HIGHEST DAMAGE of 2019 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today El Chingon is going to smash the highest damage of 2019 in World of Tanks using the M48A5 Patton!


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  1. My highest damage is 5.3k and 5 kills in a SU-130PM

  2. 5k damage in a bottom tier O-I

  3. Tbh not a lot of skill in this replay. Just got really lucky with enemies caught out at the wrong times that didn’t bother much at shooting back. Not saying he’s not a great player but he didn’t have to be

  4. This makes me proud that this was my first tier 10. The tank i got my highest damage game of like 7.6k dmg And that im on my way to 3 marking it
    USA! USA! USA!

  5. Виктор Радујко


  6. Imagine if he’d have caused damage to the 277 at the start
    Oh boy

  7. 8.1k with 5k blocked in the AE Phase 1 in sept

  8. 9:48 poor Quackybaby……He already used all of his HEAT shells and only has APCR and HE left. Jingles fever seems to be spreading quite quickly this year. Maybe by next year there will be a vaccine.

  9. Amazing game, looks like he could also have gotten 1-2k more if he played a little bit better in the first minutes.

  10. LGEND…. that clan is Roumanian. He might be roumanian as well.

  11. Around 6000 with Scorpion G

  12. Crazy…. I do usually up to 7K ? the best ever is about 7.2 with Cent 7/1… time to start playing tier X meds 😉

  13. *Ahem* watch LuckyLeopards vid

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  15. 9k in my t57 heavy

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  17. How about the best high caliber of 2019 that isn’t pay2win?

    • What do you mean “the best”? Isn’t the highest damage the best high caliber? (In reality FV4005 did +15k damage but I think QB missed that replay.)

  18. But only 1857 Base XP ???

  19. It is so crazy how the enemy is absolutely unable to penetrate ElChingon… Gotta have that extra luck for games like this.

  20. Well I did almost half that much in a T95 a month ago. 😀 I was proud of my 6,886 damage. I penned with HE twice and the JagTiger on the other team sent hate mail because I stole his high caliber. He only did 5,500 :D. Needless to say, big yolo on both sides of the map, my goodness.

  21. Something around 7k with strv s1

  22. 7,000 damage I think :p may have been in the conqueror or the chieftain

  23. Why your graphic is not that good?

  24. just crazy ! amazing gameplay from him really !! thx for the sharing !

  25. Thats a lot of gold rounds for a high caliber …

  26. Cant remember my top dmg right now but it definetly was not 14k. Holy shit.

  27. Brillant game. You are a star. I love all your stream and video you do. Carry on the super work you do. Thanks

  28. I’m surprised he could have easily done more at the start of the game! Also I would expect the highest damage game to have a series of ammorack explosions of Mauses and Type 5 Heavies plus the normal damage someone does in the very best game.

  29. My best damage game so far this year was 8k in my Object 268. NOT the version 4.

  30. Kills half the enemy team, gets the highest damage done this year…

    >barely makes money if he pays extra, or has to loose money. wot 10/10

  31. highest dmg: Strv S1 –> 5,8k

  32. oh boy he was not letting this gun cool down. what a monster game. there should be a medal for doing over 10k dmg in my opinion.

  33. gold Pahahaha go play arty

  34. This is from ;Best replays of the week#” Wargaming chanel… Gj..

  35. Nobody:
    Quickybaby’s hairstyle against the black background while reviewing the post game stats: IT’S DISCO TIME!

  36. Good battle. But not the highest damage in 2019. Just the highest damage uploaded. I saw several battles where one ally or enemy had more than 15k

  37. HELLO ! QB, can you do a little analysis if the regular player wants to reach tier 10.What kind of regular tank trees should be avoided, On paper it looks like WZ 1115A good but regular player its regular ammo, it no longer works This is clearly a WG-spoiled tank, looking Best wg players then no one wants to use the WZ1115A tank. Everybody says it’s good so good ,, but somehow just regular player this tank doesn’t work.Turret gets stuck as put face to face IS7. 200 battles, and 80% of them WZ1115A ammorack is broken after one enemy shot every time .Let’s count on you QB 🙂 gl.

  38. i have 4700 dam 🙂 with WZ1115A FREE player frustrating WOT 🙂 36% winrate TOP heavy lose gredits all time -10 000 – 30 000 !!! with regular ammo !

  39. My highest damage in the game is 8095 with the FV215b.

  40. My highest dmg done was 6935. But seeing this game, my moral went up, so quckybaby i hope you will be seeing me shortly ina few weeks ???

  41. romanian player . Great job ,congrats !!

  42. Suggestion for a future video: how to install and use the mod for the “free cam” that you often use in replays. It can be very useful to explore and better understand maps and improve the game. But there is no much documentation around, and it is old.

  43. QB can you try playing Tank Mechanic Simulator?

  44. Whats even more hilarious is that doing the motherload of all damage is not enough to come out in profit if you are not runing a premium account :D. O you did nearly 15k dmg ? Okay you own us around 50k credits 😀

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