Heres Why The AMX 30B is Worth The 700,000 Experience

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Source: LemmingRush

My AMX 30B Review 🙂

I currently have a couple spots available for training sessions, for those of you who are looking at WoT.
Please include:
-Your WoTLabs link (or just your ingame username)
-What you hope to improve on (Positioning early , reading lineups, when you should be rotating, deciding whether or not to push or go back to base, finish carries) are all types of things I can help you with, and of course, much more)
-And your timezone/server.



  1. ((((ShockWave))))

    hm should i unlock the b-c 25t or amx 30 first?

  2. Hey lemming, do you think the 30b is a direct upgrade from the AMX 30? i hear that the AMX30 is better tier for tier… I would want to keep both once i grind up there, but so far i only have one 4 member french crew trained up. Would you suggest keeping the crew in the tier 9 or upgrade to the tier ten amx30b?

  3. ((((ShockWave))))

    sometimes I wonder, if some bad players are just troll re-roll accounts trying to get the worst stats possible (that kinda makes me want to make one now . . .)

  4. Hey Lemming which do you think is a better tank as a first tier 10? The Patton or the Batchat? I have both the pershing and the bc 12 t, but I cant choose between them. I’m leaning towards the batchat but I’ve heard it’s hard to play so im not sure.

  5. i identify as first

  6. Holy shit Lemming, $40? Nice video btw

  7. I think…. No….

    Leopard 1 , AMX30B have problem. It can play only Defensive.

    It can’t Push with allies. Only can Do is Damage Farming when your teammate is fighting enemy face to face.

    Yeah. Good Gun is good at damage farming. But you can do other MT too. like M48 or E-50m. Even more safety. And you can do more thing.

    Leopard 1, AMX 30B Position is Simillar like Sniper at FPS Game. I don’t like that…

    Win is made by frontline soilers. Not Sniper…

    Just my Opinion.

  8. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    This tank relies on a decent team and those are rare to have

  9. Why is the reverse speed of the AMX 30 B 65 Km/h?…

  10. I love the amx 30 proto, but i cant get over howannoying that tumor is on top of 30B

  11. Interesting.

    You know, you just beat out network television. I was watching iZombie, saw one instance too many of B.S. romantic drama and thought, “what’s happening on youtube” when I found your video. Figured, iZombie could wait for later….MUCH later.

    I’e never played Tier Xs except for a brief time when i had just started playing a couple of years ago and WOT was handing them out so you could play some weird mode that they dropped later. I didn’t understand even the basics then.

    What you say about the 30 B makes sense and that your results demonstrate what you are talking about. given an open map where the ability to shift to get shots on adventurous scouts and distracted heavies and TDs is part of the play, you do super-well as the result of intelligent positioning. In the second example where the corridor factor is stronger, you’re forced to brawl with predictable results given the thinness of your armor. it is interesting watching how your tank’s position causes you to bleed hit points to the point where you have to retreat in order to exchange brawling for sniping at the tanks the lineup and minimap tell you are going to break through in the north.

    I’m really liking the strategic notes and their advice on positioning. They make me wish that I could wave my hand and get my computer situation back in order.

    As always, thanks. Good video.

  12. Was super excited to watch this video, even though I already saw you play these games on Stream yesterday:P

  13. I don’t know why but your team lists seems smaller and your mini map seems bigger then mine. Is there I setting where can change it, or is QBs modpack affecting it? I notice with Qbs modpack that you cant even hit + to enlarge the map

  14. Farm 5k damage “This is pretty easy”

  15. What do you think of the bc 12t? I think it looks really cute

  16. It's not what you think

    So it’s like a lighter, smaller, faster, better armed O-Ho.

  17. I sold it last week to buy the is-7. I absolutely hated the amx

  18. always well done videos. I am wondering how things would pan out with no HEAT or APCR. So far my understanding is don’t rely on armor. It might get a bounce, but don’t bank on it. I wonder if the three key things to WoT are: Mobility, Alpha, and view range.

  19. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Great stuff, thanks man.
    I sold my AMX 30prot which was my favorite tank in the game for a bit. I didn’t really look forward to the B though. Might pick that up sooner than later. 80k left…

    TBH though, I don’t like playing tier 10. Is that bad? This game is kind of more about the grind for me, so, if I am not getting that satisfaction and pursuit of modules and the next tank, it just doesn’t seem as interesting, and I kind of feel like I could use the experience.

    Like last weekend I bought the Leo1, finally, 1 game in it, back to finishing the Leo grind and unlocked the Emil I and sold the Leo and bought the Caernarvon. I have it, the Udes, the 50-100, Skoda T-50, 111-14, t49, t54s as my active grinds, and I just don’t have the motivation to play tens when I got that, or credits to grind with my Rev.

    Is that handicapping me? Does it help to have a bunch of tier 10 games experience?

  20. amx 30 b was my first tier 10 lmao

  21. Ha, posted today… when I happened to be trending the tank personally. Coincidence, of course. But still kind of weird.

  22. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    I followed your advice with taking shots you normally wouldn’t just for the heck of it and i managed to get a pools metal in a top tier match in my t54 mod-1 , I snap shotted atleast 3/10 kills i got and its all thanks to you. Keep up the epic informational vids

  23. Why did you cut off before you typed ?? I saw all of these on the live stream

  24. some unlucky fires on the last clip. nice tips, especially about map awareness.

  25. Udshunter gameplay movies

    Can you do a cent ax review/ guide like where to go what to do and good positions for the cent ax? im kinda struggling to have good games in it even tho i like playing the tank

  26. Marshall Allshouse

    I had no idea the gun on this tank was this good .29 base dispersion omg

  27. Does the early spotting position in Murovanka also work with the limited gun depression of the T62A & co?

  28. I think of this a a CDC at tier 10. idk my opinion

  29. But a very serious problem is, not every time your teammate would agree with you and help you out like the 113. So no matter how good you are, you need some non-tard teammates.

  30. Still don’t know why anyone would take this tank when everything the 30B can do, the Leo 1, STB-1, and Cent AX can do better.

  31. Currently grinding the E50 and that tank is a beast. Never played so consistantly before!:) Next medium looks like it has to be the AMX 30B.:)

  32. What? Leopard 1 does not have good gun handling? Did I waste all my time?

  33. It’s French, I would rather bathe in acid and floss my teeth with dung 😉 .

  34. people complaining about 260 pen? that’s just proof of armour creep

  35. i seen this on the live stream. anyways can you make m46 patton review? keep up the videos lol

  36. 30b better than leopard 1? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  37. Dařba Dařbík Dařbuján

    worth it ? NO !

  38. Wow, people saying shit about him needing money for a keyboard. Not everyone has time to work a job when they’re a college student/content creator. If you’re not going to donate then I don’t see why you feel the need to say anything.

  39. Shell velocity is so high because practically this tank had a smoothbore gun rather than a rifled one (like most other tanks in the game, idk if you can see that in high graph settings in the garage when you zoom in the gun) which also resulted a high shell velocity and supreme accuracy in real life too.

  40. I get triggered every time he fails to correctly pronounce “Kranvagn”.

  41. I know it is a tough question, but what tank do you think is better between the Leopard 1 and AMX 30B? Which one do YOU prefer?

  42. Valentin Kovachev

    a slight hickup there in the edditing, but its all good <3 😀

  43. Domagoj Draskic

    “I’m absolutely a great player” did I hear that?

  44. The AMX30b was my first tier10, I researched it because my father used to drive one 😀

  45. Herr Schicklgruber

    Lemming, Cent AX is my favourite tier 10 med and really like my Patton too. Recently got the AMX 30 and loving it but didn’t go up the line for the 30B, was more out of curiosity because I’ve researched everything else. People say the 30 is better tier for tier than the 30B, what is your two cents?

  46. Henri Liimatainen

    “the time the shell hits the target”, OR you could’ve just said shell velocity, lmao

  47. Really good vid, hope I am in Eu server lol

  48. what do u thing about the 121?

  49. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    Was the first replay played in the EU server?

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