HOLIDAY OPS 2023 + NEW T9 PREMIUM TANK?!? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks just revealed Holiday Ops 2023 with Milla Jovovich and a brand 9 premium tank the Object 283! Here's all know!



  1. FYI while initially Wargaming confirmed to me that the Object 283 was a premium tank they have now corrected this and stated it will NOT be a premium tank i.e. making extra credits.

  2. It looks… weird honestly. Like they went waaaaaaaay overboard on the amount of things to do.. why mess with the system we had? Nice and simple and fun

  3. More time to greedily steal money from your wallets in this gambling extravaganza.

  4. You cleared up a lot of mysteries it still looks a little overwhelming. But I’ll give it a go thanks QB

  5. Sorry if this comment is offensive or something, but I feel like many people playing WoT are kinda blind. WG is slowely implementing more and more ways to milk the whales (people who spend a lot, and I mean a whole LOT of money). It started with lootboxes which is pure gambling. They are now part of the game and people stopped calling them out, because they think they’re getting the best prices for gold so its okay (which you do not btw if you do the correct math). They already entered the game for a second period of time (the Engineering keys or however they’re called).

    And now, they’re starting to do stuff that the mobile games (which are purely made for ripping customers off and getting their money and basically nothing else, which is achieved through psychological tricks like “fear of missing out”). You can buy loot crates which contain some kind of currency. This currency can now be used to craft another currency, that then can be used to gamble again. Just download basically any free mobile game that has ingame/micro transaction for some shit like crystals, diamonds or whatever, something like this will be there. And you will soon find out that you can use these crystals to craft another currency that can be used for something. This systems was invented to confuse the customer and make them lose their feeling for the relation to real money. I know about this stuff because I’m a software developer myself, but there are also conferences where mobile game developers teach this kind of stuff.

    I know that everybody wants the new fancy tanks and level up their atmosphere etc etc. but people please, save some of your money. Most of the tanks that were in those boxes before are either irrelevant (from a competitive standpoint) or were buyable later for their “normal” prices (which IMO is still way too overpriced. Just imagine, most Tier 8 tanks cost as much as a complete Videogame on discount, or as much as a very nice evening in a restaurant with friends). I know a company needs to make money to keep up their service/product (again, developer myself), but the way WG is currently monetizing their game has nothing to do with “we need money to pay our team”. How do you think they were able to get people like Arnie, Milla and Chuck Norris into their game? There was a lot of money involved that they just had to throw out. They could easily make enough money with premium time, tanks, gold, even skins or whatever
    and it’s completely fine to buy this stuff, but this gambling crap seriously needs to stop. There is a reason for why EA had such a huge Shitstorm over their lootboxes and why belgium banned the ones for WoT.

    If this comment is TLDR for you, pls read at least this: If you do not buy a single loot box, you will not miss out anything. You will have another chance in the future to get these tanks and even if not, the tanks are not that important, because there will be new tanks like every two months. And lets be real here, the most fun tanks in the game are all found in the tech trees (except some reward tanks maybe).

  6. I need 3 degrees to follow and understand all this crap!

  7. As always QB, saving us tone of headaches figuring this stuff out.

  8. Wg says they change the game to make it less complicated but then they do stuff like this…lol

  9. Yea I think this years holiday opps is worse and a pretty garbage idea honestly. I did enjoy playing around with the decorations of my village. But there was incentive to do it. Now I have no reason to care and just grind the economic bonuses and celeb missions and that is it.

  10. More stupid non tank killing kiddie games. I will not be planning on winning as I spend $0 on this game.

  11. Am I the only one who caught the Milla 2D style referencing the fifth element?

  12. What about our ornament year books for each year??

  13. This game is a pay to win toxic shithole!

  14. I.M.H.O video channel

    Mobile mechanics…no thanks

  15. The umbrella corporation joined WoT

  16. Got 49 un-assigned crew members in my garage, time to reach the 52 and never use them because tech tree grinding is A PAIN.

  17. Great breakdown! Thanks QB! Honestly, I’m not a fan of this year’s Holiday Ops. I like the idea of the Gift Terminal, because like QB said, it helps out the free-to-play players. Other than that, it is just too complicated. My favorite years were 2019-2021. 2022 had some good features as well, such as the gift exchange five times a day with your friends. I LOVED THAT, but everything else of 2022 was so-so. I’m excited, but not nearly as excited as I was in previous years.

  18. I’m not doing all this crazy crap….wtf is wot doing? If I wanted to mine, I would play RuneScape…..

  19. Hi Quickybaby. This all seems far too complex. World of Tanks seems to have become far too money focused, and for me, I’m just not sure whether I really want to bother with all of this, just to play a tank game. No wonder Wargaming is losing players.

  20. Lol this is ridiculous

  21. Where is my wte100 Pack… soooo sad…

  22. Anyone notice that you can increase your credit boost by completing both Milla and Arnie’s missions but it looked like you could not start Arnie’s missions until you completed all of Milla’s missions? So you’ll be stuck at less than 25% credit boost while working through Milla’s missions and then you can get above 25% and finally to 50% when completing Arnie’s missions. Sneaky move, IMO.

  23. Yeah, I’m not going to be playing a mobile-game mode this year

  24. I thinks it’s going to boil down to what we get out of the boxes Wether this year will be better or worse, I know their are a few out there that are keeping track from year to year the amount credits, gold, etc. You get per so many boxes, and I’m curious to see if it holds true or if it’ll end up being less, I know last year the cost of getting everything was kind of outrageous because of the amount of duplicates received, like I literally got the same t8 premium 4 or 5 times in a row, that’s the kind of thing that I personally find frustrating

  25. If object 268 is not 50/50 chance, it’s illegal… Meaning actually against the gambling laws

  26. Where is the Advent Calendar??? :O

  27. Venom286__World of tanks

    so I should buy new years and christmas boxes to get the 50 percent bonus ?

  28. Bartholomew Macaluso

    No freaking way am I buying big boxes just to get a T9 tanks and not much of anything else. <--- Scratch this, I saw the next video

  29. Actual job lmao

  30. Just like last year of the three we only one really deserves , the rest …..

  31. 20:16 omg that rime man

  32. it was great when it was simple straightforward. now its annoyingly complicated.

  33. While i’m not worried I won’t get the 283 i just don’t understand why they 283 is available as a rental especially as it has the same chance as getting it permanently

  34. How about a slot machine to win a battle too? So we dont have to spend time and get addicted to gambling little bit faster.

  35. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    So WG doesn’t want people to know the exact % of getting the tier 9 tank. If you could only get it through loot boxes, this would be straight up legal. Now it’s just unethical.

  36. If Arnie loves WOT that much do you think he could be in a battle with you?

  37. Can this Holiday Ops be more complicated???? I’m watching the video and I’m getting lost eventhough QB tries explaining to us WTF is going on and what to do 😀 Grinding, mining, converting, petting, visiting, whaaaaaat??? 😀 😀

  38. The auto collection is good for people who travel a lot for the holidays. I’m happy they added that as keeping up previous years between traveling for work and traveling for leisure to see family left little time between to do the holiday missions and left me scrambling after new years to complete the collections on time.

  39. Forced manual labor in the frozen tundra? So basically it’s a Gulag.

  40. Tiberium war has begun. Let’s mineing.

  41. Oh, shit, I need friends now… This is not fair.

  42. What about players that have held the game for many years we got rewarded Chaffee and super hell cat etc.
    What will this years rewards be does anyone have any clues or information?

  43. So sick of these hollywood celebrities, milla ruined RE series and arnold is just piece of sheti

  44. Michael Kalle Karlsson

    WTF Can’t we just play. FFS

  45. The clickers are gonna love this.

  46. omggg I never thought of breaking everything from the tree in the end NOOOO 🙁

  47. These holiday ops have gotten so stupidity complicated, it’s ridiculous

  48. The Anonymous Gecko

    I have seen the 283 in testing

  49. Far too complicated

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