Here’s how Unicums Deal with Actual 1 v 5 Scenarios

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  1. Thank you for your great videos, really helps seeing what an amazing player does during a game. Even the simple using dead tanks for cover that you do so well. Thanks!

  2. IMO In the second game on Abbey when youwere 1v1’ing the Cent 5/1 you can possibly started heading to B3 and play the outside road as soon as hes a 1 shot. May make it in time before the grille have shot on you. From there it might be easier to do a few extra shots while also arty save.
    nonetheless the lose was inevitable and 6k damage in an 140 is freaking awesome.

  3. I would love more videos on best spotting positions on different maps. Especially on the bad maps for the LTs. Also an arty troll tutorial would be funny.

  4. Someone please for the love of God buy him a Tog II and make him 3 mark it XD

  5. I would love to see where you are looking on the screen, might be annoying but i feel if I understood how often you looked at the map vs when you are looking at where to shoot tanks i would become a better player as a whole. Thanks for reading all the comments btw it shows how much you care!

  6. So I play on console, and today was in my King Dragon. Paying attention to the map, I saw two of our team trying to hold off four tanks on one side of the map. I went to help them.

    As I arrived, they died. So I warned the team the flank was going to fall and our arty would be swarmed. I assumed arty would relocate and / or some tanks would come help.

    I was told “No one will get to you, so figure it out.”

    I died, the team didn’t adjust to my info, arty was slaughtered, and we lost.

    Hard to keep on playing with teammates like that…

  7. Don’t you ever join with say three other tanks and then keep the momentum going to sweep around a flank getting kills? Surely that would have a larger effect on your whether you win, rather than pulling out of the sweep and trying to snipe on defence?

  8. You can just hear the underlying tone of “And I am completely screwed…” during every moment in that first battle when you were checking where everyone is, where the patton was, what angles you had to deal with etc. etc. Just like I mentioned in your last video, really appreciate your demeanor in crap situations. Like when arty is just focusing you non-stop in other videos…the whole “Arty is going to click me now and…that’s okay”. “Arty is focusing me this match, that’s okay too”. I love that approach, it really is awesome. Granted this video that arty shot came out of nowhere and surprised you…still ended up chuckling it off. Keep it up man!

  9. 1:43 WEEEEEEEE!!!!

  10. Nobody out there teaches the game like you, and you are a blast to watch! Wish school had ever been like this, I’d be a goddamn genius…

  11. Just want to see your gamplay with your commentry. I have actually learned more about the game from you than any other youtube creator.

  12. These vids are great! I don’t necessarily like the crazy / lucky vids myself. But vids like this one show me new places to go to and how to use the map better. I’m also a noob so it may be more beneficial to me ?

    • Oh and also my personal rating has come up like 2k in the last year since I started watching your vids lol! So thanks or whatever

  13. Great video. A lot more real than other videos of “good games”

    Also, thanks to you (and the fact that i dont play with 20 fps anymore) i raised my recent WN8 from 1600 to 2100.

  14. Welcome, to the real world~~Morpheus

  15. Hey LemmingRush you should get a webcam

  16. The Grille gonna bring the Bratwursts to the 1 line!

  17. Wonderful commentary, as usual. Much appreciated.

  18. best kind of wot videos, keep doing it!

  19. Hi Lemming! Please do videos on playing top tier heavies

  20. Oh dear, Oh dear.

  21. The second game is amazing LR 10/10 game

  22. Loved the commentary, you’re my go-to for play by plays. gg buddy

  23. i’d love to see some map strategy videos on the new maps that came out in the last patch

  24. All I hear is tier 8 Tiddies 😀

  25. Hi Lemming. This was a very good video!
    Honestly I hate the near pure Tier 10 meta we’re dealing with on EU these days. I’d love to see more games where you are low tier. You did a video a while back with the Progetto premium and recently som AMX CDC action. Seeing a unicum spank plebs like myself in his 140 is fine and dandy, but while entertaining it starts to get old.

    Those of us with Tier 8 premium tanks put it credit grinding sessions once in a while, where we a very large percentage of the time face Tier 10 tanks, so for my first idea for you do a credit grinding session, where you play the before mentioned tanks. I feel like this is something we all do, and I’d love to get better at it.

    My second suggestion is simply more variety in vehicle choice in general. You’re grinding the American medium line, yes? Well, show us some of that. You primarily focus on light and medium tank gameplay. I’d suggest you start progressing a heavy tank line, and show us the process. Unicorn players get extreme boners from playing their Tier 10 mediums. I’d love to see some content that focus more on what a an ordinary plebian does in World of Tanks.

  26. Nice job bro, really like how you explain everything, take care and gg

  27. 1:42 excuse me coming thru

  28. 2:40

    when rasha > rasha

  29. This is EXACTLY what I need to see. Hearing how great players think about situations is precisely what I feel I need to understand the flow of battles better. Recently I think I heard you mention something to the effect of taking note of enemies dieing and how that creates a temporary hole in the enemy lines and exploiting it; this sort of thing is brilliant to hear and try to apply. Also seeing the micro-movements…how you drive, where you look, how you use terrain is always super helpful too.

  30. i usually play slow heavies so 1v5 usually never works since they can just swam me since Wargaming loves giving heavies pitiful dps

  31. M6 live gameplay pls 🙂

  32. Marijn Van Der Lugt

    Hey LR, your videos are so helpfull.
    I try to do the same thing (of course a but different in some situations) as in your videos.
    Thx for all the helpfull videos and keep them comming! 😉

  33. More of this, please

  34. I have a question, why don’t you use a XVM mod?

  35. Hey! you really are something else man!! I Enjoy your videos always! Tier 8 and 9 mediums would be nice too. How much do you like and play heavys?

  36. More of this please Lemming

  37. heloo yuotube

  38. Really impressed by how logical and fluent your speech is even in the most hectic of the situations.

    Also really well played and making the most of things, without turning into a camping hp farmer.

  39. This is unbelievable. How do u do that?

  40. maybe review new maps

  41. Thanks for the videos and I do like the live games that you do.

  42. Tier 8 MT in a3/5/7 game

  43. lol good to see I am not the only one getting 5k+ damage and still losing.

  44. I think I can speak for everybody in saying that the refreshing thing about your videos like this is that you’re not lying to us. “I face 1v5s all the time and win every one.”, which is what a lot of people essentially do (even innocently) by only showing those games. IMO- humility wins so much more than a relatively false show of skill. We all know you’re good. That’s why we watch, No? But your WR isn’t 100%, and you don’t pretend it is. Thanks!

  45. keep theses coming a refreshing change

  46. although you lost both games you did an ace performance! What equip do you use on the Obj 140?

  47. Konstantinos Kalogeras

    Lemming is BACK!!! ??

  48. commentate on people who need improving i remember u used to do that but stopped

  49. This more exiting then a 10k win replay. The joy of loosing.

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