Ho-Ri 3 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Ho-Ri 3 is the jewel in the Japanese tank destroyer crown of World of Tanks with , mobility and a big gun; what more do you want?

BUILD 1: ►https://tanks.gg/tank/ho-ri-3?f=8122511&e=9.2.S&c=4.2.G
BUILD 2: ►https://tanks.gg/tank/ho-ri-3?f=8122511&e=9.K.S&c=4.2.G


0:00 The Ho-Ri 3
0:36 The Stats
9:58 The Crew
11:28 The Equipment
11:52 Field Mods
12:49 Game 1
20:12 Game 2
25:53 The Conclusion
28:30 Worth it?


  1. 2023 and I’m still waiting for the Ho-Lee-Shit..

  2. the jagd e100 will become so boring to play next to this. just see the agility that this tank have.

  3. Thomas Koutsoukis

    In my opinion this tank is just a worse tier-for-tier version of the tier IX. If you don’t believe me, go compare the tanks’ stats and then look at the 3D Live models, the tier IX literally has better armour everywhere.

  4. Rip Ho-Ri, your pen nerf will be unknown to the majority of the players of WoT

  5. OneWorldHistory

    As a lazy assed TD player, that traverse, stealth and gun is gonna be a total blast to play.

  6. i remenber when t30 was a heavy tank or when the game only have tier 8, we are getting old xD

  7. wait wait you only need brothers in arms on one crew memeber now?

  8. I’m pretty excited for this tank line. While it doesn’t add anything new in terms of gameplay, I have been waiting for Japanese TDs for a few years. I do wonder though if they’ll ever add in Japanese and Italian SPG lines.

  9. Its good that you still got 15v15

  10. Maybe I have underestimated this tank, just didn’t seem that good initially. I will nonetheless not be continuing this line beyond tier 7. I still think that is the best tank tier for tier on this line.

  11. Michael Schoenecker

    Quickie you have No shame

  12. Ho-Ri III, the Jadgpanzer E100 that changed nationality and went to a little yoga class lmao

  13. I feel like this is a good hybrid tank, you have great reload, mid armor, camo is crazy

  14. It reminds me of the obj 263 when it was tier 10

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  16. Its BS they are making it so bad even a Obj. 268 can barely pen the *HUGE* flat cheeks without using gold shells! that was the first tank I ever seen kill a Maus in the game!

  17. Actually not as insane as I thought it would be lol cause it has 380 MM of base Premium AP rounds and 310 on its standard but ofc this tank is technically the tier 9 on blitz lol its kinda bezar

  18. Brawl Krazy HaruHaru OwO

    ah yes the bus with bigger naval gun

  19. You should just drop the vents on the first build and add turbo to that then on the second make it a sneaky build with exaughst, camo net cause lol and something else ig vents for just getting that extra little bit of better camo with a full camouflage crew. This thing would be really funny as a sneaky sniper.

  20. The amount of low rolls QB got in the first game is astonishing

  21. Nothing can match the 420 Heat pen of that Jagdpanzer E100. After so many years its still the Boss.

  22. Asia Server is dead confirmed. Because they implemented something that we Asia server players didn’t request at all.

  23. The Shrimp Gamer

    armor XDDDD

  24. The Shrimp Gamer

    first time i faced this tank i was on ghost town map in my ST-II and we were in the middle. poor hull armor lool

  25. When obj 268/4 isnt in comparison. I feel that this will be overshadowed by it and its little cousin lol

  26. ngl i wanted the pay to win stuff added just to see this community get pissed off

  27. Well it seems OK, I get the feeling this will end up like the Chinese TD’s, forgotten and not something people play.

  28. 65k pounds is only 32 tons

  29. Kenbars Dasnits

    SEA server got the worst update. 13v13 and 10v10 on the Random Queue. WG did not even update the missions, some of them are next to impossible.

  30. Something to note about the Ho-Ri, and I didn’t notice if they modeled it or not, is that in the blueprints for the original tank, and in the prototype, it could get that gun depression because the roof actually lifted up so the breach could elevate. Fun fact of the day.

  31. the fact that it handles and is stealthier than the grille just shows just how much the grille is in a pretty bad shape

  32. Im hoping wargaming adds the Sturmtiger as a tech tree line soon, Especially the tier 7 Sturmpanzer

  33. now grille needs some buff 🙁

  34. if the obj had 203 pen (1:30) people would riot

  35. How is this tank in any way similar to a Jagdpanzer E100, It has lower alpha damage than half of the tier X tank destroyers, we have tier VIII premium heavy tanks with higher alpha damage. This play NOTHING like the Jagdpanzer.

  36. I remember WOT before the American Tech tree was Added seems so long ago now

  37. Its fun to see the hori 3 as tier X, its armor is really bouncy on wotb

  38. Leo Andrew Mosquera

    @QuickyBaby please check the Asia server. There’s an interesting update specially on the Matchmaking.
    Please give some thoughts about it.
    It would have a big help on Asia server players.

  39. Run Ze Education

    Oh great, another premium round bait hull down thing. At least the shots will go through that superstructure…

  40. Looks rather pointless and arguably ugly.

    For me 700 alpha on a turretless tank with rather mediocre reload times on a big platform with low top speed just doesn’t seem like a tank that can deal with the OP meta tanks of this tier. This is made worse by the fact the premium ammo penetration is also mediocre just to add insult to injury.

    At least with the likes of the JP E100 and 268, while also limited in their own ways, offer a more specialized set of tools for their roles. Both have about 400 pen HEAT which at the very least has a good chance to melt through some part of the the most OP armor frontally including 279E. The JP E100 is big and ungainly but 1000+ alpha per shot along with that HEAT can and will erase many of it’s failing. The 268 is a very mobile unit which I think is a very overlooked gem at T10. As mentioned, also has a 400ish pen HEAT, cracks for 750 alpha which is still a chunky amount for one bite and it reloads quickly too.

    Because the 268 is such a faster unit at almost 50kph that’s obviously going to translate as worse soft stats for shooting while moving and while it’s traverse soft stats are indeed bad reading, it has superior gun arch of 22 degrees which means it’s not having to traverse as often which keeps that aiming circle from blooming. The problem with having to traverse in this game is it’s always at maximum speed apart from us players physically trying to slow it by jabbing the A and D key but it’s still a 100% throttle application, hence the big bloom on turretless TD’s and why having either big gun arch or fast aiming time is essential. By contrast, anything with a turret can be gently or aggressively turned depending on our mouse DPI setting and how fast we move our hands so it’s a lot smoother and controllable.

    Btw, you left out the Chinese WZ TD which also has 750 alpha and 400ish pen HEAT. I also feel that is an overlooked gem at T10 which has very good gun handling, aim time, even better gun arch than these 3 shown in this vid and a very workable frontal armor once you get the hang of how to over-angle it on a ridge and bait shots, then push forwards once the enemy has fired and bounced off your armor, drop in a big 750 hit.

    All of these turretless tanks are limited and have serious struggles on corners and other areas around the map obviously but they should at least have a nice advantage for all of their drawbacks and this is where I see this Japanese TD being a failed offering. You have all of the drawbacks of a turretless TD, but not actually any benefits, not alpha, not pen, not DPM… not even mobility or genuinely good armor so… ya, if you’re going to play a tank with this sort of alpha and pen then you’re better off just going with a big HP heavy tank and at least that way you’ll be able to tank more punishment but best of all, you’ll have a turret.

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