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  1. Can you play the french ww1 line up

  2. Maybe the leaves are there because this was the very early “first snow”? Happens here in Finland too sometimes.

  3. Wait phly u play tarkov??? Or u just know of it but if u have it u should do an video on it with Dollarplays

  4. Challenger 2E? British Leopard 2PL

  5. I also want the damler armoured car to have scouting! Its fun

  6. Katyusha when?
    And play Katyusha Song in background

  7. Day: 2
    Please play the Strv-103C and make tactical positions using the dozer to get advantages over the enemy.

  8. how many accounts do you have

  9. This is Lt Gruber’s little tank

  10. Yep, I can confirm, that trees lose their leaves for winter in Poland as well 😀

  11. German 1.7 win rate is prob through the roof right now

  12. Now play the chinese version with lower firerate

  13. You know the ZIS SPAA in the USSR tech tree right? Well daily, There’s another one……………But in 6.0 BR!!!


  14. You know the ZIS SPAA in the USSR tech tree right? Well daily, There’s another one……………But in 6.0 BR!!!


  15. Trees in Poland lose their leaves too!

  16. this vehicle reminds me of call of duty 2 you know tunis mission where you use it a bit

  17. Yeah, the trees loose leaves here in Poland.

  18. It ain’t easy
    Bein’ squeezy

  19. First game with this thing i put it on my 6.7 lineup and killed a bmp with it. 30k lions paid for itself plus some.

  20. Lord Wungler Beckett

    lieutenant Gruber is having wet dreams rn

  21. The French music was sublime !

  22. yo phly they added alot of incendiary bombs in german planes

  23. Κωσταντινος Παπαδοπουλος

    Phly is here with the Thlopp tank he is avvrived xd GOOD JOB!

  24. Scouting is not bound to a BR, but to rank. Only rank one does not get scouting, so moving the 222 up to rank two would give it scouting, without the need to raise its BR.
    Though it seems to do quite nice at a slightly higher BR.

  25. Hey Phly can you check the post nerf Comet I i would really like to see you play it!

  26. I wanted a simple small armored car with a 20 mil. My wish came true.

  27. i have 56 millions point on the b1 ter, don’t know if someone else played this tank everyday like me when he popped out but i don’t think everyone else have the knowledge i have on this tank to kill the other.

  28. Alright, 5540 divided by 3223 = ___

  29. Delirious Gaming

    attempt #1 use the new M134 turrets on the huey and role play as a gunship

  30. the lizard aa thingy fgor the russians should get a nerf on the ammo like the kugelblitz got

  31. I always get excited to watch phly play low tier

  32. so what is that Telegram guy ?

  33. british gaming dragon

    This 10x better than the actual tank destroyer version of the vehicle’

  34. @Gabriel SRC Could be a damn Imposter

  35. That’s what I thought

  36. Hey Phly long time subber here, since 2015 I bet you won’t respond to this comment but yet U want me to support it channel

  37. We definitely don’t have evergreen leafy trees in Poland, only conifers are green in winter.

  38. Day 2 Of Asking PhlyDaily to play the Pantsir-S1

  39. Yo Phly play the shot(cent mk5)

  40. Phly, play the Ikv 72 with filler rounds and try to only get overpressure kills.

  41. smoke launcher effects look worse every update.

  42. Day 1 of asking for you to play ItPsV 90

  43. > Phly – big man YouTuber with Gaijin support, has enough GE on an account to buy whatever he want.
    > Has to ask Gaijin for a test-drive for 1.7 br tech tree vehicle.


  45. Day 2: Hey Phly i challnge you to play T34-85 in 10.0 BR or higher and destroy 5 tanks im one game.

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