Hidden Features You Missed in Kings Of Battle (War Thunder Update)

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Source: ZoltanSultan


  1. Yesterday I saw using T114 my rockets are destroyed by bushes can you try that ?

  2. I can see F104J going 10.7 because it can carry 6 missiles lol

  3. The night battle thing is cool but it’s only for 10.0 and up so literally like half of the vehicles in the game that have night vision won’t even be able to participate

  4. F-111 entire Cockpit ejected was because it was meant to be supersonic Nuclear Bomber. They will be “safe” in case the bomb blew up and the plane had a problem and had to eject.

    (maybe Aardvark can be a nuclear bomber on top tier for US)

    • For sure! Same with Russia getting a new nuclear bomber.
      The current nuclear bombers do not have countermeasure or even the speed to evade enemies.

  5. City map was trash to begin with, they just threw it in the dumpster afterwards

  6. Great commentary. Just subbed. Hope you go far

  7. I’ve been waiting for the F111 escape pod for ages, I’m glad it’s finally here.

  8. You forgot to mention bases take so much longer to respawn now fucking us subsonic bombers so much. Vautours, A4s, Sk60s are so fucked

  9. btw guys keep an eye on your RP gains, after 6 battles i was missing 10k RP, gaijin support offered me a 150% booster as a good will gesture

  10. Losing the finnish commander shouting SILENCE at the start of a match is truly tragic

  11. I haven’t seen Night battles for a while and I do like them , hopefully will see them again and more

  12. Man I wish we could have night battles in low tier. Night is so cool

  13. ZdrytchX -{Reference

    you missed VARK carrying the MAWs. It is the first plane in the game to carry it

  14. Pilot and his “chair”😂

  15. Also don’t forget the German train on Flanders map that has hill break and you can destroy it

  16. 2:04 Thanks Gaijin, my game lags more now.

  17. Did you miss the base spawn time increase back to around 5 mins from 5 seconds.

    And they remove the train in the ARB Cologne

  18. I’m still waiting for Tank only battles, imagine playing top tier sometimes without CAS that would be a whole new experience.

  19. they lengthened bomb base respawn times in air RB to near 5 minutes, down from less than one. For seemingly no reason, when that change came out of nowhere in the last update everyone was pleasantly surprised, although the addition of the SPAAs guarding them was also really stupid. for the final 2 weeks of the last build, once the SPAAs had been neutered, high tier Air RB where quite a lot of planes can carry ordinance was in a nice spot, since everyone who had bombs would probably get a chance to drop them. now, the days of trying to race phantoms in a harrier for bases are back despite literally nobody asking for it

  20. um i just got a direct hit chest

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