^^| Hilarious E75 Fight Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

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  1. First!

  2. E75 or t49?

  3. Poor little E75 :D

  4. could you please turn your mic up some its hard to hear you.the people you
    platoon with a way loder than you.

  5. You do know that your latest subscriber has a dutch name wich means cheap

  6. lol, nice platoon mates! Fucking campers! Thats what they get lol!

  7. That evil look at the camera when you realize your team has capped too fast
    I would not like to be the one who made the game end too soon !
    You can be pretty scary Circon !

  8. How would he know it’s not like he’s Dutch or something…. ow wait… he
    actually even mentioned that sub in the stream he said ‘that name

  9. Has anyone else been having trouble with Circon’s videos freezing for a few
    seconds lately? It seems like the video on every one freezes for a bit but
    the audio continues – the video then jumps forward to catch up to the audio
    and everything continues as normal.

  10. 5559555555999995595595599999555555555595555
    1.Highlight the numbers
    2.Press CTRL+F
    3.Press 9
    4.Read the Message :)

  11. Hallo YouTube!

  12. I’ve learned something in my time playing WoT….there are a TON of
    crybabies out there. “Gold noob.” “Well clicked” How about you just got
    outplayed by the game mechanics in play and live with it?

  13. Hate those suiciders, not a shred of honor.

    I always go down swinging, more fun for both sides.

  14. What’s up with the flags… They always change

  15. That latest Subscriber XDDDDD

  16. What new British line?

  17. Arty: hides better than tds, spots better than light tanks. Such balance.

    Still wish there was more punishment for the ones who scumbag at the end to
    deny a kill. 

  18. i shoot prem ammo under enemy tanks and i do like 500 dmg each , srsly try
    this XD 

  19. Whahahahaha, That latest sub was called goedkope hoer, which in english
    means: cheap bitch :D

  20. Circon I’d donate ten dollars to you if you could go a whole stream without
    complaining about artillery. Love watching you, but literally 16 seconds
    into a video you are QQing about it. Come on dawg. 

  21. Latest Sub:


  22. Quit screaming!!!!!!

  23. Tank without guns in WoT should be like a heavier E50/M that goes slightly
    faster with 3k~ HP, purely for ramming.

  24. uh… E75? Do you mean T49? :p

  25. Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff

    cuz Fak aiming

  26. When are these guys gonna stop bitching about artillery and just learn to
    play against it? I find it incredible that players this good can’t figure
    out how to play arty safe. If arty was actually as effective as other
    classes in the game, it would have had a severely negative effect on their
    stats and overall efficiency.

  27. Rude kunt

  28. dat arty shot tho

  29. Latest Sub: Goedkope Hoer…..

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