Holiday Ops 2022 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Advent Calendar 2022 | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022, Arnold Schwarzenegger Commander, Loot Boxes. World of Tanks Advent Calendar 2022 Offers and Deals. Holiday Ops 2022 in Update 1.15+ Patch News.

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Today World of Tanks released first teaser about upcoming Holiday Ops 2022 Christmas Event… and the special commander this year is going to be an absolute LEGEND Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let’s take a at it together with Advent Calendar Daily Deals.

What do you think?


  1. Last year it was actually on 9th when we received the patch, right? The year before that 13th? So in 1-2 weeks we should be able to get it this year as well. 🙂
    What do you think about that? Let me know and take part of the first Dezmas giveaway in the comments, you beatiful people! <3

  2. Love this event in this game. Ign DeViL_UnLeAsED Server NA

  3. WoT always manages to capture the holiday spirit and im excited for another year!
    NA: _Nihilus

  4. I always lock forward to the christmas events. Everyone get some stuff either for free or by paying so the mood in the game is improved which is needed in the game 😉
    zZandreZz EU

  5. Scatterbrain Brain

    Looks like fun

  6. Those events usual get over my head. I’m just playing, having fun. And don’t quite get what’s going on in the garage.
    jenspraest – EU sever

  7. I am absolutely excited for the Holiday Ops, my guess would have been Burce Willis for this years commander but Arnold is even better!
    After i am done with my finals i will get to enjoy the event completly with all of this snowy glory!

    EU Server

  8. Alexandru-Ionut Bîrlea

    Dez i textet to WG my with about a premium ISU 152 and after few months they did it ❤️

  9. Ahnold “Fuck your freedom” Schwarzenegger? Nah, fuck that Not-see.

  10. Dezember is bestember! But hope there will be no OP tank in lootboxes
    IGN : Taudlitz

  11. Deff one of the best events
    Srbfight, EU

  12. Hi Dez, Hell yeah its great to see the Terminator in the game !! but the voice overs… they have to change one of them to ” I want your clothes, your weapon and your TANK ! ”
    server : SEA – IGN: Tango12Bravo

  13. love WOT holiday event great time to be indoors enjoying the game.Whosthetanknow eu

  14. Sweet time of the year in WOT.

  15. This is always the best event !
    IGN :lou14

  16. i was hoping for The Rock to be the guest this year, maybe next

  17. Thats awesome
    Server: EU
    Ingame: ElBarto00

  18. Lets goooooo Arnie!!!!
    Powelsss EU

  19. Congrats to WG for scoring this legit A-list celeb. This can’t be topped; maybe he’ll be an annual guest.

  20. I am always so psyched for this event!!
    Phoenix_Prince979 (USC)

  21. Arnold, that was truly a epic reveal. =)

  22. Luis Miguel Oronce

    Having arnie as a commander? Thats already a gift in itself. Cant wait to put him in my favorite tanks
    Ign: Siegmeyer_Astora
    Server: Asia

  23. Great news! Can’t wait to hear Arnie in game, hopefully his gonna crack me up as much as Chuck Norris does.
    EU server

  24. So they can bring freaking arnold but not old commander voices for new voiceovers?

  25. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    Looks like the USA commander from the Waffenträger event is going to stay in the barracks, because it’ll be Arnold who will drive my Yoh tanks in the new year.

    Username: GpgotSwag
    Server: EU

  26. Can’t wait to hear his cheesy one-liners. 😂

  27. Van Damme had been also my first thought of Holiday Ops 2023.

    Hero_Cerambyx / EU

  28. The Christmas event is best thing in year.

    Jonskuplayer EU

  29. Last year i didn’t buy any boxes (I do plan on buying a few this year tho) but I still got so much stuff for free. I feel like Christmas is the one time of the year WG is actually generous lol. I have to say though, I am very surprised that WG hasn’t leaked any tier 9 premiums. since they already implemented one I was expecting all the exclusives to be tier 9. way to go WG on learning from your mistakes 👍👍 Rev_Skrrrtt on NA

  30. Still haven’t put chuck norris in a tank yet



  31. I am so excited for this event and for Arnold!! Holiday ops is one of my favorite events!

  32. Maybe WG will have the whole cast of The Expendables one day.
    Oh wait, that would be all the former SPG players.

  33. This is the only event I’m waiting for every year, so I’m very excited.
    akkoska (EU)

  34. I had Arnold say “Do it!” every time my gun reloaded from an Aslain mod. I won an autographed picture from Arnold when I was 13 from a raffle at my high school he came to speak to. First famous person I seen. I am stoked about Arnold coming to the game. I think it’s long overdue, I mean it’s Arnold!!!

  35. This event looks promissing, but it’s impossible to not think how WG invest so much and put so many effort in their marketing and are unable to fix, or at least try, some problems in the game that we have for years.

    Fad3_to_Bl4ck, EU server

  36. Arnold is in WoT, sweet stuff. Man it would be cool if you could get every actor from the movie The Expendabels. Also loving the Holiday Ops, best stuff ever. Love your stuff to DezMaster! Server: EU User: istide

  37. Ah yes, the Holiday Ops. Where we get our Christmas Tree to decorate, we get our lootboxes to get so much gold from and, of course, WE GOT ARNOLD!

    Robin_the_Borbin (NA)

  38. Arnold is komunist

  39. Holiday-ops-time is the best time to play wot. I love the creativeness and adversity wg puts into this event. And as a fellow austrian i am really excited to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in my Garrage!

    UN: MrTrank
    Server: EU

  40. Thank you very much for this early video about the event <3
    Username: dbaasch
    Server: EU

  41. Best event of the year!

  42. EU ronin_77 thanks and happy holidays

  43. Having Arnold is like having a trainer in your tank, I hope the voiceover will be dope. Dez what do you think, would you like to see a Vin Diesel commander some time ?
    Account: dante91aligheri
    Server: EU

  44. This event is absolutely the best event in the game, with fair deals. I can’t wait to start!

  45. I was determined not to spend any more money on the game, and I haven’t done so in half a year … and now Arnie is in the Holiday Ops … Daaaaamn, son …

  46. username: fener0666
    server: ue
    last year I didn’t found all of the trees thingy, hope this time i’ll succeed, plus, my kranvagn is already waiting for his new commander 🙂

  47. My fav time playing world of tanks.

  48. I am excited because it gives us all a chance to get a few treats and just the Christmas spirit wargaming shows is nice. UNKNOWNMICROSOOFT NA

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