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  1. BOOOMMM new patch is live! Expect first impression videos this week of all the new things
    *Also get huge 3% discount using this link and a panty dropping phly decal* https://goo.gl/4xJbSH

  2. Gonçalo Ming Silva

    on console theres so many new things

  3. Alleric 'Ulti' Enslin


  4. Now the real question would you rather have HSTVL or the M1128 stryker?

  5. night battles in top tier are just 100% black…

  6. I want them to add the M1128 Stryker MGS

  7. Object 906 become obsolete when this tank came out

  8. This update is great and all but it broke literally every in flight menu on Xbox, before you couldn’t control your plane while in another menu like the map, now your mouse position effects the plane controls and makes stuff go very very wonky
    I also can’t use the radio anymore without my plane doing the stanky leg

  9. Salvador Buschittari

    So it’s basically a OTOMATIC but combat centered

  10. Just remember this can get 8.7 , but wait the maus is 7.7 and can get 8.7. Stupid system

  11. 2:12 The autoloader loading mechanism is also automatic but GJ probably balansed)) it since IRL it apparently reloaded the 6-shot drum in 25 seconds or something.
    Edit: The penetration values are also too low compared to what it should be, so yeah.

  12. There is a bug only in this map, doesent matter wich layout: Helicopters cant Lock enemie Groundtargets, you have to controll the missiles yourself. Since months, good job gajin….

  13. This is a m18 on steroids

  14. 02:50 Honestly? I don’t know when I spawned east on the map the last time. I seriously can’t remember…

  15. Phly: Talking mad shit about the loader.
    Spaghetti hand loader: *cries* I’M TRYING MY BESTTTT

  16. Christian Haegler

    9:10…was that from Danger 5?

  17. *KT with apcr can pen the same exactly, lol*

  18. welp, that looks like it will be painful to fight against. I borderline MBT projectile and the fire rate of a Warrior IFV, combine that with snipers who are happy to abuse every detail of the map to make it impossible for you to spawn and you have a perfectly fair and balanced war thunder experience.

  19. Devastating Joke


  20. Dimitri Vlachos

    Damn Phly! Music game on point. Loved that

  21. Omg I love this tank

  22. this vehicle is like made for me

  23. That’s such a sexy tank

  24. Roberto Marchetto

    That moment when you think US dominates top tier already…

  25. Noone ruin the 69 downvotes lol

  26. Hey everyone, hope all is good. I just got War Thunder and I love it. I’m just having trouble with 1 thing. I can only play with older planes when I would rather be playing with jets and all that good stuff. If anyone can help me that would be cool. I have discord too

  27. Pewdiepie gave us free decal. Pewdiepie is cool. Be like Pewdiepie.

  28. Almost fun, until the point where gaijin mixes players who are stock with players who havr NV and Thermal

  29. PHinally Phly can get it back up again 😉

  30. paulo moreira caxoxo8

    iam f…. i play russian tanks br 10.3 now i have figth that iam so fu…

  31. Umm, HSTV-L has an automated system for reloading magazines. The guy in the turret is a commander.

  32. No phly…That is indeed not me ya dingus floof. that’s some ex INOVA player who tried to take my name and used to tk me on sight cause he didn’t like the fact his entire squadron was full of idiots >:C My IGN is back to just Soarin_Thunder again lol and you know i always say hi to you those rare times we bump into each other 😛

  33. Jaystarz2000 gaming

    ZTZ59D1 what a meme

  34. Wow, amazing player with other amazing tank, pretty fly video must say.

  35. angry Wehraboos noises

    They didn’t bring back the maus 🙁

  36. Sailydaily Italian fleet?

  37. Rolling Thunder

    The fruit snacks have Phly superhuman tank commanding abilities.

  38. The Lonely Pilot

    11:19 *loader starts crying* ye-..yes commander *cries harder*

  39. No one noticed that the shit went right under him 4:50

  40. high tier games look so shit

  41. Ralphy’s Replays

    So Mr Fly24/7 i would like to see you play the new chinese MBT the Type 69

  42. Ralphy’s Replays

    the type 69 2 something

  43. Ralphy’s Replays

    the type 69IIG

  44. I like the rectangular Phloppy emblem better… This round one looks like the logo of some kind of a butter brand.

  45. *As of patch 1.99 in the options menu there are different colors for thermals, (Grey/Green/Red)*

  46. PHLY DAILY – just know that i care about you
    MUSSOLINI – happy pasta noices

  47. i like your new style of video editing way more nowadays, keep it up!

  48. 10:47 nice hacks

  49. From an italian:
    Ti voglio bene Phily 😀

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