HETZER’S BIG BROTHER | German Efficient Tank Destroyer (War Thunder Panzer 470)

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  1. Phly you’re dope as hell, BUT I will say the thing you do that does annoy me (related to the complaint you addressed) is you abandon your teammates in the name of fun. I don’t mean this to be rude, but you interpret situations strangely sometimes. Like you’ll encounter a fight between you teammate and an enemy, deem it a “fair fight” and refuse to engage. Thats… not cool. When I play I rely on my teammates and to have one just watch me die hurts. You’ll also choose not to shoot enemy players because you don’t want to pick on a certain type of tank or whatever, but then I’ve seen in your own videos that enemy go on to shoot your own teammates. Every shot you pass up is sending someone back to the garage, its either enemy or your friend and I’m not sure I agree with your stance that letting it be your friend is “promoting fun” just because it wasn’t you who pulled the trigger.

    I don’t want you to change how you play, I don’t expect you to even agree with my position. I watch your content because I enjoy it and I wouldnt want to alter it. I just want you to see my perspective, and see why sometimes playing for “fun” isn’t really a defensible position in competitive games. You either play your best, or you let down your team. Either way, someone has to lose. Someone has to not have “fun” be it a tanker on your team or theirs.

    Keep up the awesome work! Happy Phlyday.

  2. Respect for your into.

    The WT community needs more folks like you.

  3. Is it just me or did Gaijin mess with more brs today?

  4. Respect wamen?????

  5. Havent played WT since 2014 but still try to watch every video Phly puts out due him being such a wonderful goofball, even after all these years. Not to mention his editing which is pure gold<3.

    After watching a Phly vid i so often find myself having had real fun and genuine laughter. Something that is otherwise hard to come by imo.
    For this and Phly being Phly, im definitely/extremely thankful!

  6. Good on you Fill say no to spon caming

  7. I love your videos and I feel the same way fuck spawn killing you are a great player and I don’t care what anyone says about it otherwise.

  8. 3:52 thank you Phly! that’s just the best thing someone has said and you are right, spawn killing in the begining of the match was the reason why me and other 15 friends quit the game for ever, I came here every day to see you, have fun, relax my day and enjoy your conntent, thank you Phly!

  9. I want to like warthunder, but i find i almost always get slaughtered in spawn.

  10. Phly pls try M11/39

  11. that last clip on Poland shows how people dont look at map who gets killed in nearby area. And spawn killing is just done by muppets who dont care about the obj but race straight to the spawn area’s

  12. Agrokangaroo gaming

    Idk how you can still play that game. It’s the worst game known to man. The game fucking sucks ass you’d expect shooting a Stuart 3 times with a tank destroyer would kill it right? Even when you shoot the turret and the ammo. Nooope it just makes them aware of you and one shot you

  13. I respect your fair play. The fact you don’t spawn camp is why I still watch even though I haven’t played this in years

  14. I get better at spotting enemies and learning smart gameplay watching ur channel.

  15. Shoot a plane with a smoke round?

  16. Great video, fun channel Phloppy Whoppy! 🙂 Oh, and don’t worry about the toxic “git gud” types, they only get validation in life from video games, hence the obsession of doing well. It’s sad, but what can you do?

  17. People went off at you for not being a dick by killing people as soon as they spawn….?
    I think i know what kind of people would say that….. *ACHOOSPAWNING-CAMPING-DICKS-WHO-RUIN-PHUN-OO* ooh, sorry. seems something irritable got up my nose then… Seriously though im on my last chat ban because of how frustrated i get when people without a life sit at my spawn and kill me…. i just get so upset at that i mean. come on just let me play the game guys…. Now that thats out of my system ON WITH MY PHAVORITE YOUTUBERS PHUN STUPH!

  18. 9:25
    Cobra King : Where is he !?
    Phly : Surprise, motherfu… oups, I missed…
    Cobra King : …
    Phail : … Let’s be friend ?
    Cobra King : Nope.

  19. Phly: “We don’t go for most possible kills here.”
    Also Phly: *double ace camping in a Panzer IV/70*

  20. 18:11 I feel you, there is always some random bs placed AS block my vision just before I’m about to shot someone

  21. I watch Phly because he’s not a stat whore. He goes out and has phun and plays in a way that encourages others to continue playing.

  22. I absolutely agree with your ethics, I share them as well. And I come here to watch you suffer in warthunder’s house of pain just as much as I do, and yet we still keep coming back for more. Makes me feel not so insane. I guess that makes you my safe place. Cheers!

  23. isn’t it the Jagdpanzer IV

  24. Best rank 3 TD in my opinion

  25. 4min in and all I can say is I respect that thought process phly. I don’t play War Thunder anymore but I play other games like Beasts of Bermuda and I’m strongly against killing new spawns or very early game players. I want them to have a chance to enjoy the game and have some fun, not have someone roll up and obliterate them when they can literally do nothing to stop it. Little bit of sportsmanship towards one another goes a long way.

  26. Iam extremely upset that people had the guts to complain about that

  27. Was that REE KID at 00:03

  28. LitlBlackDragonNinja

    Hetzer being better? I don’t have the JagPzr4 but I do have the hetzer and I constantly get killed by shots in lower front plate from a far. When I try to do that is always a ricochet.

  29. At 12:43 Phly sounded like a villain from a cartoon.

  30. I love you man, no homo

  31. Ivan Ivanof Ivansson

    T-34! aaawww man

  32. do the t64-b, only rocket Challenge #6

  33. Glad I quit right after ka50 came out. Stay mentally clean brothers.

  34. That happending to me sometimes when i respawn i get killed then i respawn again and i trying to hide

  35. Do what must be done, don’t listen to them young phlyakin. You rock.

  36. I don’t spawn camp, even if I’ve been spawn camped for the last 3 games I don’t spawn camp, it’s just a scummy thing to do

  37. Perhaps your sister will be sweaty. ..

  38. Hey Phly, longtime fan,your videos got me into Warthunder, have you ever checked out Rainbow 6 Siege?

  39. I also don’t like to rape enemy team, spawnkilling and etc. I play not hard and not like a rat. Just rush and little camping cause of this game.

  40. Watching Phly’s channel for “Ph”uns

  41. Soooooo hellcat is now at 5.7

  42. I acc prefer it when you don’t shoot the other players, like it’s really fair…

  43. Go play with the puma again you have so much fun with it!!

  44. Lots of excuses coming from a spawn killin sum mich. Ps love the vids phly

  45. Spawn camping is for scumbag, THE END.

  46. Well, yesterday not dying I got 17 kills with M6A1 Tank RB actually NOT camping at enemy spawn. Just defending one objective

  47. M4A3 76mm at 5.7? Look how they massacred my boy. ☹️

  48. Ive been playing wartinder for just under 2 years and even starting out I knew how you operated YOUR channel. That’s primarily why I like it so much I can just throw this on because I actually like phly and relax. Im not gonna say I’ve never spawned kill but if you think someone at his caliber of gametime needs to spawn kill, then you’re the problem

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