Ho-Ro vs KV-2 Line Battle – War Thunder Gameplay

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  2. gaijin!

  3. How could stalinium armor be destroyed by inferior enemy tank


  5. Have every body go t-50 go into 2 lines then ram each other

  6. Learman at War thunder

    Zsu-57 vs zsu-37

  7. Lol when ever I play this game my fps is like 10 and my ping can go to like

  8. Learman at War thunder

    Match of the century, T-50 vs T-34 1940.

  9. kill a Mause with ro ho in rb

  10. M56 vs maus’s, twice as many m56. Maus’s only can load he in the 75mm

  11. a m41a1 walker buldoge team deathmatch (japanese VS américan)

  12. 4:20 we can see the little boy on right dying. I didn’t know we could see
    that animation

  13. you are in a Mauser​ tank and every one else is in t60 and the must destroy
    you. but if they die they get to spawn in as a tier 2 tank and if they die
    then they get to spawn in as a tier 3 and etc

  14. Hate these dark maps, can’t see shit on my phone when I’m outside

  15. kv2’s vs bomber’s would be nice :D

  16. phly is sooooooooooo much better than you!!! lick a banana

  17. A Kaiser Rustled Just Right

    Ho-Ro!, shits getting real.

  18. BV vs Biplanes. Make the dream work

  19. Joshua Erhardt (ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳરιקקξરҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ)

    planes vs spaa what would it look like if baron and slik fly with a po-2
    and the rest of the Team are zsu-23-4 xD total Domination no but for real
    po-2 against the russian cal .50 aa truck would be fun

  20. wheres the men of war mondays that shit is great.

  21. can anyone help? i play WT on SA server and the ping is always at 200-300
    altough the gameplay is smooth without lagging, except the PL is getting
    high. any solution to reduce the ping? at least to range 50-70

  22. How bout asu 57 army vs slickbee and baronvongamez in the maus? It’s not
    fair but it’s seems like fun

  23. Baron Baron Could you please ask your team to make the 320mm sturm tiger
    spap. Can’t wait to see the explosion from it’s ~300 kg shell ;)

  24. That 2mm’s make a difference ?

  25. Why did they nerf HE? makes the kv2 useless past 4.3


    silly baron cant read rank. col. would be colonel not corporal! 😛 good
    stuff all the more!

  27. OMG BARON GUESS WHAT I (and maybe some other people) JUST REALIZED!
    Take T-34-85 E out in tier 5 battle (AKA vs ATGMs) and let your mesh
    screens save your life! Unless war thunder is broken, that is…

  28. florent.x. tourelle man

    pt-76 vs the new amphibious

  29. Vsolid's Napoleonic Meme Machine

    Did you do this on the stream a while back? I didn’t stay around long
    enough to see if you actually did my suggestion lol. Thanks man! I’m

    Unless someone else suggested it as well…

  30. Ho ro and/or Brumbar vs swordfish. let ze derps have their fun!

  31. here is the idea do a custom that kvs fight matildas churchils and 75
    shermans this means low pen high armor it could be really nice experience

  32. Ho-Ro VS airplane??

  33. Ho-Ro is like Horo, and horo in Finnish means bitch. ?

  34. broom bears

  35. Vacuumcleanerwitha gun

    Heavily frontal armored rank vs another. Head on against each other
    straight on

  36. I’m the 500th Like, Baron! Oh BTW, you and Slick, do the MAUS VS. T-95 Doom
    Turtle Match!!!! :D

  37. Baron do Jap shermans vs Merica shermans or Jap Bulldogs vs Merica Bulldogs

  38. do a 150mm+ mode vs bv238s XD

  39. For the next custom battle do 4M-GAZ with 4 water cooled machine guns
    versus Bi-planes @BaronVonGamez

  40. Ho-Ro vs Brummbar — or — PT-76 vs Maus using the secondary gun

  41. baron please play the ho-ro single player

  42. massive bv238 battle

  43. Su-152 vs. Stuh

  44. how much is this war thunder game

  45. baron baron! where did you get your Ho-Ro

  46. Stb 1 vs leopard

  47. do flakpanzer vs big 15!
    like to vote

  48. japanese Dusters vs american dusters

  49. M22s VS 1 Tiger H

  50. tiger 1and tiger 2 agaimst fireflys

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