Highest DpM in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Badger sports the title of the highest DpM in World of Tanks. Woe upon anyone who sits in front of this wild beast!


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  1. Love your video and so does everyone like if you agree

  2. Badger suffers horrendously from being spammed with premium rounds.

  3. Oof, that is why I call people below 2k wn8 bots… Like seriously, badger didn’t even *try* to hide his lower plate. Didn’t even make an attempt to wiggle, so the 260 might hit tracks for 0 or anything. And he bounced *EVERY* single shot… While he could at least take half of badger’s HP…

  4. Has a player that uses the badger often, I have some advice. Forget the fire extinguisher and bring 2 repair kits!

  5. Ludacris called back finally….?

  6. I loved this tank line. Tortoise is even more fun, but of course you will fight t10 tanks 90% of your time in it…

  7. *_”You can’t pause online games, MoM!!”_*

    (unless it’s minecraft? lulz, get gud & get outta ma room, eh) rip

  8. I still feel since the things done in WoWs they really do need to update WoT when it comes to “6th Sense”, in how it’s a “Zero Skill” commander perk that all tankers get for free…. that they don’t get for free…. ? That doesn’t stay lit for as long as while spotted as it does per its function, past the issue of being a ‘past tense’ ability. #Someday

    (likely at some point after they “fix” gold ammo? lulz rip)

  9. doesnt you see the new article quickybaby?about wot rebalancing prem shell

  10. ludicrous outrageous QB’s favorites words

  11. I have my E25 up to 3,400 dpm…

  12. t62a could have won with a cap, no one could have gotten back in time..

  13. The badger is practically a STuG IIIG at tier X

  14. I absolutely love my tortoise and I have the badger unlocked. I’m a fan if the nigh gold-proof front hull and dpm, but idk about the gun arc and lower plate making it hard to bounce in mid-range scenarios not on a ridge, something a tort can do amazingly bc it doesn’t have a lower plate

  15. How did the 260 player get his tank… he was sooooo bad!

  16. Im sure you wont notice but think of this. Make damage cumulative , if you shoot the same part of the tank multiple times you eventually destroy that part.

  17. Are you kidding? the new skins are ridiculous. They aren’t unique at all everyone has them. I would rather just have new camo that I can use to actually customize my vehicle. This new concept of “styles” is stupid!

  18. It looks like a big stug

  19. Tbh, hearing “even though Matt was not using premium account, still makes a profit” is so sad. It is like making a profit without premium account is rarest thing in WoT. That credit boost that made him a profit. It was one of the best carry but still not enough to make a profit because he didn’t have a premium account.

  20. First two detracks were lucky and undeserved. That guy just got really lucky 😐

  21. He did 11800 dmg and 9 kills and the badger in the other team 0 kill and 0 dmg…Welcome in wot! lol

  22. 1.3 modpack pls

  23. StopAskingYoutube I'mNotChangingMyName

    13k profit with 11k damage in tier 10. NIce game WG

  24. @Quickybaby hahahahahaha! You say you feel like one of your followers after watching this replay. I feel like that after watching almost every one of the community contributor replays/videos, just to suck completely in which ever tank that was showcased! Every afternoon, after work I get some motivation to play WoT by watching some pro players replay and think: “Yeah! Let’s do this!” and 3-4 games in….nope, let me grind my tier 6, 7 and 8 tanks rather… Great replay, great channel. Would you like to comment on the “press release” of 2019 improvements coming to WoT soon?

  25. mushroom mushroom

  26. Badger don’t give a damn


  28. Give that man a premium account for a month QB.

  29. Hey quickybaby have you seen the changes for 2019?! As a complete free to play noob these seem wonderful.

  30. I almost feel that the last few replays have showed that client side mods are quite the advantage. The last 3 replays at least have showed people shooting through destructible cover without an outline of a tank. I thought the mod that removes all the destructible cover and bushes was a No no.

  31. what mods would you recommend for a new player if any at all?

  32. Great playing. Was fun to watch.

  33. you should have gave him a gift of prem acc for new years and for a good game, cmon man

  34. The badger was the most regrettable tierX I ever spent money on. Somehow its just worse than the tortoise My tortoise is the go to TD for any of the TD missions even some of the ones where you cant be spotted. It just shits on the badger. If the badger was able to pen anything at more than 1mtr away it might be a useful tank but its just awful, even worse than the T54E1

  35. No, you really don’t want to mess with a badger in close combat 😀

  36. QuickyBaby, WG just addressed changes with most of your suggestions on your last vid. In Behalf of the WoT community outside russian servers, a massive thank you! We appreciate you for standing up for your love for the game and empathy for us regular players. A lot of the best community contributors have given up on changing WG perspective on profits versus the community but you are still here with the few and continue to represent us. My words may have little bearing for all the time and effort you have done for us (or be lost in the loads of comments you’ve been getting recently) but i just want you to know that we’ll never be enjoying pixel tanks over the internet without you and your terrible content. Merry Christmas QB!

  37. 7:04 ….ugh, its always that but on the other side, for me.

    *_(yelling)_* “DAAAAAAAAD!!! IIII’MMM HUUUUUUUNGRYYYYY!!! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE ME FOOOOOOOD!?!?……I KNOW WE JUUST HAD FOOD BUT I’M….oh, you died in your game?” *_(in angelic voice)_* “Never mind, Father. After the slightest introspection, I realized that I was mistaken and actually just had an itch on my leg. Silly me. I do hope I didn’t inconvenience you in any way, PAPA. I love you, Daddy…but…..why do you seem annoyed, Father?”

    …..rinse and repeat every match.

    (maybe that was an exaggeration but it seems that way to me, at times)

  38. Makes me want to play the badger too, but it’s probably not going to go very well lol

  39. Nice reply, all same tier and showing skill and knowledge. Do not understand what that Obj 260 was doing, made no sense from someone who must have a been a good player to get the tank.

  40. Good Morning QB! What you say abbaut restarting review on tanks,there are a lot of changes and some reviews are obsolete. Start with line of IS 4,ST 1,KV 4,etc. Then another line,E 100,from tier 10 to 5 or 1,how you wish. I am courious abbaut performances,reality and comparison with tanks from 2018/19.

  41. Just more gold spanning

  42. Have you ever wondered about showing replays about SH battles? I think it would be cool!

  43. Hey guys is there any news on when this tank will come to consoles ?? Cheers

  44. I Saw this reply 2 hours before He uploaded it…

  45. Quickybaby I am a wot player on PS4 who is 14 years old and I have just got my first tier ten tank which was the waffen trager E100. since it was on console it was never nerfed and just left in the game. It has taken me 3 years to get it and I was wondering if you can shout me out in your next video as this is a big accomplishment to me. Plz keep up the good work I love watching all your videos <3 <3

  46. Good job Matt

  47. Good job to CrazyMatt. The Badger isn’t an easy TD to play because it’s armor isn’t as good as it says. Large caliber HE and premium rounds cut right through its superstructure. Also to point out, the Badger only has the highest DPM in the game by 10-11 Damage Per minute over the Tortoise. It also has a slower reload by almost 2 full seconds. With BIA, Standard Vents and Rammer plus food and the Orderly Ammo rack Directive the Badger only has 10 DPM more than a Tortoise with the same load out and only 11 more DPM with Improved Vents, Rammer, Orderly Ammo Rack and Food to a Tortoise with the same setup. So it’s not the King of DPM by much. I do like my Badger but I still feel the Tortoise is a better TD as it has better HE resistance, faster reload and larger gun arc.

  48. good job nice

  49. When in doubt, *TEA*

  50. While “minmax” is a Game Theory term, it doesn’t mean what you think it means, not in any of the places where you used it.

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