HIGH EXPLOSIVE MEMES – Foch 155 HE – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Foch 155, HE ONLY back!


  1. Have a nice weekend!

  2. This is the way!

  3. Who saw that Live?

  4. Hey what stream is this from?

  5. Thanks for the arty tip! I have the M44 and the French one so will go grind the Hummel! 😉

  6. THE




  7. Circ post a vid , i see ” HE meme” and a 155 , stop everything i was doing to watch

  8. Christiaan Carstens

    Not the greatest game ever ,but hey.

  9. The memes from new years stream LUL

  10. You need to platoon with Dez at some point…he’s discovered the HE Foch memes as well.

  11. Tier 10 HE? T92hmc all day. ?

  12. He is de way

  13. It looks like you shot over the GWE at the end and splashed for 400, delivering to it the real arta experience.

  14. you watch dez recently?

  15. Sniping 60TP on the lake road for the win!

  16. I saw the game live from Mailands perspective. Was so excited to see the Circon Video and it was as great as expected!

  17. makes no sense for arties to be worse with HE pen or any pen but nice pens all the same, the CGC and batchat may be able to hit top of tanks with there shell arc but the tier 9 is bad, its like the s51 with no pen, faces forwards with really low pen, great for sides rear and front but not the top of the tanks. s51 dont work anymore or any arties like it, like the tier 9 batchat 155. very straight shell with no pen :/ a 155mm hitting t49’s with no penetrations is annoying! overmatched armour that isnt getting penned. ebr wheelchairs that only take 350 splash from a direct hit lol flat tire, oh no. ammo taxis are the new way forwards. the slower 1 round per minute arties must really suck now. only shell lobers are of any use, as in up and down, not all arties do this 212a tier 9 has a great shell arc for example at tier 9. your typical field gun aproach of artillery is dead in world of tanks. only a few mortar type artilleries are viable now.

  18. Speaking of arty. I got this Santana scumbag with 40k games with 20,000+ games in a M44.

  19. Let me know when tier 10 is fun. That’s how I feel too. Put in bigger maps or just reduce the amount of tanks to 10v10.

  20. but we have tier 10 tanks….
    plays like tier 3

  21. Thank you Circon. The cry babies whinging at tier 8-10 about artillery are like spoiled little brats. They need to get over it, and learn to deal with accepting Artillery is in the game, it’s getting penetration rounds back, and it’s not going away.
    It’s the same entitled child behaviour in WoWS. The low tier carriers regularity see Three carriers a side. You’re lucky to see more than one at tier 10. The tier 4 carriers being the “starter” carriers, have no manual fighter consumable too. So they cannot protect their team mates unless they sale close to them.
    At the tiers, where ships don’t have the AA, and need protection by their CV the MOST!
    If SPG’s weren’t in the game they’d be crying over some other BS…

  22. Holy cow, most of your team went city and lost! Just terrible play on their part.

  23. On console we still have waffle e100. So 4 15cm HE 🙂

  24. I see dezgames is influential :p

  25. grand battle maps should be made more of for more tiers also ?? radio ranges would be a thing too then. even the crazy s51 in its old state would be good then, it would have a decent ranged map for its abilities not the squashed scenarios its played in for its shell arc, wouldnt be fun for anything with low ranges tho and slow 🙂 i miss a good field gun personally, we need some pen back with lower damage or something. before anyone sais im disgusting, end plus 2 matchmaking to save the tier 5s or 6s in the s51’s case, or increase its tier. but it needs pen , it dont work, is the tier 10 gw t92 and obj any worth now, i dont think so at ten. tier 5 bishop mortar where you have to work to get into range is alot of fun, like golfing so i may be wrong about the low and slow. ftbs prohorovka 😀 we have been reduced to medi evil catapaults and rocks

  26. 3 minutes in game, 6 tanks dead, lost flank.
    “nothing happening in this game” – SirCircon
    love you man. thank you for sharing 🙂


  28. Mooore ;p gj !!

  29. That EBR was an MVP that game, think the game had 2 MVPs!

  30. Man I love these kind of videos.

  31. This game shows that WG should not rework HE. It is too much fun.

  32. I just found the foch 155 HE videos yesterday, and now there’s even more!

  33. Still waiting to see HE in the jagdpanzer e100!

  34. Nice game by friendly EBR

  35. Not having this tank makes me wanna cry

  36. Poor enemy E-50 M worked their ass off

  37. goddamn these he foch videos now I have to suffer with these autists trying to do the same in my games too

  38. New year needs fresh HE memes.

  39. stop saying meme..that is non relavent to this game..tard!

  40. Nice to see you and Mailand play together! As a german you both are my favourite WOT Youtube Channels!

  41. Who is your platoon mate? Sounds like a nice guy

  42. HE’s Foching around!

  43. Mailand ✌️

  44. All tier 5 and 6 SPGs especially the US and German ones need to be nerfed HARD!!

  45. Remember Waffentrager auf E-100 he memes on the 15cm?

  46. Whoever disliked… why?

  47. I only play ships but I’ve watched your vids for years… speaking of artillery, have you ever posted a video of YOU playing one?

  48. I remember watching this game.

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