HOLIDAY OPS 2020 in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks – Holiday Ops 2020.


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hey everyone! I made a mistake with the T2 reward vehicle it’s this one instead.

    • As an above average dude, I’d actually like a snowman reward commander! That’s not a bad idea lolol.
      They said once you get the max bonus (50%) you get to keep it no matter what! HOWEVER, to get the MAX you have to have ALL the LARGE decorations.

    • What a perfect opertunity to rickroll the whole community

    • Disagree on the “WG going after your wallets” thing- Consider how many shards you would have spent on the last 17 decorations those non-duplicator charges will now save you. Those are what you will now spend on the large decorations for that last 10% bonus.

    • QB, your free gifted Tier 2 tank is also coming with ONE of those purple thingy….You will get 18 of those..

    • will we be able to buy premium boxes with gold?

  2. Anyone else wanna see quickybaby do a review of the advent calendar tanks to tell us which ones are worth getting or not?

  3. too difficult, a grind in a grind in a grind…… mähhhh. A lot of new tanks in the boxes means that we dont earn a lot of gold….

  4. Free silver free crew and free geroge slot sweet thnx war game always need more

  5. I’m always excited for free tanks 😛 even if they are sh!t lol
    I was hoping to get the discount on tiered tanks 🙁
    I want the festive slots maxed for the bonuses and all the maidens.
    There should be a snowman commander during Christmas 🙁 even without abs

  6. I love your fake delight Quicky and fake ignorance about obvious for you as CC in-game stuff. It is so poor theatre for cheap braindead bots, allowing WG to drain their wallets every time when something new in shop/event coming. Even if stuff is shit worth, you can show it as a divine grace. That’s why am subscribe this channel. To get laugh.

  7. I wasnt here last Christmas , and this doesn excite me _at All_ , i’ve heard about the loot boxes , but ive seen in a short time WG , everything thay do is a rip off !

  8. Who doesn’t like the maidens? Make to game a bit sexier, that’s good

  9. I couldnt have picked a better time to start playing wot again

  10. Snowmaidens! I love Russia. If this were a western game they’d be overweight, with short purple hair covered in nose rings and tatts.

  11. Yeah, time to complete those ’18/’19 styles, lol

  12. The USSR and USA National Fragments are on Tier X QB. 60 of them!

  13. Too bad for me im going for a vacation for 3weeks =/
    This event should be done not in the holiday season so that everybody could enjoy XD

  14. A Maus with carpets, man….It ties the room together.

  15. No forced diversity? Great!

  16. Wargaming knows how to earn money lol

  17. These NY styles are just dreadful! I’d trade al of them for real camouflage for the single tank. They look sooo dreadful and out of game context.

  18. you dont need armor on wheel vehicle xD you have wheels

  19. Peter H. van Leeuwen

    Usefull and many thanks for your advice

  20. Reality Dysfunction

    What date does it start? I didn’t see anything about that mentioned.

  21. There are both Russian and American National Blueprint in the level 10.

  22. last year i used up my weekly rice allowance for a loot box….. didnt get anythng nice and also lost my rice funds…. this year… nope…..

  23. Craftsman Sheng Can we get 10K Subs


  24. Can you buy loot boxes with gold?

  25. Get a life boys and girls.

  26. How do you set it so your crews speak certain languages

  27. Chisel abs!!! LMAO!!! You are something else QB!!!

  28. When did it change to world of gay tanks.

  29. Fatmosphere ?

  30. I want to see all the crew members sit on the tank in the garage.
    It will be fantastic

  31. *Ofc it can’t be “Free” now can it? lol….*

    (for what is within reason and extra buyable rather than required. . .) #WouldRatherPlayWarFrames

  32. I manage 12 min before this fucking creep made me want to vomit ,, Not bad really normally i can’t get past 2min

  33. Seems good, but I still want a game mode that has smaller map and no SPG…
    Oh wait, I can play WOTB, oof, gud bai World of Arty.

  34. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Yeah because SPG’s need highly skilled crews….

  35. What about 1x free large lootbox like last year ?

  36. People complaining about not being tank discounts this year haven’t realised they basically give you enough national blueprints for almost 2x tier 9s on every nation, that’s roughly 300 to 400k xp worth of blueprints on EVERY NATION.
    The amount of credits discounted would be at around 7 to 9 mil credits, which is a couple of days worth of playing with credit boosters, that pales in comparison to getting that many blueprints
    Plus you get this 50% credit boost up until the end of January, you can literally grind tens of millions of credits just by playing constantly and you’re all crying for some 30% and 50% discounts on a couple of higher tiers…

  37. Why are you so sad about the missing discount on a special tech tree? The special vehicles are way better imo because it also helps the players who might have grinded that 1 special techtree already. With the new system, you can choose the vehicle yourself, so grind through any techtree way faster. Or am I getting something totally wrong?

  38. “The Gendron Bus” I got this

  39. Hey QB.Great review looking forward to it all going into the new year.But do you know if Wargaming are bringing back Frontline in 2020?

  40. hold up… YOU CAN MOVE THE YouTube TEXT BOX?

  41. HOHOHO That Carpet !!! Now I know what I trully want for this Christmas !!!! Yes yes yes its Carpet on the tank ??

  42. will we be able to buy premium boxes with gold???

  43. Double gun without common test ?

  44. Skill is better than you <3. Day 1

  45. Imagine QB finally change his intro or ending outro for 2020.

  46. I`ll get all this worked out the day the event end lol

  47. A Fatmosphere is what it is at 3:09

  48. Hot girls in the garage??
    Aw hell yeah

  49. So a lot of new “bonus” mechanics this year – just to cover up, that we no longer receive (up to) 50% flat bonus for all tanks (prems included!) on XP, free XP and crew XP as we did in previous years? This new feature with up to 6 selected !non-prem! tanks for some wonky bonuses seems like a huge step down for me 🙁

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