Here’s Why The Centurion AX Costs Over 750,000 XP.

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Hey Lemming could you tell us in which tanks you have girls crew put in? I’m planning to put them in object 140 I think that’s good choice then i thought about bat chat but with incoming nerfs I’m in doubt 30B or 13 105

  2. I just got my AX because Cromwell is awesome at tier 6, Comet is also nice, Centurion I is huge but it has a nice gun, and the Centurion 7/1 just has a superior gun for tier 9, so the line is really nice to drive all the way trough so it doesn’t really take you into the stage when you sit ass sweating and grinding in tanks which are just utter shit. Its bit like an IS-7 line, easy and relaxed to drive all the way and in the end you get a tank which is not the best, but does its job nicely.

  3. So just 2 days ago i got the north spawn as a heavy. we had 7 heavies to the enemys 4,5 and i tried to tell my team just what u did dont rush that south town……… but they did and alll died doing about 3k dmg between the entire lot……. I dont get how they never learn the patterns or look at what or how they get killed doing stuff lol

  4. Why did you load HEAT at the end? It could have being absorbed by the tracks of the Batchat, the tracks of the HWK and the HEAT shield in front of the STRV

  5. Could you do a review of the tvp?

  6. And what did the Centurion do in RL? TRASHED EVERY P.O.S. RUSSIAN CRAP TANK THROWN AT IT!

  7. Hey, thanks for the awesome reviews. Can you make a top 5 or top 10 tier X mediums video, with a short recap of strengths/weaknesses of each vehicle?

  8. Marshall Allshouse

    Ever since i played a lot of my tanks with the mentality that my armor was not going to consistently bounce shells, even if the armor values were good, i started to win a lot more.
    armor is, for the most part, a false sense of security in this game, and needs to be played accordingly
    also thanks for that piece of advice at the end, about the patton / cent as i have been considering going for both 😀

  9. The console’s AX bounces Jagpanzer and Grille 15 rounds… PC’s AX is balanced and this is why I play PC more

  10. 62A would have not been able to take more than half the shots you made in this match. Dumb comparison. Lots of poor plays.

  11. 1min in and no cromwell memes

  12. World of Hackers , shit cheaters , hackers and bots , nothing more

  13. I have it unlocked but no silver to buy it with. So far I love the 7/1 though and it seem like the X is a 7/1 with viable gold rounds.

  14. Hey lemming What are your thoughts on the 121? I noticed you don’t have it yet and I was wondering why? (but I do see you are kind of working up to it).

  15. Heres me thinking you won’t shoot heat the entire first game.. Typical tier 10 players

  16. This tank is my favorite t10. More fun than the e50m, and the russian meds. I do wayyy better in this tank than any other.

  17. E 50m please dude?

  18. the trusty ax jack of all trades master of none, nice weight that can ram, great gun depression ,”good enough” accuracy and coin flip turret armor

  19. Lemming, I don’t quite understand your problems with the Action 10’s size when the M48 is equally as large.

  20. Another good video bro

  21. LOL, to recap: It’s really big, the armor sucks, it gets shot a lot. But it has a great gun! LMAO. Nice…. I hear you though, I have the AX and it really is just like that.

  22. Tomáš Chochola

    How to play AX…bully tier VIII as top tier. Good advice

  23. How long until you get the E 50 M?

  24. sciens of wot , write a book lol

  25. chaotic rendom batle u put in Scientific analysis lol

  26. I’m just waiting until someone says size does matter…

  27. 11:35 new tier 8 premium tank autoloading t110E4 you heard it here first folks.

  28. Would you please do m48 patton im grinding it now cause I saw your gameplay in it!

  29. Whats a good med to grind except the russians ( got them already lel ) ? The tvp, AX or which other one? Im average player, 1700 wn8 54% win etc..

    And maybe a good heavy? Cant chose lol

    Also take into acount a fun line…

  30. @LemmingRush – Great video once again. I have one thing I desperately need help with! How do you win Fjords west spawn when your team leaves the north flank open? I’m on a massive losing streak on this map =/

  31. What’s the LemmingScore?

  32. 12:15 relatively intelligent compared to other WOT players can still be around an IQ of 17

  33. So I take it you like the T-62A?

  34. Wot stream yegru

    Its funny to see people comparing in game tanks with real ones , Its just a game enjoy it folks , I think Tvp t50/51 is not working in this meta . Obj 140 please save me .

  35. João Gonçalves

    Is the STB-1 worth the grind Lemming?

  36. I think lemmingrush has been spoilt by the unrealistic nature of the T62A armor. I think he should get over comparing all tanks to Russian mediums. The showcase of this tank in this video displayed how brilliant this tank really is and also has me considering going down this line. Only problem with the video is that I had it interrupted 3 times by ads, might be time to unsubscribe as watching lemmingrush’s videos are not a very good user experience anymore.

  37. I liked the tier 9 better than the tier 10 for some reason.

  38. Alexandru Ghetaru

    The old FV4202 was much better at bouncing shots in my experience.

  39. i love you.

  40. Are you in Vancouver? I’m in Red Deer.

  41. Have it, love it.

  42. It's not what you think

    Next video: Here’s why the O-HO costs over 300k xp.

  43. I agree that this is a good, but not great tank. I was working my way up the British medium line, but stopped at the Cent 1 knowing that the Cent 7/1 and the Cent Action X are only OK tanks. Now I’m working on the Russian mediums. Everything you liked about the Cent Action X you could say about either the Obj 140 or T62a and more (smaller, reliable turret armour). And you’re right about the M48 Patton, it is a “gun handling” tier 10. So far I like it. And the journey there isn’t painful, like with the British mediums; The M46 Patton is a beast at tier 9.

  44. Ahhh I’m grinding up that tree at the moment 🙁 guess I’ll go grind the Russian meds instead

  45. Hit the nail on the head! I couldn’t help but like the FV4202 but it had huge weaknesses that limited its strengths (like shit turret armour but good gun depression which means you can’t be a ridge line fighter even though you have 10 degrees). The speed is good but I liked the fact that British mediums were slower but possibly heavier. I mean besides a worser gun you could just get the STB1 or any soviet medium that’s just as fast. However the centurion is disappointing. It teases you with greatness but I can never do well in it now matter if I play and do everything right in a game. Turret shit and hull is terrible. However great gun and good speed and manoeuvrability.

  46. I have one gier X tank – Leo 1, but I suck anyway so I guess it’s okay.

  47. Great video m8! It’s awesome to see someone that thinks like me. It’s amazing so see these plays explained so well. GG!
    P.S. Try to stay humble even if you will grow on youtube. I will always appreciate that. 🙂

  48. REAL LIFE: best tank ever made, still in use in South Africa today – used since 1945 until 2017 – whilst damaged, 2 Centurions destroyed SIXTY T-62a/T-55 and ~~ FOUGHT 150 of them alone.. without night vision, at night, while the T-62’s had night vision – it gets better – in the Korean War, the Chinese tank crews had to climb over them with satchel charges at night because nothing the Chinese had in the field could take them out so the centurions kept them at bay by machine gunning the infantry OFF each other .. utterly responsible for rubbing Russian tanks design in their own excrement

    WOT RUSSIAN ENVY VERSION: destroy real Centurion- make it crap in all ways – dies to T-62a pew pew

    believe in WoT Lemming Rush, or don’t cos the truth is fear of this thing kept the peace in the cold war better than any other tank

  49. The gun isn’t great when you have 0.12 turret bloom. Lemming plz. E50M beats this easy. Same for Patton, New 30b will too. It’s mid pack.

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