Hey Everyone LETS PAY TO WIN! | T28 Super Tank (War Thunder Tanks)

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Hey Everyone LETS PAY TO WIN! | T2 Super Tank (War Thunder Tanks)


  1. phly please play the russian Be-6

  2. Phly did you know that the T28 is the T95 without the extra set of tracks? that is its transport mode because the vehicle is too large for trains and trucks with the quad tracks attached. It is the same tank destroyer just less tough without the extra sloping and side armour.

  3. T28 isn’t even a real tank, it’s just the T95 in transport mode(the second set of tracks come off and join together to make a trailer so it’s skinny enough to fit through tunnels and on trailers

  4. do 2 T28s and then a t29 behind them using them to be hull down, then you all go down a corridor

  5. Oh man i remember a T-34/85 shooting at the butt of my Tiger and was clearly marked but none of my team right beside me noticed.


  7. hey phly they are the same tank

  8. plane request
    phly you haven’t actually flown the sea venom in a video, yet its the most unloved jet by far maybe gayjin forgot it exists?

  9. Gaijin wars – P2W go frontlines

  10. Phly why do you have such high ping

  11. says IS6 is fair and balanced, calls this pay to win. aaand bye

  12. That laugh tho at the start ?

  13. phly, the side armor the T95 gets is ADDED to the exact same chassis as the T28, so it’s an addition 60mm of angled spaced armor. It doesn’t suggest a .7 BR spread at all, but still, T95 is much better.

  14. Hello new recruit big papa wants you to use out brand new yak 9T and T-34-57 for the ultimate Russian bias combo.The new vehicles feature brand new stalinium plating to bounce shots better than anything those capitalist americans can come up with.
    Good luck recruit ,The red army is counting on you
    PS:this is just a meme no offense meant to anyone

  15. Attempt #3 Colonel Phly our boys need airsupport. Take your BTD-1 with your torpedoes and bomb the enemy Maus. Challenge Wrong Payload Reassignment use the BTD-1’s torpedoes and kill a BR 7.7 tank. Maus preferable but if no Maus then an equivalent 7.7

  16. “What, are you gonna shoot me?” [Laughs in shell bounce]

  17. Phly

    Please take out the T25 baby Pershing

    Been asking since the Big Bang

    Attempt # ]*}+#%

  18. Classifying the T28/T95 as 2 separate vehicles makes about as much sense as classifying a Naval aircraft into 2 completely separate vehicles based on whether or not its wings are Folded

  19. How did you adjust sights?

  20. Captain Phly, we have had numerous reports that the Nazi’s are attempting to sabotage the internet by eliminating our forward defenses!!!! If we don’t act now then we my very well be doomed to fall under the enemy regime. They are trying to bankrupt us sir!!!!
    (Like seriously though look up whats happening with a thing called Net Neutrality. It’s a big problem in America right now and could use as much support as possible.)

  21. “pay to win”
    Side armor is 50mm and it’s not even angled. Your mom’s purse can pen that.

  22. how to measure the distance at 15:43 (what key)?

  23. Your Berlin game in this video is a prim example of HOW you should play. i ALWAYS end up with half team rushing to brandenburg gate and being asshats and the enemy gets a foothold of the capzone and its…………. GONE!.

  24. Play the forgotten bf 109 k4

  25. 11:10 I thought you were zooming in on the little crane at first. XD

  26. pay to win like is-6 to

  27. 15:34 my strat when using the Pz III L

  28. Yeah I don’t buy that pay to win bullshit phly it’s not pay to win anything Russian is.

  29. If anyone complains about cupola’s being removed as a kill spot or fixed it would never be practical in real life so suck it up it’s actual realism and it surprises me every time I think about it.

  30. Phly can u make a control Set up video

  31. The tank can actually can detach the 2 track

  32. #lovetheunloved fly out the Firefly Mk I and dogfight atleast 3 times

  33. Dear @PhlyDaily, i noticed that in some of your videos (about tanks with 2 cannons) you have 2 circles on your screen which both represent the reload of your weapon. I am currently playing on M3 Lee and it is sometimes difficult to keep track of which gun has finished reloading. How do I turn on that feature? I wouldn’t ask if i could find it myself, but i am at a dead end. Hope you reply to this.
    With love,
    One of your Latvian fans.

  34. Phly….. The t95 was t28 with the extra track attachments. Its the americans way of making an impenetrable tank. The t28 was too slow and didnt have enough traction so they modified the transmission and added extra tracks. Supposedly some could even drop the extra tracks if they were damaged and carry on.

  35. well time to search the couch

  36. Custom battle! T95 vs. tortoise line battle.

  37. how you can move your crosshair like that ?i mean up and down to aim at 800m shot ?

  38. Man I want to see phly take the T-29 out again

  39. 4:07
    You were so lucky not to get killed there phly, didn’t you see that enemy tank on your right?

  40. They are the same tank save for the T95 having the extra set of tracts on the outside and some cosmetic armor over the extra tracks

  41. 8:01 that son of a bitch in Ferdinand killed our leader, Rulo6000 ?

  42. Anyone else remember the PANCAKE (or puncake) from World of Tanks? T95 for anyone who doesn’t already know.

  43. Can someone PLEASE tell me how did he set range on his scope in 15:43

  44. plz


  45. Never,, pay to loose skill

  46. 17:48 this incoming damage indicator doesn’t work, it’s piece of shit. You’ve been shot from the righ, fragments of the shell hit your dust cover on the left and it shows you are being fired at from the left…

  47. SpaghettiLaserSwagFrontFlipBarrelRollMcMuffin

    you pay to win for everything what the fuck are you talking about

  48. Gay Thunder strikes again!

  49. “pay to Win” kills one tank gets shot in the ass for being so slow lol

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