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Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-record.com/ !


  1. Is there any tier 5 tanks left for you to 3rd mark? 🙂

  2. That shell velocity though

  3. yeah, try that with normal HE. no way, Jose. only gold-heat all the way. this is why wot become as stupid as only p2w game can be.

  4. way to buy damage

  5. 3:15 but can u do this?

  6. whats that mod center bottom of the screen?

  7. Use the 122mm derp on the KV-2 for ultimate derp

  8. That Stug kill…………..
    “jawohl herr kommandant!”

  9. Circon is seriously OP….Wargaming please nerf this game breaking bug

  10. Binocs on a kv-1? I wish Circon would do some tank guides as he has to be one of the top players so would actually want to see how he sets up his vehicles

  11. Right as the dicker max crashes you can see his marker rolling down the hill at circons 10oclock

  12. KV-1 gets zero dislikes comrade!

    And if there’s a dislikes, send to Gulag!

  13. what is that mod called, that shows you the progress for MoE?

  14. Slovenian flag. My country.

  15. cant see wheres that derp…

  16. what is that mod and from where can i get it ( it has to do something with moe i guess)

  17. Krisztián Mátraházi

    4:27 stronk soviet tenk rebalances weak german panzer

  18. Lol I was gonna play KV-1 derp but now the standard for KV-1 videos is too high nothing can compete with the derpfest

  19. Where Can I get that mod that show him his pen and the thickness of the enemy tank armour as he aims his shot ?

  20. Did you guys see the name of the SU100 that got 42 damage from the ram? HE KNEW! ILLUMINATE!

  21. Some o those shots had such a long hang time I think the game was sending the information over to the World of Warships servers for calculating..

  22. Tier 5 doing that much damage?!

  23. Still the best tier 5 heavy tank.

  24. Poor ELC, if only it didn’t have worse hit points than a tier 4 ;(

  25. lol battle, what did the KV2 thought when he got tracked!?…”it was at that moment the he knew he was #ucked up” 😀
    gimme more KV1 derp Circon 🙂 3 markit maybe…?

  26. Circon…umm this is tough…I think I’ve been putting it off for so long now, but i need to brake it to you it’s time to turn on national crew voices…It will be hard at first, but the world would be a better place if you did it. Anyways keep it up! 100kHEREWECOME!!!

  27. Still remember being top tier in my KV-1 and penning all tier 5 tanks and a lot of tier 6’s with HE. Russian 122mm derps are glorious.

  28. whats the name of that mod that shows excellence in-game?

  29. Tier 5 LOAD HEAT….Only 1300 XP ?????????????????????


  31. I need that Damage Standing mod for console ;——-;

  32. I am thinking about doing a “Start Up” so I can buy 14 monkeys and train them to read maps. as it sure in hell be a better team than you get in random matches.

  33. What is the mod called that shows you how much dmg you need to do to for your moe?

  34. IS at the 5 minute mark. Error 404 , top tier advantage not found.

  35. KV-1 derp can be so much fun.

  36. Disgusting.

  37. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Circon, can i have that percent mod? 😀

  38. What’s your modpack for tryhard the gun marks ?

  39. Circon where did you get the scroll back mod and the one that show the gunmark? Would be a couple of nice things to have man

  40. what’s that percentage number in the middle?

  41. and people say golf is a boring game

  42. Now, use the 57mm.

  43. What does !artystrike command do?

  44. Only tryhard losah with no lief use the derp on KV-1

  45. what is the mod Circon uses to show the armor of the enemy?

  46. Press F to pay respects to the ELC. o7

  47. hey ciron isn’t that mood of the armor calculator pen a illegal mod?

  48. *sees KV-1 mounted with the derp gun*
    *sees KV-1 in tier VII matchup*
    “This should be interesting.” (props up chair and pops out the popcorn)

  49. That 140 mm pen on the heat ammo makes it too much fun to play #paytowin

  50. Hey Circon how many matches have you now played in WoT? it has to be over 20K right, need to know for a bet

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