Holiday Ops 2021 Tanks LEAK + Winter Marathon 2020 | World of Tanks Christmas Holiday Ops 2021 News

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World of Tanks Christmas Holiday Ops 2021 Tanks – Progetto C45 mod 71 and GSOR 1008 in Boxes. World of Tanks Progetto C45 mod 71, Tier 8 Italian Autoreloading Heavy Tank. World of Tanks GSOR 1008, Tier 8 Premium British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Winter Marathon 2020 – Object 274A. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch News.

Video Chapters:
00:00 | Introduction
00:45 | Winter Marathon Date Leaked
02:15 | First Special Tank Leak (might change)
07:50 | Second Special Tank Leak (might change)
10:10 | Winter Marathon Reward Tank Leak (might change)
11:50 | Conclusion (Black screen, Sorry)

Christmas and holiday times are coming closer and is time to start talking about this years Holiday Ops 2020-2021 events. First leaks about the Holiday Ops Christmas boxes are out, so let’s take a what is going to be inside those… Most Likely! 🙂 Keep in mind, stuff is still subject to change. On the top of that, let’s talk about Winter Marathon 2020 and about its vehicle Object 274A.

What do you think?


  1. As always, *please keep in mind, those are LEAKS and stuff is still subject to change* in the future! ⛔
    Maybe they switch up some of those vehicles between marathons and Holiday Ops, but those type of leaks usually have been solid.
    Video Chapters and time stamps:
    00:00 | Introduction
    00:45 | Winter Marathon Date Leaked
    02:15 | First Special Tank Leak (might change)
    07:50 | Second Special Tank Leak (might change)
    10:10 | Winter Marathon Reward Tank Leak (might change)
    11:50 | Conclusion (Black screen, Sorry)

  2. I just want to know if free players get anything or is it only for gold boys.

    • Free players only get the small lootboxes in game, they arent really worth it. But the christmas tree is like a premium account, when you fully decorate it.

    • Free to play players will get a mid-tier premium tank as a gift towards the end of November early December. There’s also rumors that wargaming is going to give a tier iv German TD to everyone

  3. Keep in mind if you have a certain amount to spend on boxes dont get them for the purpose of getting a specific tank. Buy for the value, dont give into gambling. Seriously.

  4. Sooo ein FeuerballJunge

    Gg e25

  5. Only F2P

  6. yes another russian medium tank as a marathon reward (after the T 44 100)… why not the italien heavy instead and the obj in the loot boxes?

  7. Wbu well deserved rewards?

  8. Oh hell yeah. I can’t wait to grind the Obj. 274 A cause damn that thing looks op

  9. Call it,Christmas scam! It’s all about fulling the stupids to put more money for some crap tanks.

  10. “Don’t throw axe at my window.”

    Voice of Antman:
    “What the hell happened here?”

  11. E75 TS was also in 2019 loots boxes

  12. remember, this is all subject to chains

  13. I am not interested in any sort of gambling system.
    I pay enough to WoT and buy the tank if I like it as an opponent and is for sale in the premium shop.
    I do think that the same type of tank from a tech tree fully equipped with standard equipment and a crew of max 3 skills should ALWAYS be better than the premium version. need premium vehicles to rake in your credits.
    but you can put in a little effort to maintain a healthy balance in the game.

  14. Last year’s Christmas boxes ruined me. Never again.

    • Yeah Really I bought 25 boxes in 2018 and I only got the T28EF30 people got tier 8 tanks out of the same amount

    • @General Yido TR I was lucky in the 2018 one. That’s why I tried for the 2019 one. But yeah. I ain’t got a gambling addiction. If I lose, I’m not going for another round.

  15. Bruh… Almost every end year my PC broke :’v

  16. I pay 20e every year, which is about 10-11 boxes. First year i got scorp G, second is3a, and third i got less premium time and gold than i could get in shop for that money. So it is definitely possible to get less than you paid for. In average, good deal, but im probably just lucky 2/3 times 😀

    • They count extra credits and 3D Styles as quote-unquote value. If you include those then you got more than what you spent. But most of us don’t really covet the 3D styles end credits for real money

    • @hetzer 73 3d skin i would count if it would be one i wanted 😀

  17. Egg marathon… Okay

  18. Ok, let’s do it. Like all the previous marathon tanks from T-44-100 to this day 🙂

  19. Btw about the Christmas boxes… i am still pissed about those rerolled Halloween boxes, not sure will I even participatr bcoz that was just so scam with value. I also still hate wheelies on this game.

  20. You all are acting like everybody buys the boxes just to get the tanks. I buy the boxes to get the gold I need to buy my one-year premium. I always wind up with thousands of more gold than I need for that millions of extra credits and a multitude of free premium tanks. It’s only gambling if you look at it as gambling. The boxes are worth more than you pay. If it’s not a good deal for you than you just don’t buy them. Or if you don’t need the gold and credits and you’re only looking for specific tanks then no the boxes are probably not your best purchase for the year. Otherwise it’s a deal that cannot be beat any other time of year

  21. theatomicmarshmello w

    8:38 Anyone who played tanki-online would know: Hull: Titan Turret: Shaft

  22. i hope they dont F***ked up this marithon like the last one in which they shut down the server for 3 days in the last days of marithon that really pissed me off i was at level 9 stage coldnt got the tank bcuz of that stupid underhand prank they pull and called it server maintenance and closed EU server for 3 fucing days Grhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. Whew, thanks for the heads-up. It looks like I’ve got enough time to sell everything and get out.

  24. pissing against the wind, only if the wind is a Category 5 Hurricane

  25. I’m 100% disappointed if its true…

    Progetto 71 should be a marathon , getting everyone excited for Christmas holidays and the italian line

    While the 122tm , 274a ,gsor 1008 and the new 3d skins should be in the loot boxes…

  26. I will buy 11 boxes like previous years (since loot box event started) and this year I hope i get that GSOR TD.

  27. Hey, that's pretty good!

    Please no more is3a

  28. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    Sorry, I got distracted by Sofilein

  29. more cancer autoloading powercreep tanks,

  30. Classified Classified

    Lol. Christmas boxes XD. This greedy system along with the taking away of my Tiger C (still pissed about that broken promise) is why I’ve stopped playing this game after almost 7 years of playing the WOT family of games now (Blitz, Console, and PC)

  31. Dez: New auto reloading Italian heavy tank!
    Me: It’s not Russian so it will suck. Not gonna buy boxes. Gimme that Russian bias WG is known for!

  32. We👏Need👏More👏Lootboxes👏To👏Get👏Cheap👏Rewards

  33. fck theyr boxex, last year I bought over 180 boxex and 0 tier 8 tanks

  34. meh! WG

  35. Need to get rid of getting one of 4 tier 8 tanks (2 of which suck, 1 of which is OK, and 1 of which is brand new gambling bait with 0.001% drop chance that will be OP for about 3 months, then forgettable). They should just start providing tier 8 premium ‘tokens’
    This will eliminate people getting pots of gold (so will need to fork out $$$ for their gold ammo addiction) for repeat draws. The tokens would then be usable on any tier 8 vehicle of choice.
    4 of them could be used to buy any of the tier 10 super cheeze OP ‘reward’ tanks.

  36. I’ll be back in wot when they ban arty, ebr , special reward tanks, and all auto-loaders. In reality never.

  37. i hope <3

  38. Dez, ISU-152 or the 152K with FULL HE is fun time 90 pen is so fun.. and can 1 shot most

  39. This should be my new favorite tank!!!
    Looks so damn DOPE!!!!

  40. Distracting_Disaster

    wait, the IS3A is an autoreloader ? lol

  41. Can someone referr me?

  42. WG knows, that we are alle loot box victims. Hope they would have great content! Every year we get more than we pay.
    Thanks @Dez for your support <3

  43. I like all of these tanks but what i really want is the k91-2 just because how it looks like! I hope it will appear in loot boxes or marathon. Btw the obj274a seems owerpowered compare to the other tier 8 mediums.

  44. Boring another Russian tank gosh shock horror !

  45. Cool Heavy Tank will be great. let’s kick some A… Thanks DEZ

  46. more boxes nice

  47. I guess everyone looks to the new Italian premium heavy but that tank will be more or less not op, WG has learned from proghetto46. But the new british td will be famous and now one has it on the radar. What you said high pen stats autoloader good accuracy and fast. This will be the next op tank here. WG needs tanks like that whatever they say this tanks bring money

  48. holliday ops 2022-2021 ? are we live in future and from 2022 time starts go back ? 😀

  49. i’m not gonna buy boxes this year, what about you dez?

  50. Will tanks in garage allready be compansated with gold or credits this year ?

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