Here’s Why The Is7 Costs Over 700,000 Experience

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. I grinded is7 for like 8 months, i was really upset with the amount of gold people used against me and sold is7. Going to watch this fully when i am home(having class right now).

  2. I don’t disagree, but if I’m honest, it kinda sounds like you’re arguing with someone in this video. Are you trying to prove someone wrong?

  3. Tiberius Cowgill

    Did he say the Biased-7 cause that’s what I heard and I died laughing

  4. TheUnoriginalGamer

    basically what this video says

    “fucking load prem everything”
    but i agree. tank needs a fucking buff.

  5. It is like the worst tier 10 heavy. 113 is so much better.

  6. 1 point about the turret armor also, tall tanks pen it EASILY i can’t face hug type 5 or Maus at all.

  7. “i will link the end plates down in the description”

  8. “Hey guys, it’s LemmingRush. Today we’re gonna be reviewing the BIAS-7”

  9. Ultimvtum - Jordan Kost

    The end plates?

  10. I 3 marked this tank firing mostly AP.

  11. well it got 0.2 less aimtime and 250 more hp next on supertest now

  12. Hernan Dominguez

    I always find it amusing when low tier, heavy tank master rase believers get their tier 8 heavies then get recked by the same high tier TD players they fucked back in tier 5. It is extremely hilarious seeing IS-3s bitch about the grille 15 and obj 268s being op.

  13. I think I have mine at like 92% atm. But damn even the gold is bad. You can’t pen an E-100 turret face with any reliability.

  14. It’s supposedly getting a mobility buff. HPT going from 15.4 to 19, terrain resistances getting buffed, having its hp buffed to 2400, and its aim time if being buffed by 0.2 secs. Mobility ain’t bad, a penetration buff would be nice, or maybe give it a 560 alpha gun like the Germans. Thoughts?

  15. “I shoot gold to minimize…” blah blah blah. You sling gold because you can’t be bothered to aim for weak spots. Premium rounds and the shitters like you that sling nothing but is part of the reason this game sucks SO MUCH ASS nowadays.

  16. could you do fishermans bay video how to play idk if its just me or map is shit for tanks without turret armor

  17. most players don’t shoot full gold, don’t say the tank is good, just say, if you are a normal player, it’s shit

  18. I’ve had this unlocked for a long time, still have not bought it. Worked a long time to get it, and I unlocked it basically just after they nefed it….
    I think I’ll wait to buy it, I have other tier 10s unlocked, like the M48 Patton, maybe a better use of my credits…?

    Please do a review of the E100.

  19. The life of Kai

    appreciate your videos and tank breakdowns! I try not to use gold as much as I can. do you have a few tanks you think will be good for mainly AP ammo from T8 -T10? maybe that can be another video? 🙂

  20. Buff is coming 🙂

  21. IS-4 is still better than that crap

  22. In my experience with my IS-7, it is at best average because of the gun and gun handling. But when you finally get an opportunity to go hull down without having to worry about arty or getting flanked, it is almost as good as an E3. Just the other day I was Himmelsdorf and got hull down on the 8 line and by myself held off a another IS-7, Grille, Type 5, T30 and a Deathstar pretty much the whole game. They finally realized they weren’t going to pen me and started shooting HE and slowly wore me down. But I managed to farm over 6k damage before my tank fell apart from all the HE shells. I ended up blocking over 8k but the said part is my team were a bunch of tomatoes that couldn’t kill the half of the enemy team while I was holding back the other half. If the IS-7 had better DPM I believe I might have actually won the 8 line lol.

  23. Lemming you can’t load full gold, run food and say tank is not bad XD

  24. I must say the is7 was a big let down for me. i found the t-10 much bettter with a more reliable gun. im really considering the is4 to see how that is. researched the st1 but just dont have the silver for it. I will need to check my set up and switch it to yours. I think I’m running vents instead of gld. do you have the is4 lemmingrush?

  25. I went with vert stab, rammer and spall liner, almost always 3 arty and a couple of type 5 or 4 heavys in every game on the eu server and they all seem to want to just shoot at me.

  26. The is-7 doesen’t need good gun handling beacuse stalin is with it.

  27. Carlos Valenzuela

    Its gettin a buff Mr. Lemmingrush

  28. i just feel t-10 is better than this…got my 3 moe on it yesterday with 2550 avg dmg and having 340 heat is way múch better than this shitty apcr…just cant pen a fucking little bit angeled type 5…

  29. Andrea Battistel

    Get clicked 6 times per game…. That’s cute

  30. Da stronk Stalininium armor bounces all puny fascist and communist rounds no problem da. IS7 not overpowered da

  31. i have my is7 at 87% and i carry only 5 apcr. you are simply a gold noob who cant aim at weak spot.

  32. Marshall Allshouse

    I agree with most, if not all of the points about this tank. This is the first, and only tier ten tank I have ground out, and I have found that the hull armor works inconsistently.
    The gun, even fully aimed is trash. If you aren’t in your enemies faces, you may struggle to hit weakpoints at small distances.
    I can, and will, take advice from this video as I am still learning.

  33. It's not what you think

    Alright, but where do I shoot it in my Type 5?

  34. Thanks Lemming. Good analysis.

  35. I accidentally ended up in a face hug with an E100 in my IS7. Even with gold couldnt pen his turret front. 303mm premium pen is absolute crap for a tier 10 heavy (the M103 has 330mm heat pen at tier 9). That is a 50/50 chance of penning his front unangled . Then thanks to RNG i did not pen him once with 7 shots of gold 🙁

  36. I play IS-7 pretty similar, just worse in every respect. I have now kinda come to terms with this tank after 280 games, but wow, as my first tier 10 it was hell of a purgatory trying to get better in it.

  37. i have bug fun when only w8 monkys go cry

  38. A slightly disappointing nigger

    Shit tank at the moment but i’ll always play it cause its cute as fuck

  39. Do you think the changes to the IS-7 that were just “leaked” (which include gun handling buffs) would change your thoughts on your loadout?

  40. Stopped watching after full apcr thing. Dude just go f yourself for adding to this game biggest problem…

  41. IS-7 was my first tier 10 and it was a big disappointment… I hope the Obj 268 and the Centurion AX are better…

  42. MemoriesAreLost

    Tanks with Tourette’s are the worst! 🙁

  43. IS-7 gun is not shit. Maus and E100 guns are the true meaning of shit gun.

  44. Nice video, I sold my Is-7 some time ago because it just felt bad to play and I felt my E5 could do every thing just better in most situations.

    Second note, could you do a T-22 medium review and talk about how to play it effectively with the nerf. I played it on a buddys account when it was good, but after the nerf I havent touched it.

  45. *Lemming WTF. Don’t encourage this sort of thing PLEASE* The stuff you’re content is full of is what WoT needs, not this. None of the others are explaining & encouraging awareness as easily to understand as you do. You’re also pointing out stuff NONE of the others have even mentioned before. Every time I get a message in game about ‘what else can I do to get better?’ I ALWAYS recommend your videos….its far easier lol. *Just to be clear*, everything in this video is GREAT….EXCEPT the Wn8 set up Bollocks.  When it comes to Xvm & Wn8 people seem to forget all Reason & Logic.

  46. also teir9 tds can pen your turret. have screenshots for proof

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