Here’s What Goes Through a Unicum’s Mind While He Carries A Team

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Thought I articulated my thought process well for this one so I recorded the replay for higher visual quality and proceeded to hook up the audio from my livestream to it.

    Let me know what you think though, I tend to have a warped opinion on how good or bad my videos are when compared to it’s result. Criticism is welcome, I read all the comments 🙂


  2. Not first on stream, but is being first on a vid good enough for you too? 🙂

  3. Second? Do I get something for second? Lol nice video Lemming. I like these kind of videos. I feel like even just getting to hear the thought process is nice and helpful.

  4. Lemming i haven’t seen this video yet but i know that it will be very good, keep up with the good quality stuff you are making! Peace.

  5. Last time I was this early there was still an East and West server.

  6. It's not what you think

    Can you make a video on what goes through a shitters mind when they do 0 damage and talk shit to their team? Thanks.

  7. I prefer after recording I can watch your streams for live commentating you always do it and it’s very fun to watch.
    It always gives me this cheap feeling when people just cut streams in bits and call them new videos specially if you regularly watch the streams well you just end up rewatching stuff

    I’m not calling you cheap lol just in case it comes out as that I watch all your content and you’re really hardworking just my though on stream videos

  8. I came across your channel before and used to watch it, but I really should more! When I only have a 2.5k pr. Lol.

  9. Looking good as always

  10. Elkano’s minimap ping spam blocker…. one of the very few absolutely necessary mods in this game.

  11. I like the video and your commentary on that one, nice inside.
    I got that right , that this was real time commentary, haven’t i. So pretty good.
    I now have watched a few videos , and me personal impression is, that you are natural good at commentary and thoughts , especially when do not try hard.
    My favourite was actually this one time, when you were pretty tired, and you talked about why XVM could be misleading,
    that was on point.
    Perhaps it is just me, that i enjoy more simple and right to the point commentary, but i am also german, take that into account.
    I like the stuff you do eitherway, 🙂

  12. Joshua Van Der Merwe

    Really don’t like Battle of Glory. Unicums completely dominate the 54% WR and above tournaments, when you’re an average 54% WR scrub you don’t really stand a chance against people with 65-70% WR and 3.5K WN8, and you’ll win nothing at all.

  13. Hey Lemming, love your content. Can you do some videos on how to play autoloaders?

  14. This is great thx a lot

  15. “That’s a lot of enemies” . Classic LemmingRush.

  16. in answer to your title, ‘damn I am good’ ?

  17. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Is it better to go up the hill on fiery salient or snipe mid with leopard proto/ leopard 1

  18. That’s pretty decent. Go brag about it.

  19. The vid quality is really good and your commentary was straight forward. Always kill arty, the swine!

  20. gg. i take it you’re liking this tank more the second time around. vids are great!

  21. Is there a tank that’s good for building skill in the game, something you can recommend to me to play a lot to improve my skill over time?

  22. maybe you can make a video without Unicum in the fuckin title, it’s a bit pathetic otherwise. maybe you can use super autist instead a few times.

  23. Dimitrije Bozovic

    Wanted to like, and misclicked – I corrected the option. sorry – I really rate you as a player and as a person – hope this won’t mess things up…

  24. Is it bad I get called a noob becuase I use auto aim? I only use it in situations similar to when you killed the ru, or when I need to run or lock my turret. Or i know its a kill.

  25. Just got the foch 155


    That was enjoyable, +1

  27. Do you think people are mire retarded since server merge

  28. Damn, that was too good, well done!

  29. Just wish you didn’t sound so arrogant when you play. Maybe I’ll just turn the sound off.

  30. Where should the T29 have gone? It seems to me that delaying them at the corner was the best of some bad options.

  31. very well played. most impressive

  32. Nicola Signorelli

    “Lemming Rush predicted ru251” lol

  33. Git gud LR 😛

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