HOLY MOTHER OF TURRET ARMOR | M48 PATTON (War Thunder American Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  2. The beginning was great!!!!!!! Those players are legend lol

  3. KSP music on a War Thunder video?
    Me like!!!

  4. Can we see more of the IS-4M possibly? (I play on console and just unlocked it and it feels like a smaller Maus to me)

  5. Urrgh, bit backy Phly….:)

  6. Clicked for some ideas to get better with the Patton. Was not expecting red hot tank sex. Not disappointed.

  7. Mathew Capaci-roberts

    Hey phly take out the valentine mk1 and the Wellington mk. 1c with the 4000kg whiskey keg

  8. 2:30 Jokers to the right..

  9. Next video: phly daily, but every time he says heat fin stabilized the video speeds up

  10. 2:35 poor maus 🙁

  11. Not safe for work bro

  12. Phly can you do a video on the G-LYNX

  13. I can’t believe people still play the Conqueror, it was already hard to make a profit in it and they increased its repair cost last patch.

  14. Aw c’mon … M48A2 C and M48A2 GA2, when?

  15. That’s the gayest intro i ever seen

  16. SO M48 gut?
    Ok Ima research it den.

  17. 8:30 he is white tiger*insert old movie fotage here*

  18. Play the kpz70

  19. Pls dont ask gajin to fix the game in the next patch,their next Target will be brits i feel it xD

  20. Wholesome moment from 16:31 to 17:30

  21. Cristian Radulescu

    Next bmp 3 pls

  22. Man if only the US gave the M48 a goddamn stabilizer and APDS rounds it would have been the best tank of the 50’s and early 60’s!

  23. Oh my God. Making baby in battle filed?

  24. Son-Of-A-Cornflake

    So real talk can I get that emblem if I’m on xbox???

  25. Phly, please bring the He 51 in 10.0 Tanks and get a kill with the 10kg Tiny Rocks 😀

  26. so uhhh…why the t32e1 still 7.7?

  27. You make more than 100k a year on war thunder this is your career…. don’t call it cringey I’m proud/jealous of you

  28. Hey Phloppy Whoppy, are you gonna show us the baby tank you two just made? Name her/him Phlopper. Just an idea… 🙂

  29. thisd conq was so cringy


  31. And their baby is a sherman firephly

  32. Nguyễn Bình Minh

    I barely spoted the enemy in rb and how can i improve it

  33. Nice team work ??

  34. Is it working if instead of wy’vern you’re v’ry high ?

  35. *L E W D*

  36. lol, Taiwan still uses it.

  37. no no no, NO ARMOR IS BEST ARMOR!

  38. Felix James Ainsley

    RIP TIGER 2 who are still facing advanced cold war tanks

  39. Nice
    Btw i am the Guy in the Leopard 1 which has been killed by you at 11:30

  40. CAS Cancer Murica

  41. Black Mesa Research Facility


  42. I deal Deja Vu

  43. phly: turn up your volume

    *plays earrape in the background*

  44. The dirty tank?

  45. Way the first 2 t54-s are still 7.7 ????, the first one doesn’t even get the ability to have apds and all of them have a much slower reload than the nato tanks at 7.7

  46. Fucking retards in the comment section think theyre so cool by spamming it with dull timestamps and jokes that fits twelve year olds…just a huge yawning fest…

  47. 6:21 min best phly ever :))))))

  48. It’s crazy how you make me want to play War Thunder. but when i actually get on there and start playing i wanna jump out the window in frustration

  49. M48 is the best tank in 7.7 or 7.3! 不接受任何反驳。

  50. Phly : who would of thunk!

    Me being English : ITS THOUGHT… THOUGHT!

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