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Source: Circonflexes

DOES NOT get any more derpy then this.



  1. Eeey!! First here! Glad to see more uploads here on YT. What are your thoughts on the tech tree change, Circon?
    The tech tree change is whatever, but my complain is the changes to the tanks. Especially the CLASS SWAP and TIER BUMPS.
    ▪︎ KV-1S being bumped to tier 6 while still having all the attributes of tier 5. KV-85 should’ve stayed on the tech tree and KV-1S as tier 5 Collector’s Vehicle.
    ▪︎ VK 30.01 (P) being swapped to a heavy tank completely destroys what used to be a great medium tank. Now it becomes a “heavy” with medium armor and can’t do its job.
    That and VK 30.01 (H) should have never have their classes swapped.
    ▪︎ Covenanter and Crusader being bumped to tier 5 and 6 and classed as Light Tanks are just completely unnecessary and super dumb. They should’ve stayed where they were.
    ▪︎ I would complain about BT-7 too, but that thing can actually serve well in tier 4 albeit with super small gun.

    • is this a new copypasta?

    • Exactly on the kv1s. Thought it was a tier 5, until I start seeing tier 8. And the gun is only the 160alpha and the HE cannon. And the HP buff but no extra ammo? My t67 with potential of 4500 dmg basically gets a big nerf. This is mean even though the tank itself is cheese.

    • @wellstang “My t67 with potential of 4500 dmg basically gets a big nerf. This is mean even though the tank itself is cheese.” Are… are you really complaining about the most OP seal clubber in the game getting a insubstatial nerf…

    • @wellstang then stop seal clubbing you lemming

    • Copypasta, but I totally agree. VK 30.01 (P) is now just an incapable HT.

  2. so… a tier 5 cromwell basically

  3. So glad the HE rework didn’t happen cus this is too funny

  4. Insane. EVERYONE was derping.

  5. WG buffed HP – players drove out in KV-2. Yesterday was in match with 4 KV-2 on our side, 5 on the enemy. World of derp.

  6. Hey Circon any tips to 3 mark the KV-5? I’m stuck on around 90% and sometimes the matchup or map just allows you to do very little.

  7. Saw this live yesterday, hilarious game.

  8. I like how WOT has now basically a new MINIGAME build into it after the 30sec timer which puts the Game on halt and lets everyone shoot small, wheeled vehicles for one minute to do some aimpractise and goes on with the real game after those are dead. Cool Feature!

  9. Derpwell better

  10. If inside the reticle, fire, no matter the bloom

  11. The Hellcat derp was the magic we don’t deserve but we need!

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I really love how slow the shell velocity of the British derp gun xD

  13. Got that one already on yesterday`s livestream. Real fun

  14. wtf i actually never seen this tank before??!!!!

  15. Am I the only one thinking that WG had the best opportunity to make a fast British med with good dpm so you actually have a tank making sense going to the fastest T6 med with the cavalier

  16. “why am I getting artied?” because you’re Circonflexes……….

  17. Remember having a match up like this in my SU, i think i one shot everything i came across, HE memes

  18. That was intense.

  19. Wtf that arc !?

  20. 5:36 looks like the water has boiled

  21. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    So much derp. I was in a game a while ago in the night with 8 KV-2 and a couple of O-I. That was funny af.

  22. Actually disgusting how long it took for that EBR to get taken out

  23. DERP is best!

  24. 6:50 I agree chat I too love Circon’s laugh

  25. This is where the fun begins 4:48

  26. The cruiser 2 (aka the true king of derp) is dead…gone but never forgotten 🙏

  27. Circ had me at ‘extreme golfing’. 🤣

  28. this gun, ammo arching mechanic looking from 1st/3rd person should be how arty actually play.

  29. toaster microphone

    4:06 ah that is why some people have the opinion of just removing derps in general


    Now the gun shall work, who needs a gunner with derp :3

  31. 6:20 It’s been years and that laugh still gets me every time.

  32. As an Andy, im kind of offended, but i guess they have to have SOME name…

  33. My IGN is Derp_to_the_Face and I approve of this game

  34. Alunita Inghinala

    Law & Order and Fishing Clash love your content, Circon!

  35. Am i the only one who thought that he was playing the cromwell?

  36. When I heard Circon laugh at 5:29, I was certain we have descended from the apes!

  37. wtf is a cavalier lol

  38. Like posting a parcel bomb!

  39. The game now is plagued by weekend and corona players with sub 2000 player ratings. Its sad actually. Yes you have the on the enemy team too. But you cant be expected to cary your whole team too.

  40. 🤣

  41. Plz send this to Jingels 😂

  42. The day you are able to kill an EBR with a derp-gun is the day you can think of retiring from the game and die happy….LOL

  43. I laughed way too hard at this battle.

  44. Jessie that gaymer

    Wait, did they remove the Crusader??

  45. Nice video but you all know what is going to happen next right?
    WG will for sure “rework the balance”of this gun.
    Once, not so long ago it was fitted in the Cruiser but yeah, it was to OP in their opinion so enjoy it while you can, it won’t be there for long……

  46. This game is a SCAM AND RIGGED

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