Hill Doesnt “Win The Game” on Himmelsdorf

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Source: LemmingRush

Intro is a joke, no one get offended xd
As always im happy to answer questions! 🙂

I’m currently offering training sessions for those of you who are looking to at WoT.
-Your WoTLabs link (or just your ingame username)
-What you hope to improve on (Positioning early game, reading lineups, when you should be rotating, deciding whether or not to push or go back to base, how to finish carries) are all types of things I can help you with, and of course, much more)
-And your timezone/server.



  1. Wow 2400 damage in a light tank (done that much in a vk 2801, nobody gives a crap). Not a unicum so I’m just a shitter derping around with standard he ammo in a bt7 arty.

  2. BEST INTRO? Good explanation to back it up. Thanks for the video Lemming

  3. finally someone who understands about that hill is not really the key

  4. OK ill shut up now…

  5. I always learn a lot from your videos and I even like your sense of humor amigo! Hmu if you’re trying to play in a lot of consecutive low tier games??

  6. I am more offended by the shitty music you play on your other videos….j/k, but you really need to start listening some Black Sabbath, the rest will come by itself.

  7. Tristan-Ludovic Perreault

    Hey Lemming! Would you still no go on hill if you had something like a Strv or T29 and get on Himmeldorf?

  8. I didnt get this video, then i realised hmmmm…. wait im on the asia server, noone listens to people who are gud

  9. LOL, jingles doesn’t say anything about the hill. he doesn’t even play wot unless there’s a gun pointing at his head.

  10. This is all cool and working, but how many times did I want to push the 1-2 line and my team just camped the window on C3 and the edge on D4 and waited for the enemy team to slaughter my team on the hill? You got lucky you got support with you on the rails but you can’t depend on the fact that your teammates have a working brain because often times they don’t.

  11. I still think hill is nice, but pubbies overestimate it. They don’t realize how vunerable “green” side of it is and end up dying from happy campers. I think that was what you meant to say when talking about people taking too much time on hill.

  12. Ah Bless you Lemmingrush 🙂

  13. XD omfg that intro, it sounded like a proffessional commercial for real tutoring lessons xD

  14. How I play World of Tanks

    don’t disagree with the approach but how many times does your team just go and camp on the train tracks? then you lose the hill AND the other flank. I’d say it’s the push which is the important issue

  15. Henri Liimatainen

    maybe this works on NA server but i’d like to see you explain why the hill isnt good to polish tomatos on the EU server

  16. Thanks for this vid! Your recent videos have been super helpful in making me a better player. You’re the most helpful World of Tanks youtuber out there. Your vids actually help people become better. Keep up the work!

  17. I fucking love you lemming. “Who the fuck do you think you are? you stupid pubby. Fuck the hill”

  18. just a random person on the internet

    I have been watching QB for a while now but I don’t recall him saying that you should go to hill on Himelsdorf

  19. Low key sometimes I wished I had lemmings MMR. My games end up just being campers waiting or 15/0 games.

  20. You can win hill fast if theres not many enemies there. If I see we have a slight advantage I always go there. People in the comments say that its slow to get damage there or whatever but it really isnt if you can poke at the right times and sidescrape. literally got 4.5k damage in like 2-3 mins in my T-54, playing on hill yesterday.

  21. “In the end, we made a whopping negative 41k credits because light tanks are absolutely great and you can just shoot AP in them because the pen is good enough” *with the glorious 9.18 “rebalance” of LTs we will get completely fucked in the arse just for even daring to think of carrying in any Light Tank.*

    I’m so close to quitting this game WG, don’t fuck this one up.

  22. I dont know, I like taking hill in my KV5, so I can battering ram down the far side

  23. what tanks should you play to gain wn8 quick
    i have 1.2k wn8 but 3k recent because of my shitty past

  24. Usually what happens is that TDs are camping tracks and there’s not much you can do before eating 750 damage.

  25. lol, love the jokes there mate… Had me cracking up..
    Bags2247 NA

  26. this video is toxic kappa

  27. lemming you should be Scottish. that sarcasm is brilliant. great video!!

  28. fair enough, when I don’t have armor I go down and fight the lanes you show. But what if I do have armor, and have a slow tank? Same?

    Laughed my ass off. Stay classy Lemming!

  30. “Famous youtubers says hill wins the game”, i dont remenber ever seeing any of them ever saying so. And even if i missed that one video one of them might have said that, it was probably ages ago. The meta changes, teams dont 100% gravitate towards hill and heavy tank alley anymore. You dont need the hill to win the game, but i do feel it’s easier to convince your pubs to advance if theyre doing so in a popular spot to advance. If your west side players were not unicuns they would probably just sit on the road trying to snipe people on the hill all day

  31. Lmao 10 seconds into the vid and im already LOL… Soo left field LR.

  32. Really helpful Video, thx! pls do more of those!

  33. Evgenios Kleanthous

    The same shit happens if you push the hill… it just takes a bit longer. and btw Maus won the game.

  34. In this case you are actually wrong. Even tho i agree there are other ways to win. statistics say 60% of the win fights the winning team won the hill. So simply math says hill will win you the fight. Of Course that does not mean if your team does not take hill you are going to lose there are more then one way to win.

  35. finnalyyyy! I think the hill is so akward exept you have -10° gun dep and good turret…

  36. I like sassy lems.

  37. his first words already destroyed my entire ‘himmelsdorft-tactic’ xD

  38. pls train me XD u are only guy i know of that is this good with maps

  39. Lemmings most TRIGGERED video ever lol

  40. Nice intro ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  41. encounter mode: hill wins the game 🙂

  42. hearing you say “egg”cetera all the time hurts 🙁 rest of the video is very entertaining. ty

  43. Very informative video. Keep up the great job.

  44. I really like the crew skill and tank equipment portion of your videos, glad you started adding these to your videos. Where the hell were you when I STARTED playing?!

  45. Marcelo Gutiérrez

    0:04 Well that scalated quickly ??????

  46. As you said: The hill mostly won the game but now, with traffic jams on top, everyone getting in each others way, this is no longer true. You can see a shift of “winning sides” on most maps, like Abbey, where, all of a sudden, cat and dog runs along the river side. Nobody goes to the field in Pilsen or Ensk anymore. Scouts are running around in cities,etc . . . One fine day, the hill on Himmelsdorf will be deserted and all is reversed again – the key is to keep up with the flow. I for one, value the high ground and have divided maps into clockwise and anti-clockwise ones, since most maps play differently from different spawns. The real challenge is to find a good position when both flanks have crumbled . . again.

  47. omg lemming you just stet pedded your video to +10min! jokes aside, on standart what you said is true but on encounter, both teams just rush on hill and the remaining 3-4 tanks arent enough to turn the tides, so hill wins the game there most of the time. any advices on there?

  48. The key is teamwork!

    Oh wait… wrong game LoL

  49. Omg thank you finally someone is not obsessed with the god damn hill

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