HIGHEST EXP of 2022 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today _G4BR1EL_ is going to get the most EXP of 2022 in World of Tanks!
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  1. awesome vid, ur the one i got back into the game for quacks love u lots, im also a huge supporter of cancer research so thankyou so much

  2. I’m not joking, 10 minutes before this video came out i watched the Most exp of 2020 WOT by Quickybaby which was a KV-2

  3. XP is weird… Had 7k damage 2 kills T92 arty game on console and I didn’t get an ace tanker. Next game was 5k and 4 kills with 36 more XP from the previous battle and it gave me the ace. Yes; 7,000 damage in artillery is still possible in WoT console. Crazy stuff.

  4. How can I send you a video where is your website?

  5. QB!….I dont think thats how you pronounce that persons name…Gabrielle is a girls name, which is what your saying. Gabriel, is a guys name and pronounced different.

  6. 703 V2 – highest xp for me.

  7. My stat page says my EXP record is 2152, but I have no idea how/when I did that. I would imagine that was in a fairly low-level tank. Maybe a SU-100.

  8. ooft, a light tank should not be able to go through the thickest armour

  9. My exp record is 3 051 on Super Pershing in back days

  10. What the heck. Great game but then just also not receiving damage! Flawless game from them

  11. screw that highest EXP, do 10k damage, 11 kills…how this Borat finish the game without receiving a single damage?


  12. Another goldspammer

  13. hello mate ive started watching you years and years ago also loved your video I hope you have a great Christmas!

  14. Little devil, bigger brother of elc even but more powerful

  15. WhouaaAA! I learned a lot today with that Monster masterclass game! MERCI !


    Somehow t28 prototype is my best with like 2015 xp

  17. My highest is 2536 in Amx 1357 in a tier 9 battle a few years ago. Crazy battle with the borrat

  18. Bourrasque prem rounds are relatively cheap for the alpha, 4,400 credits for 360, Progetto has the same cost but for 240 alpha, tier 10 Russian meds pay more for their 320 alpha heat shells so there really is no reason not to fire premium ammo in the Bourrasque most of the time as that extra cost is probably absorbed by the more shots you will likely pen as the standard shells still cost 780 credits. I mean if you want to really min/max your credit earning but you’ll make big profits still with full prem ammo.

    Some tanks just have really cost effective premium rounds, like E100 is 6k credits for 750 alpha HEAT, T110E3/E4 is 5600 credits for 375 pen ACPR with 750 alpha.

  19. Of course you don’t have to aim at the weak spot of an AT7 when you got it’s back. Jingles, is that you?!

  20. ehh ofc it is this bullcrap of a tank…

  21. Well no wonder my highest XP is in the Churchill III with 2463 – Next up is the Chinese IS-2 with 2457.

  22. *remembers we had a replay where one guy killed the entire enemy team*
    how is this higher? did he kill two teams?

  23. Apparently i have highest xp of 2226 but dont remember how or when?

  24. My brother perminantly got the obj. 283 in the 2. Try

  25. My highest exp game was in an AT 2, was around 2000 base
    That tank just feels filthy when it gets into a tier 5 game

  26. sad to see one of the most overpowerd premiums here with full gold…

  27. Must be cheating. Borat does not even have APs.

  28. Better camo and mobility than a LT, better gun than HT.
    It’s a MT.
    (LT+HT)/2=MT. Makes perfectly sense.

  29. ok and what is most xp in non premium tank? 😀

  30. Well done. I also achieved 3 Gunmarks on my Borat (66% Winrate) and it waas a hell of a ride. My most Exp was about 2200 base with 13k Combined at Tier 10, dealing over 6k damage. But i never had this Luck he had in this epic match. It was not a really high skill game (in my opinion) , just insane luck an stupid enemys 😀

  31. My highest experience game was 1719 base, 5387 damage and 8 kills in my Centurion 1 on Himmelsdorf of all maps. It was definitely my best game this year and in my whole time playing this game and I’ve never had a game go better for me since. I uploaded it on wot replays at the start of this year.

  32. My highest experience game title holds Tiger II with 2.2k base experience.

  33. Well spent gold to kick puppies around

  34. You can buy it for credits, everybody can fire Gold if they want. Even if there are free to play???

  35. Im Not going to watch. This is Gold only, no thanks sir

  36. And me, I bounce off anything sides of tanks and bounce of arties. Many times…

  37. gold spamming in an OP premium… yawn

  38. you’re a millionaire, why are you asking for money from regular people instead of donating by yourself, privately? doing charity in public is marketing for yourself

  39. @Obi-Wlan Kenobi are u really that limited? If u shoot gold u earn less credits and that is a problem for f2p players. This and other replays like it are just pathetic, full gold, top tier, playing in already op tank with food and all the goods, it is just nothing special

  40. 2967 in a Charioteer and I didn’t think to post it…

  41. i like how rest of the team was camping all game long while this guy actually tried to play a game

  42. “No hit run” on top of highest damage. Insane. Brilliant game!

  43. Gabrielle brought you a message from God; “You will die, but it will be very easy and painless”
    Is2s, St.Emil and T25 At; “Did God send us a message too?”
    Gabrielle: “Wait, your turn will come too”

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