Holiday Ops 2019 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Holiday 2019.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. DartMonkeyProductions


  2. WG thinks people are gay to like that stupid xmas camo style. Only on that cdc is a little bit okay for me.

  3. Hey Quickybaby, I like when people like you who upload on your channels consistently on WG but for me WoT because it helps me to know about things I need to know from just YouTube. I just want to say thanks for uploading entertaining and informative videos for us to watch 🙂

  4. Can you choose what female crew member you get first?

  5. i spent 60 on the boxes last year and got eh 59 in the first 10 boxes

  6. I have to marry Jane White

  7. This is why Winter Holidays are the best!

  8. SEA server didn’t have decorations in the gift boxes they bought last year. Don’t know if it’s still the same this year. SEA, the best server ever.jpg

  9. Gonna work for last years camo since I didn’t get any of them last year and they look better

  10. Guess like i will become f2p player this year since they get so much huh

  11. The cat was a easter egg which represents the new camo in WOTB (the one which you cover your tank in SUPER CUTE kitties!) for maybe a few laughs and a few more “aw” ‘s! Enjoy it while it lasts tankers!

  12. Damn it I just purchased 2 tier 9 with 6.4 million damn it

  13. Yes, let’s put big explosions on Japanese tanks! They could use more than the 2 the US gave them!

  14. When are we getting Mexico tanks?

  15. Blech, don’t care much for these new styles…would rather just have a second Chinese festive camo from last year.

  16. @QuickyBaby hey i know this is off topic but i need your WOT wisdom. Is there a way to have different voices for tank commanders without modding? EX: if you have a female Chinese tank commander, thats the voice and language you hear. I have searched for a setting but cant find one. Hmu! Love your vids. Stay quick.

  17. You lose the discount, right?
    I put the last year discount on some tanks i did not buy yet and now its gone :/

  18. Id just like to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy your videos. They have gotten me through many hard times over the last few years. I look forward to each and every one of your videos and I hope you keep commentating in the future. Thank you for everything quackybaby, youre so much more than a commentator to me.

  19. Quickybaby are you going to buy loot box this year and make a video about it?

  20. I will definitely spend some discounts on some vehicles that I am planning to buy. I’ll save one girl for French light and one girl for Is4, Grille 15 and

  21. nice girls, who can work for any nation?
    free tanks (100% discounts) on t1-5
    huge discounts on top tier tanks (30% on t10)
    oh and grage slo… erm gift premium tank
    as a Girls und Panzers fan I am delighted

  22. Thirsty baby likes his female crews

  23. Don’t believe the no time limit Quicky. I was saving mine and I even sent in a ticket to WG to make sure for the 1.13 patch. They said they would stay. Guess what? 1.13 hit I lost them. Sent in a ticket with a screenshot of my previous ticket. Got told sorry better luck time.

  24. Hi guys I’m confused, are we gonna be able to buy boxes like last year?

  25. Who thinks Jane White kinda looks like Peppidy “Quickbaby’s Wife?”

  26. Glad I quit WoT when I did, my tolerance for RNG Paywalling is at an all time low after 2018. And why are WG still handing out T2s, been ages since iv played but anything lower than tier 6 or so took forever to get games in, and you just ended up fighting bots.. pointless.

  27. A new sniping tank at tier 2 sow we can seal club new player !

  28. I really liked the event last year and i also liked the loot boxes because of the good gold value and the additional chance for tanks. But i got the feeling that I enjoy the game less and less because of the bad maps which are all made for camping and tanks with good turrents. So I am not sure if it is worth it to invest and more money…

  29. I got lucky last year and got the Type 59, along with a couple other prems. That was nice. Even more nice was a total of 6 months premium time and roughly 48k gold. Dropped $100 to get it all. WELL worth it since total value of everything gained was well over $300. Will be doing again this year for sure.

  30. I made a lot of credits last year using the 100% discount to buy a tank and then selling it.

  31. Christmas wouldnt be Christmas without the Grinch a.k.a. Large Holidron Decorider 😉

  32. I swear, I smell the defender in the lootboxes. : D

  33. I also have type59 with that camo??

  34. Should that be sisters in arms ?

  35. I spotted Tomato the psycic lobster on the Löve.

  36. Chapter Master Moloc

    So you can buy tanks without grinding it? Can I buy tanks that I haven’t grinded? Like swedish emil ? And pantera?

  37. Last year from loot boxes I got scorpionG Lorraine40t and type59 20000 Gold and about 6 months premium account ?

  38. i got to tier 10level last xmas in a shitty laptop :v idk about u…but that decoration maker system always gave me 5-6levels or higher i think there were lol…i got 30% off my is7 my first tier 10 :p and u have a month to do it…so honestly everybody can do it and get level 10

  39. Last year in Asia we where not able to have any decoration in the boxes …
    And no refund ….
    What about this year ?

  40. I got the Type 59 in my first loot box cost me about 20 euro

  41. im probably gonna use the discounts on the swedish td line

  42. Did you see snowy kv-2?

  43. female crews in my arties… woohoo!

  44. Oh man, more woman on tanks so watch out ?

  45. Bought 6 boxes last year got type59 i will buy few this year again but for the gold

  46. Welp, time for a brightly-colored superpershing.

  47. I made out like a bandit on the loot boxes last year. Every tank, over 400k in gold, 60 million credits and every other thing you could want. I probably wont spend alot unless they offer something just insane like the Jag tig H or WT Auf E100.

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