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  1. We like love you and all of the flyfamily. We are here for all of you guys and the amazing content. Thanks you for the amazing vids, I think I speak for everyone when I say we always got y’all’s back:)<3

  2. Hedgie gave me a wedgie 😢

  3. banks is cutie! good job papi. I love the I’m so happy I’m going to be upset that kids do. they are out of control little emotion goblins. My Kid is 3.5 and man is it all a trip.

  4. Day 26 of asking for you to play anny of these tanks (basically the same) the italian m14/40, m15/42, m14/41, m13/40, the 2 I always use are m14/41 and the m15/42 with the APBC

  5. that is one confused kid lol

  6. I see syndrome has been here…. anyone watch the incredibles 😂

  7. Phạm Minh Thắng

    he is so cute 🥰

  8. happy birthday Banks! also great video phly 🙂

  9. What am I gonna do? BOYCOT YOU FOR NOT POSTING? I love your videos!!!

  10. Play Atomic Heart and make it an episodal gameplay

  11. I don’t think I’ve seen a baby cry out of joy. That was cute as hell

  12. Phly we’re not going anywhere because you wanna have a life outside of streaming/uploading we love you<3

  13. trash event,.

  14. Day 15 – Collect your rewards

  15. Phly you should have earmuffs too, monster trucks are no joke.


  17. Hey Steve, it’s so awesome just seeing you being an awesome dad! Banks is lucky to have you as a father 🙂

  18. day 7 of asking phlydaily to play the tiran 4

  19. Aww he is so cute. great parents he has

  20. Day 52 of asking PHLY to play The Last Tiger in Battlefield V for German suffering and Glorious Glorifica

  21. It’s the reason i love you phly, where most youtubers hide their personally life from their fans. Then theirs you, the guy that updates us almost every video on how your life is going and how your family is doing. I would happily keep inconstant phly with these heart warming updates ❤

  22. All of us plybuddies understand why you haven’t posted. Great job, Papa Bear!

  23. Great dad and a great content creator. Keep it up.

  24. Phly: Monster trucks!
    Banks: (where class 3 P)?

  25. Is phly becoming fat?

  26. Aye man take all the time you need seeing you make little man happy makes me happy can’t wait to see him grow

  27. The BMP-2 got it’s APDS belt taken away for the event since you played it seems.

  28. Kid was so emotional from love❤❤❤🎉

  29. banks honestly reminds me of how life goes, you get something really really good and then you end up crying because its just a relief or just more stress LOL

  30. My heart melts

  31. In 4 years we might get a video with banks first official tank battle. I can’t wait!

  32. OMG thank you for making my day, your kid laughing/crying is so beautiful

  33. yes play the game

  34. SpiegelDasKaetzchen

    dude we love you and nothing makes us happier than seeing you happy, with your family. keep doing what you’re doing! cheers!

  35. FossiliumParadox

    we will always come back to you ply, much love from us all!! Happy Birthday to banks and hope i can catch yer live one of these days!

  36. Atomic Heart is such a great game!
    Also i love this event.

  37. It was a double take April Fools April Fools.

  38. Congrats man. Cutest child ever. and thanks for 18 min. of relaxation

  39. Denniel John Dinglasan

    Best dad, we’re all happy for you Phly!

  40. So thats what you look like. Cool.

  41. Phly, you take all the phamily time you can. Be the best dad you can be. That’s all I want, at least.


  43. turning of cheek not the solution

    Can someone help me…. I own the strv 81 (rb 52) and for a while now my missiles For some reason are not guided anymore They just go straight. I don’t know what I did in the settings and I’ve looked it up nobody is having the same issue so ISOL. If you can help please

  44. Banks it’s to cute. I’ve already got baby fever. Stop it! Lol

  45. Dude, I love that you are focusing on your boy, he’s lucky his dad cares so much and wants to spend time with him.

    Take your time.
    (I struggle with the challenges on this event)

  46. Aw the little dude couldn’t handle the emotions of getting that cupcake

  47. omg your kid is so cute bro

  48. Banks` emotions when you congrat him are just priceless =))

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