Herp & Derp! – IKV 103 – World of Tanks

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  1. Im gonna admit, i had a lot of fun in this tank. From memory, i just used the speed and charged in with the old right click, left click. Spotting is just as good as damage right? Not to mention the gun depression. Is WOT the only place where the more depressed you are, the better it is?

  2. IKV’s gun and missile speed is too slow to snipe effectively. The tank is best at camping bushes and utilizing its amazing camo. If you have a fully trained concealment crew, camo net, camo paint and consumable, you can get the camo above 1000. Its a sneaky TD not meant to be played aggressively.

  3. Why does circon use the stock gun tho?
    Sure, the top gun has HEAT both as standard and gold ammo and no HE, but the dispersion difference is a lot, 0.52 vs 0.4, and the top gun has more pen

  4. Playing on SEA with 200ish ping, this tank is really hard to play. The slow shell velocity makes any sort of ranged shooting hard enough, but with just that touch of lag, it’s damn near impossible to hit anything beyond 100m that isn’t totally stationary.

  5. Play some S35 CA

  6. You should play the s35ca, with gold 330 alpha and 230 mm of pen on t5. Alot of fun 🙂

  7. Relax everyone, this video is like a week old, before got info off the Q&A last saturday ; )

    • Sidenote that loop shot tho 😀

    • +Circonflexes I did that shot couple of times. The rest, with this TD, is being outspotted and rushed by lights.

    • Circon your comment regarding the flak bus. It should use the siege mechanic to drop the sides and give 360 traverse, along with decent gun depression and even better accuracy

    • I think ‘propedeuse’ is roughly the same in English though, only a different pronunciation. According to the internet it’s also called PHD.

  8. How the hell do people think Death toaster is bad… mind boggling, that tank is epic, and I didn’t even research the 194 pen gun, no need for it tbh.

    • You get one shoted by _ALOT_ of guns with HE. Even a high rolling T-34-85 could do it with the 85MM cannon.
      It’s very easy to HE aswell, just be design with the huge flat angles. All the 105 derp you with easy, arty one hits you with ease since your a huge target and your actually not that well camo’d + the gun handling is actually pretty bad and in order to not have really poor gun disperion from left to right, you have to use the non top gun.

  9. #teammayo circrage

  10. You would had done far better shooting HE for many of those shots.

  11. Derp gun with HEAT ammo… Bad idea! Low accuracy and high shell arc make it so.
    I struggled a lot (and hated a lot) Ikv 103. Also, tier 7 didn’t feel so good to play. UDES 03, when in good position/bush can be great, though.

  12. bollox you are talking shite, have you even played tier 5 clickers, they miss target over and over tankos are behind buildings shit loads of times you often score zero, hits are not always 500 to 600 damage they are 50-200 tier 5s 50 to 300 tier 6 averages.

  13. I thought this gun only used to be able to fire standard and premium heat?

  14. I love how you put the Norwegian flag on the Swede tanks. I do the same thing. Unfortunately it’s lost of most. ?

  15. Circon still fails to understand the bare basics of WoT… Some tanks are meant to be shit by game design.

  16. Sebastiaan De Vries

    deathtoaster is a pretty good td , only thing is that it is turretless. worst td at tier 5 is the archer

  17. How’s your mom doing?

  18. Why are you using the stock gun if you’re not using HE?

  19. I hope your mom gets well, bub. Glad to see you back.

  20. The FlakBus is one of the top t5 tds

  21. Def the most frustrating tier 5 to 3 mark.

  22. Propadeuse in english looks like it translates closest to a “minor” in undergraduate studies (as far as American education is concerned). It’s like a piece of a degree.

  23. Such a piece of shaite td.

  24. The lkv was never a TD. It was an assault gun. But now it’s an assault gun with a Triangle glued to it’s name.

    I find it funny how many tanks circ calls ‘the worst’

  25. What tank is the flak bus?

  26. A TD that cannot snipe…. or basically every tank with a peasant account without chocolate and fancy stuff

  27. I think I went back to the stock gun on this because I hated it so much.

  28. God i love this tank
    Been maintaining a 100% gun mark on it for the last 50-75 battles

  29. It is a odd one, but not the worst Tier5 in the game. If you get good at it, zooming out and pointing at tanks on the other side of low ridges you can work it as a kind of arty. The arc makes the HEAT penetrate most tank-roofs, such as the T29.

  30. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    have you tryed the Top gun? the top gun only have HEAT but it works a lot better with dispersion accuracy and RNG too. the problem of that gun is not having HE rounds, the HEAT have low pen even the premium rounds have poor pen… but that gun with HE rounds would make me laugh hard derping the entire world lol Chi Nu is worst then those too TDs

  31. That over the hill shot…

  32. Nice flag! Flink gutt!

  33. Ikvarn!!

  34. ıʞsʍoq ǝɿɓıqǝɥʇ

    the OP artillery doesn’t had a single kill on his team. i don’t know why he’s bitching around with the low tier arties, there are a lot of OP and broken tanks in this game, most are russian and available only for a lot of money.

  35. funny tank, I have 3 marcs in his barrel

  36. looking at history,,, its real entertainging that TD, had worst armour, and worst engines, and just a BIG gun on a slow vehicle…with no turret.. Then later, with ALLOT of understanding, they increase the armour onthe front, and give a better engine, and that BIG gun really hurt…and they could hit and run..
    Other wise they were just Targets, after the firrst few shots..
    GREAt if its inthe middle of 2 other tanks, just shooting forward…
    THEN, that reload..

    • And they ned to REWORK the maps…more details, more holes, and changes in terrain, so tanks can Duck and hide.. more bushes and such…TREES are false cover…you think you are hiding, but UNDER the treee is a CLEAR spot to see the tank…

  37. Circon, I marked this tank, and I used the top gun, it has much better gun handling, I suggest you use that gun instead. Cheers.

  38. doesn’t this thing have insane camo or something? or is that the tier 3?

  39. snowisthebestweather

    6:17 “Top 2 worst tanks at tier 5”
    The Matilda IV, Pz III K, and Matilda BP come to mind.

  40. If you think Ikea is bad, try the StuG IV. Be my guest.

  41. So this thing is worse than the archer? From what I can remember the IKV was pretty fun to play. Then again I’m not a Unicom so I never got xvm arty focused.

  42. I actually quite like the ikv103
    Got 6 kills in my first game with it

  43. why are you not using the top gun, it has heat as standard ammo and more accurate

  44. Legend has it if you place the Red Star decal on the IKV the gun dispersion drops to .25

  45. I always like to compare it to the wolverine with the derp gun. It’s no contest.

  46. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Really, it is a pain in the ass to pen anything. But, Grille 15 is by far worse. And Grille 15 is a pushed over vehicle, almost nobody ground that piece of shit. It is a scandall that they pushed a so shit tank over us, totally out of the line, it simply do not fit the line and the tier. It is not even a TD. Everything is fake in that shit.

  47. its a really good and fun tank, I would rather play that than S35 or archer… also remember, its only tier 5, if you pen 4 shots, you had a good game, it doesnt reload that slow, and if you fire 10 shots during a game and miss half, you still had a good game, its not for sniping, you get close, derp one in, and back up.

  48. Jon .knallpistol

    Most people in the comments are really fun at parties.

  49. Why do (did) you play it with stock gun? I remember playing it with the top gun and only standard because both were HEAT and tbh 20mm in HEAT doesn’t make much of a difference, if you bounce, it’s not because of the pen but because of how weird HEAT behaves.

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