HOLY… NEW Crew, Machine Guns, Night Maps, and More | The Future of World of Tanks in 2023

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Source: DezGamez

The Future of World of Tanks in 2023 – Machine Guns, New Crew System (Crew 2.0), Night Maps, Steel Hunter: Reborn, New Maps, New Frontline Map, Map Rebalance, Vehicle Rebalance, Prestige System, New Tanks, Random Map Events and More!

This has to be the most information filled 2 minute 28 second I have ever watched about World of Tanks… And it is about the future of the !

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Many tanks!


  1. It would be interesting if all multi-turreted tanks and more that one gun on a tank could all fire

  2. I’m gonna make my rhm pzw go 84
    And t100lt will be even faster with max mobility

  3. Ah yes we will never add machine guns to wot
    Wargaming –

  4. this game became a Poop! Pay 2 Win ! Payed tanks more OP! THX War Shitting! sorry my language but I hate what WG do!

  5. about 1 crew in 3 tanks, will it include premium vehicles ? I hope no..!

  6. I think you might be able to use the zeppelin as a huge ramp and it will connect the castle with the train area

  7. That video is clickbait AF.

  8. I had a notficitation for this video and the title was shown like “[…] machine guns, nig…” and I could only speculate how it went on. The thumbnail was not helpful

  9. Hey Dez, need to correct you on something: at 24:07 this is not the japanese TD they already shown, this is actually the Tier X that is going to come into the game, should be called something like Ho-Ri III

  10. Dez, Its been a wonderfull ride. I love your videos, especially the ones with weird builds/setups and lots of theory-crafting.
    But I have to choose side. I will not take any part, how big or small it would be, in supporting an economy that are behind the invasion of Ukraine. It may be far fetched, and I wouldnt ask anyone to reason the same way as i do here.
    But I support you, and you play a game that support a dictator. Plz dont misunderstand me when I say this. While I vouch for the comment, it is worth noting that I dont think you as person support that dictatorship.
    And I usually argue that sport and games transcend borders and human differences.
    But I have to cut any and all connection, nomatter how far fetched it is, to companies that pay their taxes in belarus or russia.
    Thx for everything.
    ill probs drop in from time to time, and Il defo return when things return to normal

  11. The vehicle with the cool down looks so czech cuz of the camo and the gun appearance

  12. Much love DEZ, but the damaged view port reduces 50% of view range. Reacon makes, so de reduction is only 30% (or maybe 40%). It already works that way nothing was changed about it.

    Happy Chrismas to all!

  13. AUTOCANNONS! finally

  14. Assembly WT e 100???

  15. FINALLY , but can we also have a detailed look at your own shots and where they landed on the enemy, since there are way too many instance where i hist the side of a tank and dont pen and still wonder wthell

  16. LOL ! U r all like little childrens in the Kindergarten!!! hahahaha

  17. in the final frame of the video you can see the number 2023,in the same style as obj 780 ones.Tho the turret is different,so,we are going to have an other thank like this with limited numbers.

  18. New/rebalanced crew skills don’t make much of a difference ~5%.

    They made the skills more competitive to choose from and the skills will finally vary from tank to tank.

    They made old skills actually usable and made others easier to use and know their effects.

    The skills are finally going to be interesting
    So what? +1 kmh and +5%engine power people will take the skills that fit their play style they make slower tanks less boring and stressful when you get destroyed.

    And faster tanks would rather have other skills like dpm or accuracy on the move.

    The skills raises the skill ceiling because it reduces RNG.

  19. Ever since the Crew 2.0 test I’ve been focusing on getting all my crews to 5 skills. 50+ crews, and as of Holiday Ops I only have 3 crews left to finish training. My biggest question from the video is how are group and individual skill training done: Can you train each crew member at the same time, and then also one of the group skills? Why did they move firefighting from group to Radio Operator?

  20. Discussing the new Japanese tanks, that TD you see isn’t the recent Japanese premium we had seen earlier but the Ho-Ri of which comes with a whole line for that and aswell the Type 71 line which is a Japanese HT, both these lines are already in blitz, and the Ho-Ri has technically better pen than a Jag E100 because its Premium shells are AP, and gets Shell normalisation

  21. 2023 is written like the tank number on object 780. So new numbered tank ?

  22. Wolf Kingdom Gaming

    wot don’t support all players i cant join this stuff do to from where i am its to late to ply

  23. Future of WOT:More broken/nonsece tanks and more rigging did i miss something?

  24. Autocannons coming to WOT lol. When you though its not going to become worse. Absolute bulling mechanic.

  25. I hope we Will be able to switch things in the game on and off

  26. Will we get dynamic houses as well? I would love to finally be able to destruct all the buildings in the wot maps.

  27. Wow one crew for 3 tanks in HUGE! I have so many tanks that I’m not playing with just because I don’t want to invest in a new crew and moved the single crew for this line to the tank I like to play the most.

  28. Old recon is practically the same 20% more view means that after your observation device get damaged its gonna be less view range nerfed until repaired. So for example your observation get damaged without perk view range decreases to 300 but with perk it could be 350 (i wasnt calculating this thing so maybe its more or less).

  29. ranked was much more pleasant for “loser” teams than onslaught where you have to make one win after another because even in the loser team with 10k dmg you just lost ranks. plus there was no fallback protection to save a level! pure pain.

    you have played 5 good fights “ranks” / points won and with ONE loose directly the 5 good fights +/- 0 set where should be fun?

    and why you miss the armorer text? :/

  30. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Skill sets looks like from blitz

  31. Omg, finally Centurion getting some love. I really hope Centurion AX will become competitive or get something to make it unique. Its the first medium line ive been grinding out, and while i do enjoy it a lot, it really feels obsolete compared to the other lines in the game.


  33. I don’t think the crew changes are good for the game. It will make good longtime players more powerfull and leaves new players even more behind. To me it is an unnecessary addition in search for another carrot for players to chase.

  34. Refarding the Teamwork skill of the radio operator: you missed that you gain 5% on your major crew skills within a range of 100m of allied tanks. So basically brothers in arms when you play with your teammates which I think is pretty strong.

  35. Merry Christmas Dez

  36. What is wrong with Live oaks ? Leave the map alone.

  37. Looks very promising! Merry Christmas Commanders! o7

  38. i wonder if these crew skills are limited for some tanks. ie the dispersion one should only be for sniper vehicles

  39. Those autocannos really make sparkle my eyes!!!!

  40. Im scared of the Guerilla Skill and E-25

  41. Dez casually making a half hour long video on a 2 min clip. Also, the japanese td is the Ho-ri T.II, it’s the tier 9 japanese td in wotb but will probably be tier 10 in wot pc (just like the MVY and MVIY). Also the “machine gun” is probably an autocannon

  42. One crew for 3 tanks, does this mean that if a vehicle is still in the battle, I will not be able to use the other 2 tanks?

  43. new crew could be good, but i’m fearing for the F2P players (like they wanted to try with crew2.0) They tried to get 1 crew for 3 tanks, but not immediately and much faster if you payed money to them. So they blocked the 1 crew for 3 tanks for F2P players. Quite excited for all of this but also watchful for all these changes not to get the game more to pay to win (as it already is quite like that). Not gonna lie, they didn’t do a good job in 2022.
    Like wtf is wrong with them, almost got on shotted by chinese premium tier 8 (obviously shooting Gold ammo) NOT THE WAY TO GO FORWARD WG!!!!
    Also when finally will there be a reworked MM!!!!!
    WG will have to watch out not to destroy the game i love
    Keep up the great content and merry xmas and happy new year Dez
    thnx for keeping me updated

  44. I have been waiting and hoping that crew 2.0 would be reworked and come into the game.
    The only downside seems to be that mismatched crews will continue.
    While having the entire crew represened by one avatar was a little odd it did take away the problem of tank lines sometimes having a radio operator or 2 loaders and so on.
    So Situational awareness was sometimes on the commander sometimes not.
    I love the idea of 3 tank crews and new crew skills but if we still have the old problems thats a little sad.

  45. I think you might have missed one ester egg in the end of the video. There is a sign saying 2023 but it is very reminiscing of obj 780 3d style with number on it so I presume its also tease for the new assembly workshop tank

  46. merry xmax!
    no holiyday-code from wot this year?

  47. this game sucks more and more and the future is not great

  48. With dynamic objects i think they want to make longer battles

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