^^| Heshurion 7/1 Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

Why you HESH to be mad?


  1. SirCircon, 1080 please. Need to see your awesomeness clearly

  2. Well meme’d. Now leave those poor tier 8 plebs alone :(

  3. When I shoot hesh I usually roll for 390.

  4. Do we not get any of the Best of the Week Compilations? 🙁 They were

  5. why so many lowrolls ?

  6. Is sircircon still using Jimbo’s server reticle?

  7. and again a great 7/1 replay! nice to see and learn from you! Would die to
    have a private lesson for the 7/1! 2 MoE…..my goal in the game! great
    job! keep on rollin’! greetz from another crazy dutchman!…..

  8. Heshtastic round :P

  9. Please make your vids a little louder, Circon :)

  10. Wat u mean 7/1 bad dpm, best tier 9 medium dpm DA

  11. I like how the chat’s just ignoring the game and going on about how console
    is getting the tier X Chieftain.

  12. 4.8k in 5 1/2 minutes with a Cent 7/1… you’re doing it right.

  13. wow not seen HESH work so consistently before.

  14. When HESH actually works as intended. #yuhesh2bmad

  15. HASHtagGoldnoob :D

  16. yay auto 2006 setting!

  17. Gotta love the sounds a HESH pen makes xD spicy memes as always circ :)

  18. The moment you realize you were there when it happened.

  19. Weird that HESH can pen so consistently in WOT. It’s supposed to transmit
    the shock through the armor and spall chunks of shrapnel off the inside
    surface. I suppose you can’t really account for that in a game, maybe extra
    crew damage for non-pens?

  20. lol best game evva… looks like hesh is the way… hope wg don’t notice or
    will nerf like FV 183 kappa

  21. sooo easy with so lucky MM, you fucking lucky dick…

  22. So many 7/1 highlights. You would almost think circon is enjoying this tank

  23. DeZGameZ: HESHgasm

  24. 3 marked this shortly after 🙂 Live now at twitch.tv/circon w/ World of

  25. gold nub, lern 2 aim :3 kappa

  26. i can’t afford hesh in my centurion.. feelsbadman

  27. #Under200 club

  28. boi first

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