Holiday Credit Bonus Mega NERFED + Tips for More Credit Bonus | World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022

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Let’s talk about something I have seen heard quite a lot in the comments and also on the stream.. That this year it so much harder to get up to the high credit bonus levels in the Holiday Ops 2022 event. Let’s try to figureout why is that!?

What do you think?


  1. NOTE: Of course, the large boxes are still the best bang for your buck and every singe bit of extra credits is still nice and cool, BUT… this year you just have to set your bar a lot lower to not be disappointed. At least this is how it seems to be. Also, feel free to use the comment section to hook eachother up with the free little gift boxes, team up! 😉
    EDIT: Dunno if planned or “hotfix”, but missions for extra shards and dupes coming:

    • Good luck doing decoration collections without paying wg like me 😅
      I think it’s impossible with 1000 shards being lowest cost to craft.
      Just craft those big decorations first before anything else, best way to get 10% boost to credits.

    • May you make a tutorial about all this? It is confusing.

    • If pay to win players have a hard time this year, then it’s safe to say that free to play players gave ZERO chance to finish any collection.
      I used the shards to create large decorations, so i can at least have a small credit boost. Keep in mind that i used all the small boxes in 2 days and only got one small decoration.
      Merry fucking Christmas WG!

    • For data sake: 3 Large decorations, 50 shards left to get 4th large deco, atmosphere lvl 2 and half, I got only 1 tree decoration in 28 (if I recall) small boxes opened, 7,5% credits bonus

    • How do you guys advice me to choose between these 2 options?
      Option #1 : I can buy x25 crates from this christmas , get around 7500-8500 gold into account + 2-3 3D styles (they look better from loot boxes than Battle Passes) and in 2022 to invest 7500 gold into 3 Battle Pass Chapters to get all items from Tier 1 to 150. (I will have to play only 1 chapter at a time)
      Option #2 : I can pass these loot boxes and then wait for first Battle Pass or second, third depends when I have good mood to play for all 150 Tiers which means alot.
      But I will have to pay same $$ as I will pay for x25 Loot boxes for that offer that comes with a Battle Pass which includes 3 Chapters with a discount + 250 gold per day for a total of 30 days up to 7500 gold.
      So with the option number 2 I will get items up to 150 tiers + 7500 Gold remaining on the account but I have to play non stop to get all 150 tiers in only 1 Battle Pass and with option number 1 I will have at the end items for 150 tiers + 2-3 3D styles from boxes but 0 Gold remaining on the account.

      I dont speak english that well, I hope you will understand me.
      Sorry Dez if I am not allowed to post this type of question here, I can move it.
      Happy Holidays to everyone!

  2. F2P player and was able to hit Tier 4 on the atmosphere and 7.5% on the credit boost. Think I was very lucky on that so far. Do remember easily being able to hit the 50% last year as F2P but have a feeling I will struggle to get there this year even if I play everyday.

  3. I have got every small box you can get and plus 4 from friends and I have only 7 tier 1 decoration to show for it. 32 small boxes = 7 decorations… this is terrible. besides making the large decorations I have 0% credit bosting after every sing box I could get for free. I’m really pissed-off. today with 16 boxes I got 1 deceration. ONE. I don’t really even want to play in the boxes don’t even get me anything.

  4. After opening 75 boxes, i’m at 11,7%,thats really bad. I wanted to hunt 50%bonus this year, but now i know, that i’m not gonna make it.

  5. Less boxes available by missions, large boxes dont deliver unique decs, droprate for lower tanks is degreased, gg WG, well raided

    Ah it’s faster to increase the festivity lvl to equip duplicates before recycling them, it will give u some points for the lvl progress

  6. You said you were genuinely interested in feedback, especially for free to play. Stepson’s free to play – trying to start/like the game – account: still within first two hundred games after latest new recruit training (just past the first premium rental point, single free Tier6 tank (German Heavy); USA tech tree primary (all others still at Tier1, USA med Tier4/heavy Tier5 highest); so you can imagine the in-game chat to start with, toxic as can be, but he’s thick skinned and can dish it out as well as take it; not enough friends to do more than a couple gifts/presents per day OBVIOUSLY for a new player; able to complete both dailies and Arnie missions to maximize earnings potential so far; still at atmosphere level 2, yes, I said 2, after 2 days with 7.X% boost due to crafting 3 of 4 LARGE decorations (balloons, Ferris wheel, etc); ONE SINGLE… let me say that again… ONE decoration dropped from, what, 15-25 small boxes, made enough shards to craft the first 3 of 4 LARGE decorations (~5000 shards?); still 0% all collections (and I repeat… ONE, yes ONE decoration from all the small boxes so far). This is what you can expect as a free to play newbie on this game. WG has no desire to build any new player base. There is NO WAY IN HELL I would ever tell him to spend money on the game until he is confident he will stick with it, and the way WG has it setup, even during special events like this, that is unlikely.

  7. and then imagine playing on free to play wtf how should I get on higher levels WG? 😀 LIke it’s insane how much it’s harder now, bcs I remember last years (when these events started in 2018 I think) and it was kinda easy, no stress, enjoying “free loot” (yk, it’s never free, bcs you have to grind missions and everything), but this year? oh boy oh boy, I played yesterday and everything was f*cked up to be truly honest (mm, people playing like they haven’t any brains what so ever, so many premium tanks like Skoda T56 etc.) and I couldn’t simply acive simple mission to win 5 games, bcs what ever I did was useless, bcs my team every time died in like 3 mins. And after opening like 14 free boxes..what I got? like 2 decorations plus medkids etc. (which are useless to me, bcs I have a loooot of them already)…like wtf? I thought it should keep some specific things to keep the game playable as free to play, but this event I think is unplayable if you aren’t spending money on this game and it sucks actually and I am pissed off same as sad, bcs I kinda love this game

  8. Day 114 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  9. I used to be able to get full credit booster without buying boxes, I dont think that is possible now

  10. Nerfing even the Christmas event, how low can you go..

  11. I can only get 10 boxes a day that’s basically two decorations as I don’t have anybody on my friends list So I can’t use the postal mechanic so how am I supposed to finish the collections I need to be able to grind more boxes but I can’t very disappointing

  12. I got 3 t8 premiums skota 56, m4 yo, Swedish heavy. I’m happy with my purchase

  13. I change my opinion…this holiday event is MUCH HARDER to achieve my goals
    This year’s event SUCKS @SS!!!!
    I think I’m going to simply buy old christmas decor from 2020 once I hit level 10

  14. Frederik Oosthuizen

    As per usual leave it up to Wot to make things worse as time goes on

  15. Imnjub if someone want to exchange posts

  16. This year they went full Scrooge.

  17. The greed has no limit…

  18. Hi there Dez, to feed you with some data: I’ve spend 150 euro’s on christmas boxes and slapped every decoration onto the garage which I received and that brought me to festive level 10. HOWEVER, I made the mistake of getting 150 christmas boxes, and not 75 and 75 of another theme. This was because I wanted to complete that set for the orange tangerine style. but it left me with just one set completed, and virtually nothing on any of the other sets. this leaves me with 20% credit boost.

  19. Bummer to say this but what do people expect from WG?

    Like the card draw thing this year, that had something even remotely considerable to buy only the first day and pure garbage the rest, wasn’t still enough sign where things are going. Just to put it out here, just remember me saying that Holiday Ops next year will be even more disappointing.

  20. I would disagree with the “best bang of the buck” claim.

    Buying 360-day premium time with a 30% discount is much more efficient if u are specifically looking for prem time.

  21. There are too much credits in the game already. I applaud the credit bonus nerf.

  22. WoT’s reminds me of a casino with all its razzle dazzle and you know what they say about ‘The house’ etc

  23. Wg only wants your money. Glad we can´t buy them here. This game is only all about the money, nothing more or less. Fun ingame is just random. Too bad.

  24. F2P, after two days, maximum number of small boxes received from missions:
    – atmosphere level 3
    – bonus to credits: 7,5%, due to bought 3x large decorations from the shards
    Yeah, cool event indeed… But how the f did they screw people, who bought a lot of boxes and still are around 30% of booster is impressive.

  25. krunoslav barišić

    I opened 11 boxes and I’m on 6%

  26. WG massively improve loot boxes with pity t8 number, so have to balance and completely destroy what was good about atmosphere level…

  27. First year for me with the Xmas event, so nothing to compare to, but I bought 200 boxes, got all 5 t8 premiums, over 100k gold, 15mill credits and quite a few styles…deff much better value then spending $ throughout the year. I think I’m only at 32% credit boost though.

  28. I havn’tt payed for boxis until this moment and Iam at 8,48% I think with level 4

  29. WG can kiss my butt, I’m not buying any loot boxes.
    Everything free is nice and that’s it.
    They shit on me, I return the favor.

  30. I bougth 25 boxes get nothing good ,Zero T8 tanks and only Atmosphere lvl 5 and bonus 10%. So this event F** uped real Goooood.

  31. Hi @DezGames, I have bought 75 boxes (worth around 90-100 €) to get instantly level 7 amosphere… Placing those decoration made me up to level 8. I had to use generator to get all 4 large decorations and my percentage is 14.2 % after 2 days of everything possible done (except getting small boxes from frieds which I don’t have). Those 75 boxes were from New year’s collection giving me 46/70, problem is the other collections remain low on 0/70, 5/70 and 2/70 because of the generator high price.

  32. If you open 20 small boxes a day(you get like 13 from doing every daily mission and 7 from some friends) you will have to get luck to get even 1 Christmas skin before the event ends

  33. Players that don’t buy large boxes most likely won’t be able to get lvl 10. Which is quite a bad move on wargaming’s part. Not like we are not used to WG making worse And worse decisions, one after another. For shame…

  34. Yep, in the past years you’ve easily got to atmosphere lvl 10 in the first week without buying any boxes. Now Im at lvl3 by getting all the boxes from missions that can be got + some gift boxes from friends. If you are lucky, you might get one decoration out of 10 small boxes.

  35. This game is just one insult after another. So glad I stopped playing it.

  36. As a F2p player I have 1 manin problem w the boxes.
    1, It feels like we get far less
    2. They are time kept as the arnie missions dont unlock after you finish the previous one but after a day
    3. We dont get decorations in the boxes, we get shards and that is just not intersting to me. I dont open a box anymore and look at the cool little things inside, or hope for a T5 decoration, I just get shards to get some myself and thats just boring.
    Also it goes up far slower because of this. I am still on T2 out of 10, usually am at 7-8 already
    In general Christmas just doesnt feel like Christmas because you just dont get gifts anymore, you get shards and thats it

  37. They ruined one of the most interesting time in the year. Festive level 3. I’m wondering, can I get it to lvl 10? I’m not going to buy large boxes! And thats because they made it impossible to get the camo to casual player 🤮

  38. ATTENTION yes its harder and very much a rip this year BUT when you get decorations make sure you mount ALL of them in turn when you do this you get progress with the atmosphere counter. Don’t just break them first.

  39. I’m gonna try to fill last few years missing collections for camo. I think that’s the best I can do with this event, and thats the only goal I wanna reach this year. I don’t even know if its available or not, but this event doesn’t worth any other effort.

  40. Hey Dez , as someone mentioned bellow i don’t spend any more money because of the direction of pay to win in WOT.
    This year they even made your holidays not fun, you who spent 80euros or so, Circon as you said spent a lot more. How do free to play players you think are getting on? I am at level 4 since yesterday and i have maximum 5 decorations on one collection, 14 in total. No chance whatsoever to complete not even one collection 🙂
    Goal is to reach level 10 , complete the collection from last year and do as much as possible of this one. No other hopes for the little ones. I bet it’s annoying for you all wallet warriors. Until you decide to punish them by tell them to fuck off with their money spending.

  41. It should be a bit harder.

    For the past few years I managed to get the bonus after opening all my boxes, getting straight to tier 10 virtually out of the box.

    Now folks are having to work for it a bit and crying about it.

  42. hi Dez…Happy New Year (dim1974 EU)

  43. I am at 8.3% after 11 boxes and 2 days of play

  44. Regarding small boxes and decorations: I got 5 small decorations in about 50 small boxes.

  45. 10:55 LOL

  46. Hi Dez, i have opened 25 boxes and my atmosphere is at level VI +7.0%
    I do not think i will be getting 50% before xmas 2024!

  47. They F up the most beautiful time of the year….but now I have more time for my family 🙂

  48. next year even worse

  49. The main joy of Holiday Ops (earning credits) was severely impacted by this stupidity from WG. Even after 250 large boxes and completing all daily missions/ Arnie’s missions, Advent Calendar missions, Tankmas drops, I have only 36%. Is this how you treat your paying customers WG?!?!?!?!

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