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  1. *Baby and Laura are doing great! I was up all night pretending I was a fighter jet with Banks to keep him calm while Laura would sleep for 2 hours until the next feeding 😛 I feel like a zombie and drunk at the same time with the lack of sleep. But seriously enjoying every second. Enjoy the vid fellas and thanks for the support while I’ve been away <3*

  2. That kid get born or what!? Are these videos backup!? I hope the birth went well my man!

  3. Soviets glorius bonk machine brothers ( su152 n isu152)

  4. Phly will you please speak out about the ridiculous repair costs in this game. I dont even wanna play the game anymore because of it. The grind is retarded also but in my opinion the biggest problem with this game is the repair cost

  5. See now if you like this, you’ll love the Breda 401. 155 (+3mm) gun at 4.0! And it’s on wheels~!

  6. Su 152 in WOT: im bad derp
    Su 152 in WT: i see no god up here, other than me

  7. Deleting half the enemy team but is more excited about tanks being in a line lol ! Funny floppy ! Keep up the great work buddy 👍 and congrats on ur kid ! It’s amazing being a dad ! Hope all is well with both of them ! Later man

  8. SU-152 is based on KV chassis

  9. Phly, people say, that the beginning of having a child Is the hardest part of parenting, but also the most beautiful. I am So happy for you, and i am glad to know that you, your wife and The Baby Are all doing great. Keep up the happiness and enjoy!

  10. Killian Kelloniemi

    If it says ”derp” its gonna be a really weird video

    • Killian Kelloniemi

      But derp is the best in War Thunder so i dosent matter. In War Thunder you have to be the imposter Amongst the light and medium tanks!!!! 😂🧨

  11. A HE shell that big hitting under a stug track would blow the undercarriage to pieces.

  12. Phly’s so happy when he bounced that 88

  13. Do you know that you can scale down your camouflage?

  14. Phly you need to play the strv 103, they fixed the aiming for it, please

  15. Wasn’t this one of the worst tank destroyers in the game? 😅

  16. Challenge: Phlee, play IS2 with HE shells and get at least 5 kills

  17. Phly, next you should try the su-122 at 2.3. Low tier-fun tier, derp gun, unpenetrable armour. Goes on 55 km/h.

  18. I keep subng n unsubng it’s my love/hate relationship with war thunder

  19. A Bizzare Channel?

    Not accurate one shell of the isu can destroy a universe

  20. ‘High velocity’.

  21. For some reason my brain auto corrects PhlyDaily to PhilDaily XD

  22. Hello Phly. I have question for you about 3 planes. My problem is lack of SL (and skill) and I can choose from: A6M2 Risen, Spitfire Mk Vb/trop, and KI-96. Which plane would fit better for noob.

  23. The Great Valley

    I always know who to watch when I’m in need for tanks! Also entertainment, thanks for the great video. You good at what you do, keep up the great work man👍

  24. 23:02 xD

  25. now imagine there is a long barrel isu-152

  26. That One Communist

    The first game
    Like most of the team were soviet tanks

  27. Just A Weird Tree

    Hehe. HE go Boom!
    Getting a double kill with HE is awesome.

  28. Would be great having War Thunder adding the A-10 because of the birth of Fairchild

  29. First match, all but 1 tank was Russian on your team.

  30. Make a video about the new STRV 103 aiming!

  31. I’m no physicist, but I’m fairly sure those shells have no right to fly that fast, from that stubby barrel. xD

  32. ЯД๓zเ ЯДรรเ

    Spawning in a line?! I was spawned horizontally while everyone else was spawned vertically yesterday

  33. Phly: Oh freaky moly where did come from, no dont I’m a poor child!!!
    Enemy misses shot
    Phly: YESSS!!!
    Obstacle: Not for long

  34. 5:37 こっからの流れ好き

  35. Man this intro is the best can’t get enough of it🔥🔥

  36. I wanna see somebody shoot the cable and drop the massive block of concrete on a asu-57 or something similar. Would it work?

  37. This is basically an episode of loving the unloved.

  38. should try out the strv 103 again since they fixed it (again)

  39. emagine having a cannon howitzer of br 1 and has the same muzzel velosidy of a apfsds round from the abrams 2

  40. Андрей Поддубный

    The su-152 is not on the is chassis it’s on a kv1s chassis

  41. 1:02 Isu 152 is on IS chassis and Su 152 is on KV chassis

  42. Louie George Destreza

    Play the 122 ISUs

  43. No Worries Jasper Is Here

    Finally first videos for new daddy, and it’s OP.
    ISU 152 favorite both WT and WoT, WoT mobile.

  44. sturmpanzer II better

  45. 4:30 why is the same store a bank and an auto parts store that has drinks and coffee aswell? cmon warthunder do better

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