HITLERS Secret BUNKER WAS BRITISH (War Thunder German Churchill)

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Source: PhlyDaily

HITLERS Secret BUNKER WAS BRITISH (War Thunder German Churchill)

Edited by Jason Ellis @Sentiel_Strix

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/875201/en/


  1. Hey Phly, theres a video in your ads 🙃 8 ads

  2. I can’t wait for the T-34-85 be added as a premium Captured vehicle for the Germans.

  3. Warthunder made by aliens? Dont know… but phly? Definitely Alien!

  4. Perfect tank for its BR. Nice video Phly!

  5. since Churchill is designed to support infantry , don’t know why they added in war thunder where infantry is meaningless .

  6. E v e r y b o d y

  7. SpiltRadiation Gam3r

    Phly will win the race. The only question is, when?

  8. Black prince please

  9. … fkn portrait mode.

  10. “My friends’ mom killed me.” Ultimate humiliation.

  11. try out the bf110 G-2, it has a 37mm with 142mm of pen close range and it snipes, no bulletdrop whatsoever

  12. War Thunder is bigger than Jesus.

  13. Rafy Diana Putra

    I hate my mind

  14. 9:05 *_”My dad’s Jewish, my mom’s Christian, I’m War Thunder”_*
    _PhlyDaily, 2020_

  15. The million is near

  16. *sees title* rip monetization

  17. Thou who is free from WT sin, shall cast the first shell at Phly.

  18. you also forgot that you have the american 76.2mm and the 17 pdr gun against you in the German Churchill. Sometimes the SA.50 also. More deadly to the churchill than the russian 57mm imho, cause it is a lol pen ont the turret more or less 100% of the time

  19. phly pls phly

  20. Rebalance the game with SU-152.

  21. Who would win, heavy armoured tank or milk truck with cannon?

  22. Hey Phly, can you make a video about the American T34 heavy tank? Or can someone send me the link to the video, if I over saw it.

  23. A Churchill helping a Panzer III with the extra armour plates?? Is this Girls Und Panzer???
    Edit – too bad it’s not a Churchill Mk VII like in the show.

  24. ライブ垢 live account soviet334

    It’s black tea and germanium

  25. The commercial on this video are out of control ….. bin 8:27 in and got like 4 or 5 already 😢😭

  26. War Thunder is made by Religious Aliens…. has to be, no ordinary Extraterrestrial would even be so twisted and disturbed to make a game that’s so close to being fun that it produces excess amounts of rage in prepubescent males

  27. Challenge try to hit a ground targe with a aam missle by tracking one of your ffars. It worked during test flight

  28. Micah van Everdingen


  29. I really don’t like this tank because his front hull and turret armor is bad for a heavy tank.

  30. “I want to kill them, not be on their team” – Phly 2020

  31. Ah yes you’re back with the ol’ opening song thank you

  32. Maus , E-100 got a buff in termes of armour.

  33. Jayme Herreweghe

    Everybody eeeh everybody oooohh

  34. Jack Hendrickson

    That into was amazing XD

  35. that’s the worst intro i’ve ever seen
    … upvote.

  36. day 6 of trying to get phly to play the AB 43

  37. Christopher Weaver

    WT is a religion created by aliens

  38. Love the intro music!

  39. Ah yes, the Gerchill.

  40. My best scoring tank….love it…

  41. how to steal a Churchill from the brits: Wait for the Tea Break

  42. When I bought war thunder me and my friend were both going to buy this tank. I only bought it. he stoped playing the game. Now I play by myself while playing my tiger and panther.

  43. hey phly, im new to the game and there so many values to take into consideration when choosing your war vessels, can you please make a video on what to look at when choosing your vehicle, cheers

  44. That thing is a screamer with a whooping 24.9 kmh That truly is the best tank in the game because the match is over before you make it to the enemy

  45. I watched the entire intro just because of the song

  46. Seriously I still can’t understand why allied team never able to kill this tank easily.
    It always took about 2-4 deaths to bring it down yet I can 1-2 shot it pretty easy in my M4 though.

  47. 9:27 Why germany always has to verse americans? Even in cold war BR

  48. The 9 year old army

    93016th and 813th Comment

  49. 8:07 that puma just drifting down the hill

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