HOLIDAY OPS 2021 in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks – Holiday Ops 2021.


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. T95 doom turtle with Chuck Norris is finally happening !!!

  2. What do I look forward to the most? Lets be honest… the T8 Italian Heavy Premium they will sell in the boxes pof course… XDDDDD
    We all know thats what will happen :3

  3. Chuck Norris would probably not even have to be in a tank. He can dodge the rounds fired at him then roadhouse kick that tank and destroy it 😂

  4. Free tanks are worth more than a garage slot. They’re worth the most expensive currency, silver.

  5. Step 1: Get 50% credit boost
    Step 2: apply credit booster
    Step 3: Play löve
    Step 4: Unlimited profit???

  6. ‘Doesn’t snow much in the UK’
    *laughs in Australian*

  7. You don’t use Chuck’s slot. Chuck’s slot uses YOU.

  8. I cant even use any more Blueprints for Soviet, American or British.

  9. Im so excited for the auto loader gift. Really i love tds and auto loaders.

  10. We dont get the NEW heavies till the 25th of Jan. so no.

  11. ITS THE SAME AS LAST YEAR. And last year i never got a tier 4 let alone a tier 5 decoration from the snow maidens .

  12. It’s nice that they’re adding all of these things but they feel a bit desperate trying to grab attention from the cyberpunk hypetrain

  13. this is so 1980’s to introduce Chuck Norris into the game…lol

  14. Yea QB its not as good for players who have all the tanks . I mostly looked forward to the new tech tree but this year not till the 25th of Jan for Italian heavies.

  15. In your video on UDES with turbocharger you talk about having high ping: For some reason the ping is very high before the battle starts but when it starts it drops to normal. In the video you went from 90ms to 32ms.

  16. Very excited about the free female commanders this year!

  17. ”What’s in the box? What’s in the box?? WHAAAT’S IN DAA BOOOX???”

  18. Joshua James Agdeppa

    This is just a question, is there a way to buy free do?

  19. I’m looking forward to all this. Can’t wait

  20. Chuck Norris is not Ultimate, that is disappointing!

  21. What will be in the Large boxes this year?

  22. But if Chuck is only on one team it’ll be loads of 15-0 games.
    Oh, wait, 2020 already did that. Maybe he’ll actually balance things out then.
    After all, balancing WoT is the stuff Chuck Norris jokes are made of.

    Also, I wonder if that’s supposed to mean he’ll be a 3x zero skill commander.
    Seems like it would be more fitting.

  23. I still have my 30% discout on my Strv 103B. Still havent reseached it

  24. Best part about chuck is he showed up in a beautiful square body!!!!

  25. Barely any blueprint frags compared to the last events. Not even comparing the ammount to battle passes lmao

  26. Lol I made it to stage 8 and it’s killing me guys 😭😝😂

  27. Chuck Norris – TOG II ffs!

  28. Audio of the vid very low in this one

  29. I wish console was as up to date as pc all console is full of is premium tanks i play a tier 5 90% of the tanks are premium same with 8s the only place i dont see many premium tanks are t9-10

  30. Speaking of blueprints we can get from the christmas event this year are 3 times less than last year. From last year we could get 60 nat bp’s for every nation and like 300+ univ bp’s aswell, Sadge oh well.

  31. There should be a fifth Snow Maiden, which you would unlock after a hell of a lot of struggle, and which would involve WG’s shipping a willing Belorussian wife to your doorstep. That’s the only way that this child fest would remotely start making sense!


    I was wondering can you get the snow maiden twice for every character? Well I got them last year I wondering if I can “them* again 😂. Cause last year I was too greedy and put them all in same tank 😂

  33. WoT’s chirstmas event looks more fun than that of WoWs

  34. Yawn

  35. wow! on holydays WG appeal to western player base for revenue and the rest of the year WG just shits on them because rusian player base! how patetic!

  36. Chuck’s slot

  37. I could bet they afforded Chuck Norris with the Skorpion G income

  38. It’s not that Chuck Norris got added to world of tanks but that world of tanks got added too Chuck

  39. Next year i want the Monty Pythons as crewmembers…, with the siily walking and the holy grale perk.

  40. don’t worry about losing those ops tanks because if you sell them you can bring them back whenever you want to i think

  41. Can Chuck please roundhouse kick all Arty back to garage please!

  42. Chuck Norris will be the commander for my E 50 👌🏻

  43. Patrick Op den Kamp

    Nice story .. also short… Just pull out my wallet… And buy what i want 😎

  44. Year after year i say this – WG’s lead UI designer for these events needs to be shot into the fucking sun.

  45. Chuck….The man The legend The myth….💪👊

  46. I strongly dislike Chuck Norris. When will he just go away. He’s like 75 in real life…. he couldn’t knock the juice box off of his nursing home food tray….

  47. So… I can exchange my T26E4 with every tier 8 tank ?

  48. 11:45 QB is very wrong : it is not because you have 2 out of 3 decorations that you have a one in 3 chance to obtain it. WG are beeing cheeky and prefer not to give you the decorations you lack

  49. Is it 100% that there will be premium boxes this year? I won’t have that much time to play this year so i wanna invest money instead of playing a lot 😒

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