Highest Premium Alpha Damage in World of Tanks | New ISU-152K Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks ISU-152K (ИСУ-152К), New Tier 8 Premium Tank . World of Tanks ИСУ-152К, New USSR Tank Destroyer, The Highest Alpha Damage, The Best Premium Tank?

About 2 months ago I showed you this beast the first time, not knowing where it is going to end up being. But now we know, that this tank is our newest tier 8 in this game with one special feature… This is the only premium tank with 750 alpha damage 286mm of penetration. Which makes this alpha damage the highest on any premium tank in this game! 🙂

Let’s take a look!


  1. Finally even more OP bias Rashan shit in this proRashan Game!

  2. It’s like WG forget the rest of the world exists. Every tank that comes out is Russian. 17:32 It’s ok I rolled for 685 with the gold on my JP E100. I also bounced on a wheelie but let’s ignore that one.

  3. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Skorpion G has worse gun handling than this ISU-152k. The turret dispersion is the same: 0.15 even this vehicle having 152mm gun and Skorpion having a 128mm. This is the sense of balancing of Wargaming.

  4. Tomáš Chochola

    Nice bullshit russian gun… Rhm gun compare to this is just a joke

  5. Why do you people still play the game with so much crap thrown at you by a greedy developer.

  6. Pff my kv2r disappoint lol

  7. disappointed there isnt a t8 premium with the BL-10

  8. Justinas Duklys

    Please dont say Russia…. thats so lame

  9. So much praise and excitment over a premium tank. I wonder whose interests are served here and who benefits from it 😉
    Anyone remember Lance Armstrong
    July 2004: “We’re sick and tired of these allegations and we’re going to do everything we can to fight them. They’re absolutely untrue.”

  10. World of Drunks - Best WOT Replays

    WG removed gun from ISU-152 because it was so OP. They introduced a new Premium Russian tank with this gun. OMG WG….!!!! You really SUCK… 😕😕😕

  11. Hi Dez, I have a pretty cool Pantera replay that you might like. How do I send it to you?


    I just want to say that KV-2R is in the game for sime time and it has the same alpha so our KV had always been the queen of alpha DAMAGE!

  13. one weakness of that tank is low ammo capacity..

  14. WG: How to make $ 101. Take an existing Russian TD, slide in a bigggg mudder fking gun, detune it a tad, and add a log on the back. Release to WoT community and …….. drum roll please ….. Kaching license to print money. 🤪 IGN Ranork, server ASIA

  15. why exactly do we need this? xD

  16. Cant wait to get my hand one one of those tanks.. Im a TD player and loves the big Alpha cannons 🙂

  17. I warm to buy it

  18. Razvan Partebuna

    If you look at the big penetration, tier 8 UDES TD have 280mm
    Another sexy video from a sexy BEAST. When i came to you tube i had 3 ISU152K tank prewiews and i choosed yours because you ,,charm,, XD

  19. Well, lool… This is WG so everyone was expecting this shit. Kuddos to them for waiting this long to add it.
    Meh, what is next? Rusky arty auto-loader?

  20. This is disgusting… First they nerf the standard one because it’s overpowered and now this? I have no words….

  21. I already know. It is same op then isu-152. It same like 252u and defender

  22. Why is it not double barrel?

  23. Patata Caliente

    The raw damage of the gun is mindboggling. Still, I am not sure if the tank is gamebreaking even at Tier VIII – many things have changed, such as the HP increase of Tier VI tanks and the much increased speed of the meta. We’ll see soon enough, because gamebreaking or not, Wargaming will release it anyway like they always do.

  24. What a beast

  25. Dez, what’s the point of hiding name while you are CC? 🙂 what’s the point of your nickname if nobody can recognize you?

  26. uebleis99 uebleis99

    Obj. 703 II???? more alpha

  27. Davor Damjanović

    from 1st time I heard they will remove bl10 from isu 152 I was sad… And I had a feeling that they will do this…

  28. Play ISU-152
    Go to the front with heavy tanks
    Wait enemies to expose
    Shoot at lower front plate with AP (or sides)
    = Profit

    Only shoot HE at hulldown monsters or super heavies

    -> atleast 2K DMG, no try harding

    Edit: Don’t play passive, don’t camp, use its DPM to fullest extend

  29. Solaire of Astora

    Same shit as KV2 R…. Why would you buy tech tree tank????

  30. Nect wg p2w should be armror from type 5 heavy with fv-10lvl td gun and shouldnbe 8 lvl tank

  31. Celestino Natale

    The community should work together on this and not buy the ISU-152K.

  32. obj 703 II salvoshooting am i an joke to you ?? 780 alpha cyka!!!

  33. I see it at the Asia Premium shop but not on EU? Will it come later?

  34. Does it go 60 aswell, cc’s selling this for wg makes me puke due to the state of this game. Such a shame

  35. Omg this tank.
    I loved it black in the old days

  36. dezgamez forget about isu 130 …… 🙁

  37. Tank what i would need to this game is an Full auto 30mm radar locking capabilities premium tank.

  38. People talk about new balance changes, matchmaking, new maps… NO! The year wargaming doesnt release a new premium tank is the year i get excited about this game again.

  39. now
    I understand where to use bounty equipment

  40. Now give it an autoloader a turret and more armor

  41. The God Of Games

    Challange for you: 3 mark this premium tank on streams ^-^

  42. There’s no Russian bias in the game. We love well balanced Russian premiums. Yes it’s balanced. We took it away from another Russian tank. Balanced

  43. Jesus of Nazareth

    If u want 750 alpha in tier 8 whit 50% camo and 2 seconds aim. Buy rhm whit derp gun gg.

  44. WG clearly sick of the 15-0 game meta. Who is gonna want to try finish that off?

  45. Chris_The_Autotech

    Bounty is pronounced like bown-ty, hearing you call them booty made me laugh though lol

  46. HE only video when?

  47. forgot to edit out? 2:37 – 3:15 lol

  48. General Saufenberg

    i loved the good old isu 152 with the bl10 gun. i stopped playing the line, when they removed the trollish bl10.
    and wg fucked me again, with the other russian td line. finaly i unlocked the 263, i loved it at tier10, but then they kicked it down at tier9 for an even more op td, which i played a few times, then i stopped playing this td line to .. thx wg..

  49. Mathieu Pin Harry

    Obj 703 can roll higher than 750

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