HIGH VELOCITY 90mm Italian Sub Disperser (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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HIGH VELOCITY 90mm Italian Sub Disperser (War Thunder)


  1. @PhlyDaily the superhellcat 6.3 90mm

  2. So for living the unloved could we get the st-a2 here

  3. Anyone else wonder how phly shoots into random bushes and kills tanks? Like how does he see them lol

  4. Try the t-34

  5. *clears throat* Play the CA Lorraine for 295mm of pen at 6.0 ???

  6. Phly play the m4a4 sa50 its like a fl10.but not

  7. Thanks for going strait into the battle…

  8. M4 and Achilles did breed


  9. I stopped play war thunder. Very unpleasant experience to grind through. I wanna have fun with the bigger tanks but people with bigger tanks already have bigger tanks and slow my progress to a stall. Staring at the death screen all day is the experience

  10. PHield of normandy

  11. Can u play the SU 122?
    Attempt #2

  12. 1:41
    that Nashorn and Panther are in sync

  13. But the worst part is no cheat-fs

  14. Hurricane Gaming

    Play the SU-5-1 love the unloved. Attempt #2

  15. It bothers me this tank is in the Italian and not the American tech tree. From my research I haven’t seen anything about this being used by Italian forces

  16. So no one is gonna say anything about that nashorn and panther being so in sync in the beginning of the video around 1:45

  17. Play the M4 Tipo IC

    Attempt #1

  18. Try ST-A, the lowest BR tank to get HEAT-FS-

  19. Challenge time :3 Try getting an ace with the is-3….. while using only HE

  20. wait…isnt this is JACKSON ?
    i mean the tank destroyer

  21. Add me MARINESNIPER175 on war Thunder

    Attempt #1

  23. I love how the Italians get this tank first and not the americans …….

  24. T95E1 Please Phly!!!

  25. “The americans don’t get this gun until 7.0”

    The americans get the M36 jackson at 5.7, the same vehicle which this gets it turret and gun from…

  26. i feel like the april fools should have been no armor tanks or superior wood armor that stops most of everything until it is shot off or takes so much damage

  27. Speaking of French tanks, take out the amx-13 90 and see how that thicc penning heat fs treats you.

    Attempt: #30083810

  28. 7:22 albaniankilla
    Good job phly
    I remember that moment
    I’m so happy now to see my name
    In your video ??

  29. i didnt know its a opeeeen top,now my yak 9t will like this

  30. 0:20 Then in the corner of your eye you see that Kv 2

  31. Thanks Phly! Your content is beyond everything else, so damn informative and fun! Keep on keeping on! Be well man.

  32. Play Do 217 N-1. I think it is lowest br plane with radar!

  33. Kill a tank using shrage musik CHALLENGE attempt 4

  34. did you do the su100y easter egg

  35. Wow you can see the bias in this game with the turn rate with no speed penalty if that was a US or French it would come to a stop.

  36. Timothy Manurung

    Can someone tell me what is the key to “free rotate”?

  37. Timothy Manurung

    And also to check the X-Ray in-game?

  38. Timothy Manurung

    Im a newbie

  39. >best tank destroyer
    >can’t penetrate 50% of enemies
    >died in every battle TWICE
    Yep, looks pretty THE BEST, definitely, just no doubt.

  40. Man I hope we eventually get the French/Israeli 105 Sherman

  41. Have anyone a war thunder account with the leopard 2a5?

  42. isnt the m36 Jackson 5.7 with a similar/same cannon?

  43. Christopher Bennett

    Hey phly you dont have the chi-nu on the channel, ya gotta show it some love man 😀 (attempt#40)

  44. Petition to get Phly to say “Slug” every time he fires something with a high chance to oneshot, that was satisfying as hell.

  45. Haat allemaal haat Gewoon haat

    0:50 m36 gmc: hey im 5,7 what u talkong about

  46. Please fly the mig 19s.

  47. got a phree talisman phor it!

  48. BlueStorm gamer0205

    Ha phly mig 21 confirmed I am not kidding I hope take a look

  49. French tank are everywere ?

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