High Tech MODIFICATION – Wooden Spoiler | Object-268 (War Thunder)

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ÜBER SCOUT | Begleitpanzer 57 ( Gameplay)


  1. That fire kill with the ASU was just pure BM. That poor guy.

  2. If he would have just used his MG on the M41 he wouldn’t have as much damage

  3. Watching this drunk is top notch, grade A fucking awesome. Haven’t laughed this hard in a very long time. I love you, Steve!

  4. hahahah that dash cam comment was GOLD!

  5. See the 268 good all you have to do is Voice activate the cheeki breeki by shouting Russian words

  6. Ammunitions in the back if 268 is in a some sort of conveyer system. Rails that will spin around so loader doesnt need to pick up huge shells from the other side of the tank and carry it to ither side.

  7. Wooden spoiler ?? wtf i need this tank in my life to make initial-d happy today!

  8. This ain’t Russian, it’s got no stalinaminum !


  10. The German treasure is empty ! The Kaiser awaits for his Mortar patrol to bring some gold back !
    Bring the Sturmpanzer II in a top tier game (BR 7.3+) and make germany rise again !
    Attempd #2

  11. Can anyone tell me how to join that test battle at 3:20?

  12. WafflesFurLyfe does YouTube

    Challenge – STEALTH IS FOR NOOBS!! On any map in any tank, drive from your spawn to any enemy spawn without stopping or dying! Attempt #4

  13. Wow…. What a game!… Always makes me smile when Phly has to work for it 🙂 … Well played brudda




    Take out the Pz. II H and the
    Pz. III J to the sweet sound of Sabaton. Make Ervin proud ;D.

  18. Anyone know if he will ever remake low tier vehicles? -for new players

  19. #t=7m44s Russian bias comfired

  20. British Time
    Hop into your Firefly FR Mk.V, load the Rockets and kill some Ground Troops.
    If you brave enough to challenge Nigel in the sky, try to kill enemy plane with those rockets.
    Thank you and Have a nice day

  21. Hey phlydaily can you play steel Ocean again please

  22. This is the funniest video i’ve ever seen of you haha?

  23. Phly: “This will work out.”

    Spoiler: It won’t. Message pops up.

    Me: Was that the spoiler talking or was it just a message of a spoiler? Or was it the spoiler saying there is a spoiler coming? That spoiler is one hell of a spoiler to be telling me spoilers….

  24. Perfect example of game where you actually enjoy playing the game, for me its like 1/5 games to be like this.

  25. love the unloved #2 take out the hamden mk 1 and techtrach with 4 1000! pound bombs at 1.7 unleash doom and TEA

  26. PhlyDaily… home of the truly cheeki breeki. Stalin is watching your escapades with great intrigue.

    May the Bias be with you… always.

  27. Phly, the centurion mk10. For Britain, and keep up the good work.

  28. The gun could have more pen…. but the HE already does miracles that jesus christ could have not done. Killed a maus with just HE.
    How the fuck does that AP pen a fucking T34 into the gun mantlet???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!

  29. Hi Phly! you should start playing sea of thieves with friends, it looks like fun judging by other vids i’ve seen

  30. “tank destroyer”

  31. Best Intro ever ?

  32. Спазинга

  33. 08:55 f*cking spawn camper. Disgusting behaviour that destroys the game…


  35. Hello Phly can next be 8,8 flak truck and hs 129 b-3 75 mm big flak meme

  36. I say take out the ASU-57 and while playing the vehicle, play us some of that beautiful Red army band music. Polyushka Polye aught to do or There the March of the Soldiers. Enjoy

  37. Was that an airbrake upgrade on that ru-251 chart ?

  38. Спасибо,ура,сука=) Very good speak Russian

  39. ASU is too OP for high tier

  40. ? bli bla blablabiblababla blablablabliii blablabla blablablablablabla blablablabla da bla blablblblblbl blblblbl blblbl blblblblblblaaaaaa ? ?

  41. Well, this prolly is the worst TD in wt.

  42. 11:34 I hope my dash cam picked that up got me dead

  43. Thx for the lessons

  44. How i get in that test map? Is it in custom?

  45. That was awesome your complimentary was the best I’ve heard from you for a while ( funny i mean) well done mate, cheers

  46. Germans have only one 90mm heat Ru251 + maybe Leopard 1
    Americans that never get games with germans have M46, M47, M48, M60. . . . . . 😀

  47. Лучше всего говорить не сука а Собачий потрох

  48. Sturm_Waffen Developing

    ну он и дикий лол

  49. question: if you dont take full ammo and you rearm in vp does it rearm you to full or what you chose at start?

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