Highest DpM in World of Tanks… the Tortoise

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks Ó . Today I’m showcasing the T9 British tank destroyer, theTortoise, which holds the title of highest damage per minute in World of Tanks.

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  1. Tortoise or T95 aka doom turtle? which one should I get?

  2. More dpm than all the tier ten lights combined

  3. akhan1028115 rules

    damn brits with their high dpm

  4. most times, def team is attacking, thats the real problem

  5. that line should end with a tier tortoise apcr

  6. DPM would be much more important if my teams survived beyond the second minute.

  7. I love this tank! By that, meaning my Maus loves this tank! Especially with the armour and HP buff’s, this thing laughs at the Tortoise. I genuinely leave them as the last tank alive if I have choices just because of how much more blocked damage I receive.

  8. Hey qb when you had 4K games was your winrate 50%?

    Asking for a friend heheh

  9. Love the fact you got patrol duty in a slow TD, I’ve done the same in my E3 several times from that same spot. The E3 is great, eats the tortoise for breakfast, shells bounce off the front like superman’s chest, it’s even better than my E100 for making opponents scurry for cover. Down side of the E3 is it has the same weakness with the cupola and no turret.

  10. What’s up with the 720p max video quality? It always was 1080p a couple of videos ago..

  11. wow. Oh to have that kind of skill. Well done QB.

  12. even though the tortoise has those weak points wargaming thought itd be a good idea to nerf the superstructure of the tank like why it makes no sense to it already gets penned super easily

  13. *talks about a british tank*
    – Cup of tea

    I see what you did there, QB

  14. Fabian Breidenbach

    The question now is: Is QuickyBaby a noob? “The frontal weakspot on the front is the capoola” dude the frontal weakspot of the Tortoise is the Front! Every Tier 8+ Vehicle can penn it frontally with ap

  15. This map is so simple and obvious to defend and people still fail to grasp it, quite crazy actually… Perfect strategy for your team. Similarly people cannot grasp that you should NOT attack from the west… The river is such a choke point and makes it so easy to defend… But heavies believe they may only use the west and TDs believe they may only use G1… So obvious how to play assault on Erlenberg, yet so few get it… Sigh. Nice video!

  16. why does quickybabies damage delt panel say the tanks are dead…when they are not! that bugs me…

  17. Tortoise has sh*t armour!

  18. I love Qb random” i enjoy these tank and here’s why” videos, but damn, maybe that ridiculous amount of detail at the beginning was deep or too deep? nice game bud

  19. stop encouraging people to play in this position. It is shit, you cannot support, can’t slot or damage. you rely on having a team that collapses to do anythin. you did this in the tiger p saying you ‘locked down the map’ and spotted 1 person who you missed until they were point blank.

  20. This is why I have my AT-15A for. It plays very similar, though it has a low alpha high rof gun.

  21. The Conway is the 4004 not 4005 that is the stage 2

  22. That T34/100 doe xD

  23. i got a high damage game in the tortoise where to send the replay

  24. I kill those all day with my jagdtiger

  25. Groovy House Gaming


  26. fuck yeah, a39 gameplay thumps up, quickybaby

  27. All lies we know that the Toldi has the highest DPM

  28. much speck man …..:-) 🙂 🙂 :-)!

  29. QB be real. The armor on the Tort is bad in more than one small weakspot. 1/3 of the front is butter.

  30. Quickybaby, do you play generals???

  31. Highest DPM in the game but other than that completely obsolete in the current game meta. The huge cupola makes this tank an easy target for anyone as does the slow speed and low mobility.

    Unfortunately the only worthwhile TD in this whole line is the T10 one and the AT-2, both for the lols. The rest is not worth the time and effort.

  32. Why do my teams always ignore right side of the map when i have to defend on this map?

  33. QB upload only this week for the new Opel ?

  34. wow good game wish i was as good as you

  35. the cupola its to weak… it would be better if the cupola would have get a buff with 10-20mm armor… or make it smaller

  36. If i have the T49 right now, will i get the bulldog for free in the next patch?

  37. Quicky can you please explain why your mod pack is not working in game? When I say not working, you are unable to look at the tech tree or your research for tanks as it freezes the game needing you to restart it. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I have asked but you never seem to respond.

  38. “The quickest amount of fashion” – Best English Award 2017

  39. “point 3.1 accurcy my back side”

  40. I agree with qb about the way to def on erlenburg. I don’t understand why def team sometime lemming to west and dead instead of heavy defense on east side that the base set on here and don’t let the attacker cross those 3 bridges.

  41. I would pay real money to get spawned defending on Erlenberg in the Tortoise. When I play it, I get Malinovka and “Fiery Salient” for the most part, where SPG’s and fast mediums will get you long before you can push for any advantage. The fact the cupola is made of pinata-filler doesn’t help either.

  42. Well the armor armor of the Tortise is useless in Tier 10 when I penetrate its armor in the front where is it much thicker.
    Every shot penetrated the slow TD.
    I may ask you are the tanks unrealistic or are the shell’s

  43. high dpm or not its crap I sold mine. The real tortoise is a fucking fortress but the wot tortoise gets penetrated by everything.

  44. i like it because it’s a real tank!

    The poms built a few and even sent one to Germany after ww2

  45. Ionut676767 Ionescu676767

    yes,very nice against tier 7-8…….against tier 10….hmmm…canon meat…

  46. One of the worst parts of this game… coppola shooting. I know it is an arcade game, but geez just a tiny bit of realism would be ok.

  47. That cupola needs a buff, its made of butter..

  48. With all due respect.. it’s great showcase of why Tortoise is actually a trash.

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