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Source: OddBawZ

The 2S1 in is an Artillery Tank that has a 400mm penetrating HEAT-FS at just 6.0 BR!

Compared to the 2S3M, it's not as good for derping tanks with HE… however, its long range sniping capabilities are REALLY good due to the HEATFS round it get access to.

There really isn't much to say about this vehicle other than it's good. So long as you stay away from artillery and machinegun fire due to your 7mm armour all round… you can be a very nasty surprise for the enemy indeed! 🙂

7 Dumplings out of !




  1. THIS NATION DIDN’T NEED ANOTHER TANK LIKE THIS BUT WHAT YOU NEED IS MY DECAL IN GAME AND 3% OFF THE STORE: https://store.gaijin.net/catalog.php?category=WarThunder&partner=Oddbawz&partner_val=2bpa5qx4

  2. hey can you maybe share your graphics settings?

  3. Sorry but if you’re getting strafed while boasting a proxy with 7m of trigger radius, no amount of SPAAs is going to help you. xD
    EDIT: Oh, I see no proxies were loaded. With 500m arming range you could use them instead of regular HE most of the time.

  4. What happened to the video 🙁

  5. I mean, it’s also much fun bonking tanks 2000m away with the Obj. 268, so i think there’s still a reason to play it, especially on long range maps where the range finder really helps.

  6. Give out golden eagles please the four players are five or six players

  7. hey oddbawz, any tips for grinding low tier vehicles (Tier III and IV to be exact)

  8. Pretty good thing at its BR. Lets see how it works out.

    PS: How the hell did you get that plane back home?😂

  9. [PhxG] KINGMIKE3271

    Another Russian tank put in an extremely low BR, surprise!

  10. Do you know what shell Michael Jackson would use ?
    HE HE

  11. At 26:00 they should have died by that HE shell, even with Ho Ro I one shot tankses like that hitting them on the back/side turret. (Ho Ro HE got like 55mm pen, so it pens roof and goes down to kill with overpressure)

    Edit: Also 2S1 HE shell got a pen on 51mm, 100% the servers fault for not knocking the crew out.

  12. i dont use HEAT on this thing only for up tiers very well armored.. even these ones if you pay some attention and learn the weak spots u can hit them with HE. absolute beast the 251…

  13. Day 216 of asking Oddbawz to play the M56

  14. It may have no armour, buuuuuuut…… #noarmourisbestarmour

  15. Yes chi ha LG let’s go! I gotta see this 😂

  16. Holy shit how did you land that.

  17. 16:16 XDDD the gasp

  18. 30:30-32:48 danm, im taking notes now.

  19. You should really play the foch! It’s pretty fun and the armour Is actually good

  20. That Spookston collab would be awesome! Keep it up Bawz!

  21. Oddballz shoots heatfs destroys the entire vehicle… f2p player hits a tank with the same ammo… 1 crew member killed every time!.. ;(

  22. I dont call them teammates anymore… they are just the bot army I was assigned…

  23. oh btw it can be front-penned by a .50 cal anyway

  24. Vincent Sponziello

    asking odd to play the SU-6(AM-42) day 20

  25. Absolutely want to see spook run the Chinese’ LG at the top

  26. midmax at its best 😂😂😂

  27. it’s the Gvosdika. isn’t it?

  28. Is warthunder even fun when you reach the highest br?

  29. Thank you for showing some CAS AirPlay

  30. Very good video great job and nice work tactically on the battlefield

  31. I thought the ikv 103 was low tier heat

  32. @13:23 DAYUMMM! That some graphics. ;P

  33. Gaijin: we want WarThunder to be realistic compared to that *other* tank game, and won’t add imaginary “paper tanks”.
    Also Gaijin: We’re going to let self-propelled artillery direct-fire HEAT-FS at tanks.

  34. So I don’t play WT, I just watch. Been wondering why on some tanks using HE does nothing but here it typically kills them in one hit. I guess there’s a lot of explosive in that shell?

  35. Love your videos man. I actually quit War Thunder about half a year ago. Too much frustration. LOL But watching you have fun, sucked me right back into the game. 😄

  36. This tank does quite well at top tier

  37. This thing has been bugging me every time I played 5.3

  38. Impressiv flying in the last section

  39. NotSoRacistRaspberry

    As someone who has played the vickers temptest as a fighter in ARB and have done particularly well (ive had a lot of practice with large caliber cannons in aircraft prior) that was hilarious to watch. The best marksmanship i have ever seen

  40. Zeus : Enough Wt for year

  41. Your casual F-5E Tiger II

    Me using under 5.0 HEAT somehow non penning a gunner on the stalinium GAZ with some tiny guns rapid firing

  42. Well old mate i wached the whole vidio and it was fun MrsMADUNIT and I love the intro bit were you herae “IN THS VIDIO” BLABLABLAAAAA LOL had afew we drams and lots of bbq prawns and mates over and did a BBQ AND OddBawZ day and had a hoot LOOK OUT EVERY ONE THERES A BUNCH OF WEPONISED ZIMMERS COMMING lol
    all us old fart tankers would be proud to call you Mac cheers

  43. 12:24 “that still killed him with overpressure through a concrete wall”
    ….actually Odd I think you made a makeshift shrapnel bomb directly next to the M18 lol. Doubt war thunder actually models that, but in my head thats essentially what happened there.

  44. I hate this tank I always get sniped by it and can never se it

  45. Of course its russian…

  46. I keep vs this thing in my WW2 vehicle. It so dumb that its placed at 6.0. The newest update has broken the game.

  47. Can you please play olifant mk2? Britain needs some love to and the olifant is a cool tank

  48. My first game with this absolutely made me die laughing, EVERY single tank I shot blew up. It was ridiculous. I even shot through a tree with the HE and hit someone .5k away and it somehow killed them.

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