HETZER Gonna Hetz, HELLCAT Killer! (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder Gameplay HETZER the Hellcat Killer!

Thanks for watching!


  1. yo baron, can you play the sherman firefly? it is my favourite tank and i
    want to learn tactics on how to use it. thanks

  2. The difference of aiming time between war thunder Derp guns and wot Derp

  3. German captured m4a3 76
    With German captured I mean you put the balkenkreuz decal on the tank
    You have to put one balkenkreuz on the front in the middle very small and
    two on the turret
    And you put some bushes and some jerrycans on it
    Bring the Americans back to the sea with their own tanks kamerad!!!!!!!

  4. i am always 5 seconds from greatness

  5. Hi Baron , the iron duke 4 killed you was me , thanks for you video , this
    is the first time be on your video 😀 , hope see you again on next battle

  6. They should switch the BRs of the Hetzer and Dicker Max.

  7. hey Baron go watch HowToBasic

  8. My favorite Spock quote, “Your face is wet.” (He’s dead Jim reminded me of

  9. Hetzers gonna hetz hetz! ?

  10. Jennyfer Sinnaco

    can you try the AMX ELC PLS

  11. you think that’s bad I dare you to play the M4A2 Sherman but not the 76mm!

  12. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    What’s sad I that in real life it was really good and it faced is-2s and
    stuff but it was really successful, maybe it’s the way people play it?
    But it’s br is a bit to high, 3.7 would be better.

  13. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Baron I got a really good idea for you! How about you make a series called
    does it still suck, twice a month and you have to bring out a bad plane or
    a tank, I really hope you see this!

  14. I fully agree the BR needs knocked down a bit for the poor Hetz.

  15. in the german Army: We have the 3S Rule. Soldat sucht Schatten. That means
    Soldier searchs shadow.
    Use the shadows to hide.

  16. kv 1 vs smal tanks like BT2

  17. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    You are really good at landing your shots. 8:20 that was just god like.

  18. This is why I’m grinding to the Hetzer on WoT instead.

    I’m back after giving Gaijin 30 days of no play with their faces in the
    corner for trying to kick Phly in the balls using YouTube’s censorship
    clusterfuck. Now I’m looking to see if anything has improved. Hanger area
    is different. Meh. Time to run out some tanks.
    Gaijin is on probation and will be for quite some time.

  19. Why take the Dicker Max when you can take the Tiger out.

  20. The name for a spot on Armor where a round can get “caught” is called a
    “Shot Trap”.

  21. Twister_EF5 *Nightmare Foxy*

    BR for Hetz has got to be lowered cuz I swear I was so excited to move on
    from it. Hetzer isn’t hetzing where it’s currently at. GAIJAN! PLZ LOWER

  22. Сделай субтитры на русском ( с меня Лайк и подписка)

  23. baron do the pz 4 h

  24. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    lol gun depression…

  25. I love how every youtuber is shit scared of NKV..oh i mean Gaijin for
    busting their chops with copyrigth if they tell the truth…

  26. Baron be a real man and play panzer 4s…T-34 are made for noobs with no
    situational awareness while bouncing HESH point blank…

  27. baron dont know if u use it, but when u use brake until you slowly start
    moving you can gett a nice fast start.
    you need to be careful with some planes that they not tilt nosedown

  28. Christoph Tschiedel

    whats the beat at the beginning of barons videos?

  29. How can you zoom ? Not zoom to shoot

  30. “hellcat killer”
    Rocks are the true hellcat killer…

  31. Nope
    let me tell you 1 thing
    hellcat CQC hetzer = hellcat won
    why ? its turret can turn
    so it won the CQC
    but long range hetzer won
    so hetzer is a sniper

  32. The hetzer, though manufactured in 1944 has no place other than a last
    ditch weapon. Therefore making it comparable to a horse in WW1.

  33. Baron, Baron! Take out the KV-1, tovarich! Do it for the Motherland!

  34. The tracks on the back of the Hetzer looks like a spinal column, that’s so
    badass! :D

  35. Combine the hetzer with 2 BR 4s and it becomes pretty swella

  36. Did any 1 see the little face on the back of the tank XD

  37. hellcats have more armer that most American tank destroyers

  38. Dat russian bias, amiright? ???

  39. Baron von bush tank


  41. Custom battle request. Kursk, 2 4.7 tank destroyers duel it out on long
    range. Yeah. Su-85 vs Hetz

  42. panzerczech please

  43. Tiger or Gulag

  44. Yes it does, especially when you can fuck shit around with a KV-1 at less
    than 4.0 and be a fuckwit.

  45. I just got the KV-2 and Im LOVING ITS DERPING ABILITY

  46. just buy the premium jagpanther and forget about this…

  47. Why would Hetzer be 4.7 when Pz IV H is. Pz IV H has the same gun, but with
    a turret, much better mobility, a 5 man crew and only somewhat worse
    frontal armor (because its not sloped, thanks for overmatching being
    virtually non-existant). AND the Pz is really not that great of a tank to
    begin with. If you get into a 5.7 BR your gonna get shrekd beyond belief
    (thanks BR compression in MM)

  48. cheeseontoast 51

    Play the m36 GMC. I don’t think many people have seen it, and it seems like
    a decent tank. Right after the hellcat in the tech tree!


    Tell Simon to do a face reveal! Please.

  50. TalonHandyTube 2016


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