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Source: QuickyBaby

Today BadRNG_ is going to have to carry so hard he might as well be an entire team in World of Tanks Playing their -130 PM!



  1. outstanding!

  2. sorry but WG devs are lazy pigs who’s only motive is milking the player base for money ANY way they can get away with. i havnt seen them improve the game at all. except graphics and physics which is required if they want people to actually play. and they need people to play so they can get the monney. they get away with it because the game is one of a kind people have nowhere else to go. and a good amount of players are willing to spend however much they must to unlock the things they want. a premium tank is worth £40. thats the cost of an entire AAA game title. they just have to reskin something they already have change a few numbers, put it on the market. and BANG tons of players will instantly buy it because its been made deliberately OP for that very reason.

    ill compare it to WT because thats the only other real option. the WT devs are allways putting lots of effort into crazy things just to make the make more interesting. recently they added terrain deformation. it does nothing at all to the gameplay or anything. but its just soo cool when a bomb leaves a massive crater. they didnt gain anything from giving us this. WG would NEVER add anything which doesnt equal more profit.

    bare minimum with maximum profit is the WG moto.

    its still a good game and worth playing imo. i just wish WG actually cared

  3. teach me how to play the twin turret Russian in current meda plz!

  4. Thought he was going for the Faden’s Medal XD

  5. One thing that could be an option as well is putting exhaust on the tank. With exhaust and optics TD could do everything by themselves and sometimes could pull some stupid shots where they should have been spotted but (with proper knowledge of bushing and vision mechanics) didn’t.

    My friend (who three marked most TDs in the game) does that, and on the moment when I (mostly play light/assist mediums) died he could do the job that I usually do by himself. Also awesome for maps like Prokhorovka since you could set up both crossfire and spotting on two lines with only two person, basically doing a job of one team with two person.

  6. Just tried replicating this set up to test and noticed that the best View Range I could get is 458 + Optical Calibration consumable, 448 without. Six skill crew all Brothers – Commander with Recon & Sit Awareness. Experimental Optics in a slot 2 loaded with Spotting Boost & Right Angle Periscope Field Mods.
    The 458 view range does not change in the stats in garage when the Optics are moved from the boosted spotting slot but I guess that does not come into play until in game.
    Anyone been able to get Quantum Babys’ 461 or is that the in game figure and not shown in stats? I know it’s only 3mtrs but every inch counts.

  7. Salute to the guy!

  8. Who would donate me 850 gold like this comment,
    Xbox gamer tag II Xelo II

  9. Should have used the last shell.
    Would have been easy medal.

  10. Ultimate noob team is when you get patrol duty in your Hetzer

  11. Not just a kill on the last arty, but an ammo rack kill.

  12. Retropaintball clips

    Meanwhile : loosing and winning constant 15-0 games….

  13. Hm Mr quickyBaby ik im a late comment but if anyone of you can tell me if getting a tier 9 object 430 is a good idea?

  14. U keep saying bad rng..

  15. Is it just me or do you feel like rng is relevant to simply the sound of the gun?? Like a gun can sound more accurate when it fires?? The su 130 PM sounds inaccurate, I’m crazy I know.

  16. How does he use the free camera?

  17. James Irwin-McConnell

    This is how I play most of my tds! XD especially my su-130pm. My view range is over 445 and my camo is absurd. 5 skill crew.

  18. Yo qb, can you make an up to date beginner guide, im a returning player havent played in 7 years and i really forget everything

  19. I wish Comrade Stalin loved me as much as he loved BadRNG_…

  20. no faiden s medal 🙁 ,when you can’t get it all

  21. very similar with Skorpion G but with better camo

  22. I like to play this with binos, other than that same setup. Playstyle is the same agressive but not quite so active as I need to activate binos, but at the same time I have time to aim.

  23. Hello QB, gg to you BadRNG, i didn’t play as well as both of u but i share what i have put on that tank and why : Additional Grouser and Reinforced Suspension !!! because i felt like Terrain Resistance values was the worst thing about mobility of SU-130-PM and i like it with the best mobility possible for play like BadRNG play, mean with lot of relocation, sideways, fordward and back.
    I have to say my crew isnt very trained and i dont have Off-Road Driving competence but im hurry to.

  24. SU Players : Nah, Im just gonna sit behind spawn and wait for my team to die so I can put 1 or 2 shots and complain about teams

  25. curious what his bc12t was doing most of the match?

  26. Object 279 early in shop ! It’s broken nonsense! I’m still getting two shotted 24/7 lmao 🤣

  27. A reward tank on console. A joy to play.

  28. what was his name again ? you only mentioned it about 150 times 🙂

  29. have you ever considered doing something like a tech tree showcase for us youtube people?

  30. 7:46 Ah yes, the tier 8 tank destroyer KV-4

  31. Oh those shitty low rolls when you are about to kill a tank… If it happens a few times you’d say ok bad luck, but it feels like it happens way too many times. Amazing game though!

  32. I have played with him he is from vter is a balkan klan

  33. gun laying drive is useless, its not the aimtime thats bad, its the dispersion, look at grille for example. still some people including bad rng those dont realize this, and playing with pretty much 2 equipments instead of 3

  34. Mikovacha Rajcevski

    “Just buy the consumables at a discount time” Quickybaby going around thinking everyone has 20 mil credits and has all tanks in the Garage 😀

  35. I max out the view range on all my tanks. It has put me in the #1 spot for exp earned in my clan.

  36. Why so few big wot vloggers don’t go near the subject of cheating in wot? So much that when a event starts you suddenly lose all your skill, your tank transforms to paper and no matter how little of your tank gets shown, somehow it gets penned with xtra accuracy and ultra fast aiming.
    How come nobody touches this hot potato?

  37. -have 2 shells
    -enemy 1 artillery running away
    -doesnt rigg fadins

  38. lol bad ping

  39. just recently came back to playing world of tanks from 3 years of hiatus and I’m glad so tee QB still posting quality content and is still going strong

  40. I’ve begun to play Soviet tanks a lot! Just better results and satisfaction.

  41. I bounce off scout cars with this TD and can not pen 159 front RNG ####### me over on the USC server

  42. this is my most played tank ,1650 battles and the best money maker 😀 i almost completed the td 15 mission from obj260 .

  43. Plenty of SU-130PM moments

  44. He should change his name into King of bad rng LOL.

  45. Can someone please explain to me why wargaming does nothing about racial behavior in private messages???

  46. Will you be doing a video on the AMX 50 120?? Your last one was like 4 years ago. Pretty please.!!

  47. Disillusioned Idealist


  48. Video idea: rank tier 10’s. You’d probably want to divide the tanks into sections of tank type.

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