HESH ONE SHOT BEAST…Well Sometimes (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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HESH ONE SHOT BEAST…Well Sometimes (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)


  1. The JU 87 and the Hetzer or panzer 4 H make the germans proud

  2. This game is to be discouraged, from lvl 3, there is no balancing games,
    suddenly a lvl 3 can fall face a tiger, and there you can shoot as much as
    you want,
    It does not erase it even ^^

  3. please play arcade again!

  4. So what about spaced armor?

  5. Oh fly you should fly out the saber and choose any tank you want

  6. Hey Phil I just started playing war thunder because of your vids

  7. I need to ask, what does it mean jerry can 6pcs. What is pcs?

  8. Is hesh slower than other rounds it seams like it is

  9. Phly T-34 and Yak -3 matching BRs , your choice , 2nd try

  10. phly take the RAM II (M4a5) your choice of aircraft. show the Germans some
    canadian bias an

  11. Song name? (In the intro)

  12. Phly do the Conqueror and the Hunter F 1

  13. Why aren’t you postinb

  14. Posting

  15. The imbalance of this game is already going to the absurd side, that kind
    of thing never existed in WWII, and we have this type of tank that has
    never been in
    the WWII with this kind of ammunition that never existed in WWII against
    WWII tanks, affs. I stand for balance every year!

  16. I justs started playing this and i bought like 4 crews thinking it would
    allow me to bring more than two tanks to a battle, i have 4 tanks unlocked
    but for some reason cant figure out how to bring more than two. Help?


  18. phly play with the ST-A1 and M42 duster (japanise of course) and the type
    60 as a backup vehicle

  19. Super vidéo j adore ??????

  20. Come on everybody lets get Phly to at least 1 Million Subs

  21. please can you do a tutorial for all the ammo types i dont understand all
    of them !
    like if you also want one !

  22. Finally the centurion ! I was waiting for that tank to be played because i
    never saw you playing it therefore I thought it was not vry gooddd

  23. How about we take the biggest combo ever out de bv238 and the Maus. Good

  24. Nitro power 2004 Sand

    Oh srry

  25. Vincent Is one heck of a rad Commie (The Crazy Russian Hacker)

    Ultimate Bias combo, KV-100Y and IS-2 with a PE-8 as the aerial cherry on
    the top

  26. hi can you do british spit fire and churchill mk1

  27. WWII Tanks against Postwar Tanks…. that’s gaijin, no realism, no
    historical, and yet people ask why this game isnt balanced…

  28. One of video said F4U-1C is your favourite. PLAY IT JUST DO IT.


  29. phly try aiming for left turret of t54 head to head with hesh and see the
    magic :p hesh in my terms is just a high explosive shell with more pen and
    it has similar characteristics as H E rounds hope the little info helps 😀
    and if you flop a shot with hesh, chances are itll break the gun barrel.
    (my personal experiences).

  30. Two questions What song is in the intro and how do you use binoculars? PLZ
    reply or tag me :)

  31. Atempt 1!!! As a proud Britt, Sherman and Spitfire. The supa S’s!! Tally ho

  32. More World of Warships please~?

  33. Phly Take The M163 and go for a Track Hunting!

  34. (Attempt 1)The Supa S’s, the spitfire and the Sherman! keep it up phly!

  35. Or, Here’s a challenge… Dont stop stopping challenge 2…… use any AA
    tank you want, but you must shoot down as much aircraft AS POSSIBLE with
    out stopping (Attempt 2)

    T-35 and RUSSIAN B-25-J 30

    ATTEMPT #12

  37. SHIPTYCOON Gaming Inc.

    I love War Thunder!! I just got my P-36 A Hawk last night

  38. Most painful combo- Matilda 2 and hurricane 4 with 40mm gun pods.
    Attempt #19

  39. Phly here’s a shitty British combo for you: Charioteer Mk VII and Firebrand
    Mk IV. Good luck, cause you’ll need it. (Fifth attempt)

  40. A cent mk 10 can see a panther or king tiger in battle? there are over 15
    years between those tanks.

  41. Ok PhlyDaily the USAAF is in distress and we are still waiting for bomber
    reinforcements to arrive. in the mean time there is a target that will do
    deadly damage if left alive. we have outfitted the twin mustangs with two
    2,000lbs each. your job is to pick a teem to go with you and bomb all bomb
    targets and the air strip of the enemy. we have no extraction plan and the
    odds are not good. good luck to you and you teem of choice. now lets give
    them heck!

  42. Advantage over apds is being able to shoot off tracks if needed. also any
    shot landing near the gun will destroy it, rendering the enemy tank useless
    in case you don’t one shot.

  43. Kikusaku 〈( ;..;)〉

    Just say APDS, acronyms are your friend! you are already saying the acronym
    HESH (high explosive squash head)

  44. british hunter and chieftain attempt 9

  45. Hi Phily, I have a challenge for you. Try to land a fighter, bomber,
    attacker and an interceptor starting at 2000m when your fuel runs out! Pick
    whatever country u want. I got this idea from a movie I watched based on a
    real emergency. In 1983, skilled pilots landed a passenger jet from about
    12,000m when they ran out of fuel.

  46. “who ever this guy is” come one phly…..you earn money with this stuff,
    and dont know what “this guy” is doing on this position in a tank basically
    til these days?

  47. HESH was originally designed to flatten upon impact and blow off some
    armor, “softening them up” esentially, in this game and WOT its just HE
    with really high pen.

  48. HESH when it works it works… but holy shit it can be hopelessly
    unreliable. and how gaijin figures the shell with the plastic head bounces
    of flat surfaces is ridiculous

  49. OP as fuck

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