Highest Damage I’ve seen in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today marconortfly is going to smash his way to the highest amount of damage I’ve ever seen in World of Tanks!


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  1. This comment section is HEATing up

  2. I’ve done that route a lot of times before watching this and i stopped since i didnt get the luck of not being crodsfired from the hill like he did.

  3. I won’t deny that he did well, but I really wonder how much damage he would have done on that position if he didn’t shoot that much gold ammo.
    That’s what bothers me the most in high tier battles. Whenever there is a heavy tank that is hiding his weakspots, people can simply load a way stronger ammo that can easily penetrate the hard parts of a tank. And unfortunately, most people do so. Whenever I try to have a good game in my E100 without shooting gold, I end up with less than 1.5k damage. Yeah, I’m not good at that tank, but I lose 80% of my health due to gold ammo shooting right through my angled turret front and only 20% due to enemy flanking or pushing.

  4. hi QB, I upload my replay with Obj 430, but from some reason, when I sort all replays by experience, my replay is missing. please check that. 1738 base XP http://wotreplays.eu/site/4665592#serene_coast-johnyfencer-object_430

  5. Alexander the Great

    Eventually normal users which never shot prem ammo or shot them in small ammounts, like me will leave the game and the situation will remain in the hands of those prem ammo users which shot 30-40 prem ammo to each other penning mostly every time, denying the purpose of armor. This will be the ultimate balance for the game, premium ammo will become the first choice and no one will ever complain about gold ammo since you’re expexted to penetrate but also expecting to be penetrated.
    I should also add that you’ll be firing most of your shells into premium firing bots, and by bots I mean artificial players because your regular free to play user has already left the game..
    And this game will become a shittier version of war thunder in my opinion

  6. WG needs to make all maps 9×9 or 4×4

  7. And this is why we don’t play this game anymore. People spamming HEAT on everything. It’s like playing arty, point and click.

  8. Gold spamming tosspot and as for the “every body the same tier” doesnt that mean the players would have to actually have skill to win a battle?

  9. 1. i would like to see his performence without gold ammo.
    2. i would like to see his performens without his mates hwo hold the enemys under pressur.
    3. i would like to see his performens if he get under pressur from 3 sides and no cover to go.

    Sorry but for me its just a gold spamming LOW BOB hwo use gold ammo as it will have no tomorrow and also he got the luck that his team hold the enemy under pressur so they could not focus on him.

    Nothing special, same as this shit ELC EVEN 90 or T 50 2 that spot you from one side and another enemy from the opposed side and no matter what direktion you will shot one of this bastards just wait that you aim in the other direction.

    Or the Heros that leave there place wehre they camped all the time til its just arty left, then they find the W key again and become “Heros” against a save victim

    These guys are so disgusting and even they think , he look at me, what im for a good player.

    For me just LOW BOBs, NO honor, No Balls and finaly NO Skill.
    They drive OP tanks, spam gold and got the lucky moment that the team do the danger work for him.

  10. The number of players is decreasing. Wargamming is a for profit company. The remaining players want new better tanks. Every new set of tanks has more armor and fewer weak points. Their guns have lower pen, but more alpha. Add in reusable repair kits and premium consumables, Wargamming are squeezing every dime out of the remaining players.

  11. Seems his gold round has higher average damage too ^^

  12. Disgusting replay. “Skill-based” btw.

  13. A wz 5a firing heat at 10 enemy tanks taking 0 damage hitting every round what a surprise!

  14. QB how about you show a replay of someone not in top tier op tank and not firing nearly full gold pls

  15. The best solution to the tier 9/10 problem is to give them bigger maps, longer view and render ranges, and buff long range accuracy across most of these tanks – maybe increase aim time but decrease dispersion to keep the gun handling similar to what it is now.

  16. Wow, he rape the ennemy team ! lol I don’t have enough tiers 10 to say how is the best. But i like Obj 140…

  17. While his map awareness, reactions etc is obviously good I come to think about terms like “shooting fish in a barrel” or something about zombies. But as you say, all things gone right. It is just that a lot of people would not make the most of it maybe, like he did. Monster game.

  18. hi QB, u have new mods pack for ?

  19. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    YES! YES! YES!
    This game needs bigger maps. That is what this game needs. Grand battles size maps.

  20. WoT employee: Thank you for bringing this to our attention Quackybaby..rest assured the WZ-111-5A will soon be “adjusted”. Only RU tanks are allowed to be so dominant.

  21. 5a is definitely the best heavy in good hands, but 430u is definitely the best tier10 ever

  22. Please, please, please, please stop saying “so on and so forth”, please!

  23. OP tank with Prem rounds = skill. Bad accuracy? Doesn’t miss much for a heavy tank. Quickybaby more replays of the old tanks please, especially the ones that are crap and not idiot proof.

  24. Every great success in WoT is – at least partly – the result of the enemy failure. In this particular case, the enemy failed to counter his position, which usually happens when people know how to read their minimap and act accordingly.

  25. Typical QB this has been featured on a number of other channels weeks ago

  26. Gold noob..

  27. The highest damage i’ve ever seen was in the veeeeeery old days. My team had a 3 maus toon and a WT E 100 on the enemy team did 16k damage because the 3 maus were a bit “potatoes” and WT just farmed them. D:

  28. I am glad that i dont play this game anymore.Just press button 2 and lets fucking go.

  29. You guys just look at damage not the skill, I admit it’s really cool to see someone do this good, I certainly can’t do it but there was no opponent pressuring him to back up, he didn’t have a flank that presented a real threat to him, the premium rounds allowed him to stay in position and not need to create a new flank or pull back for some TD support or lure them out for artillery rounds, sat, he spammed, I’m not against gold but only when it’s used to go through armor that AP normally wouldn’t like the type-5 or maus or E-100 and such but he had side TURRET armor to exploit and he didn’t start using regular until most of the tanks were within 1 shot, and his team got obliterated preventing those tanks from advancing towards his position, I don’t get why so many people defend using a round that only few can use. Yes I’m speaking from the point of view of someone who get gold rounded 90 percent of the time but I’ve played WOT for the better part of two years and I know not all tanks well but I do know my tanks and position them expecting regular rounds but only my E-100 stands a chance of bouncing them, I mostly play TD so when blue lasers fly every where it immediately puts me on the defensive and miss opportunities to help teammates cause a fucking heavy is waiting for me to pop up.

  30. Obj. 907….

  31. now we gonna see ppl drowning on derpingberg, o no it’s already happening

  32. All of you arguing about ‘gold spam and so on.. more then 1000 comments blablabla..
    If it is like that, then go and do 15k dmg with ‘gold’ round… and post it..

  33. Honestly, there are so many things wrong with this game I’m surprised you guys are still playing it.
    Don’t. I quit and haven’t been playing for good year+ now. You can do it too!

  34. With gold ammo is so easy :/

  35. My garage os full of tier 10s and I don’t even play them. I’ve always disliked the overall dynamics of tier 10 battles.

  36. The uses of hes rounds could be better the spaming gold

  37. He made the gold rounds count, im happy.

  38. Excellent play..although I wonder what the enemy team was thinking going this easy to the slaughterbank

  39. This was just seal clubbing … No point in showing us how good damage he can make when opposing team is useless and all standing in the open for him to shoot … Every player wants that situation…

  40. Like the way he can just snap to every target without seeming to aim

  41. modpack 1.3 please 🙂

  42. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    No heat spam replays should ever make ot to this channel

  43. QB I have learned from all these clips that in WOT are really 2 types of players: one type is the one presented here (gold God) and the other type is the normal one which maybe will use a premium account if he/she can afford it. The first type shouldn’t even be on these clips as the skills are debatable. When you pick out and just shoot having a chance if at least 60-70% to pen when you use the premium ammunition I can hardly believe that too much skill is involved. As well all these battles are subjective to a specific situation as you presented here and maybe you have a chance like this in 1000 games or so I believe are not the ones to be taken in consideration. Yes, 14K is a lot, but I would like to see that in today’s WoT using standard ammunition not premium one. That would be real skill!

  44. That accuracy tho… This never happens to me, no matter how long and good i aim, my shots most of the time hit the extremes of the aiming circle.

  45. He really does have more premium rounds and anything other….stupid player….everyone is playing with prem. rounds its so stupid 🙁 and he actually isn’t playing that much…he stops at the best position for this tank and just shoots,which can be done by any nutless monkey

  46. What a game. Farming DMG like a boss. I personally did 10 029 DMG with my E3 while ago 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAUJKyqGg-c

  47. I’d want a tank made of whatever steel that player’s balls are made of. I would never make a power play like that, especially with almost no one going to the east side to check on that hill. I’d be dead 99 times out of 100. Hell, he barely made it out himself at 250~ HP!

  48. All this game is is dumb utter luck.
    The fact that the enemy team merely sat in the open is a 1 in a thousand chance.
    Most games, they just point their gun at you, charge your position and lock you down.

  49. show case a tank with auto pen whilst the enemy doesnt.. SHame Shame Shame… 3.50 “has he failed to pen a shot yet” QB says.. duh no hes hitting the 2 key ignore all armour and thats why wot is dying hard…

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