hello sir, can you play T54 first prototype …. Please ☺️☺️

  27. thx man. one of my fav premium tanks. tank is mean with it’s alpha dmg!

  28. I find it interesting that you load a large amount of premium ammo for the IS-7, but not for this tank.
    While you’ve explained why you run it in the IS-7, is there any reason you don’t run as much premium ammo in the T-34-3? From an ammo pen standpoint, it’s arguably worse than the IS-7.

  29. Thibault Giesbertz

    Do you recomend those crew skills (without the firefighting) for every medium tank?

  30. HEAT spamming incomming 😀

  31. For the setup of the fuel tank, the driver and the ammo rack, I think they are more placed like russian tanks so at the left there is the ammo rack behind the fuel tank and the driver is at the left.

  32. world of tanks xbox


  33. I see you have a crew for the T-34-3 only. It seems you don’t play a lot Chinese meds. You don’t like them?

  34. I am not good enough to play this tank.

  35. Abdürezzak Ebubekir

    Hi LemmingRush GLD is useless i was convinced watching 4tankersandog’s video about that he tested all situations with graphs so best combo is Vstab+Vent
    check it out yourself

    I hope i am useful to you

  36. Do you feel that in the wake of all the recent tier 8 premium vehicle releases that this tank needs a significant buff regarding gun handling and penetration? That 175 pen really struggles against Chrysler GF, Obj 252, Liberte, etc… The T 34-3 doesn’t have the premium matchmaking does it?

  37. Alexandru Ghetaru

    Med kit can be re-used, so there is no need to train jack of all trades.

  38. horrible tank, great driver

  39. Hey Lemming thanks for the advice! I can really see how much better I’m doing! Being agressive is helping me do so much more damage. I still go middle and spot people as they go up the hill on that one map, cause I’ll do like 5k damage those games but it’s really helping so thanks.

  40. LemmingRush deserves an awesome intro.

  41. my god the suffering you must have gone through to get this tank to be good LOL

  42. I was using optics when I 3 marked T-34-3 cause of assist dmg 😉 JOAT too on Commander and rations

  43. Edwin Anderson, Jr.

    Very helpful. What is your favorite light tank

  44. hey bro i like ur vid,i was 3000 wn8 now im 69 wn8 thx for the vids man

    *obv joke is obv about average lemmmmmmmmmmmingrush vid*

  45. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    hey lemming any chance you can show us how to play fisherman’s bay with a low depression medium?

  46. g’day lemming …would you use the same setup on a type 59

  47. sigh…Lemming your commander’s name means pollution in Chinese…

  48. Ironically I ammo racked a T-34-3 during my Centurion 7/1 3 mark session lol

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