HOLY NUKE… Record ALPHA with New HESH | World of Tanks The FV4005 Stage II Sandbox 2021 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks New HESH and HE Ammo FV4005 Stage II Sandbox 2021 Gameplay. World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer. Destroyer, Most Dangerous Tank. World of Tanks Sandbox New HE Shells Testing.

You guys demanded some more FV4005 Stage II action from the sandbox server, so I reinstalled it and here are couple battles showcasing standard HE and premium HESH rounds… The results will surprise you A LOT!

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. This is what You wanted to see and this is what You get! 😉
    Have an absolutely fantastic weekend!

    • I wanna my I wanna my I wanna my JPE100 instant kill….If i can get it.

    • ekerhardt müller

      Erm there was a video made by yourself from 6 or so years ago, you played live on mountain pass, and dealt 2087 dmg to a jagdpanzer auf e100′ lower plate

    • Dez with death star i did 2100 on the jpz e100

    • I have a question. For the tanks not essentially known to shoot HE at a relatively high amount does this re working apply to all? A potential thought is tanks of the like T110E4, E3 and various others tanks that have maybe a high caliber gun and rather juicy HE damage potential. I was thinking that if it did then that could make those options more viable in tanks such as those. If they no longer really splat for 200 or so damage or do zero and they more reliably do triple that or so on the low end now. The thought process is that maybe they could be worth bringing more because they no longer just merely reset the cap or disable tracks on tanks in hard to pen areas or angles.

      They could be used during a stubborn moment of another player just knowing a bit of a lot and never giving a decent enough hit to pen the tank. Albeit the reverse could happen to you it can prove to be another hidden trick that players new to higher tiers might not know giving a advantage which could help you win.

      Hmmm… kinda neat.. maybe too much damage idk. …🤔

    • After watching this I just got one shotted by an e100 for full health on the live server.

  2. Technicaly the maximum roll is 2 188 dmg, so looking forward to that one 😉

  3. I don’t feel better with c’ha gesù honestly, fv feels like even more broken

  4. War thunder is getting more and more appealing.

  5. This change is disgusting to say the least
    Just what we all want
    Every game flooded with these tanks doing literally 2ks dmg

  6. “Buffing” Hesh? yea, like it needs it..

  7. You can do 2187 on Normal server what is so special to ~2k?

    I average in 1.6k battles with Fv4005 3644 damage , the most i did was 2150 in a is-7 .
    Idk what Hest stats are now on Sandbox

  8. My record is 2203 to E100

  9. Please install the battle hits mod.
    It allows you to see all the shots you shot and revived after the battle with a 3d model of the tank so you know exactly where the shell went.
    I think it would help testing a lot!.
    Kind regards

  10. Matheus Guerra Scheffer

    So they basicaly gave FV a massive buff, cant wait to play with my is 4 and see 5 FVs in every game nuking everyone

  11. Did you deliberately draw that mushroom cloud on the title card like a clown’s head?

  12. LordShockwav Gaming & Advice

    Jeez Christ! 👀

  13. Seems balanced… :/

  14. how about KV2?

  15. Follow me for watching good games WOT!

  16. My top “nuclear” roll with FV4005 is 2053 into the side turet armour of Type 5. 😁

  17. my record with 183 on live server is 2386 (+ 311 fire damage) on top engine maus with hesh… 😀

    • but my highest record damage for shell, was with m44 with heat (250mm pen, 2015) ammoracked 1 maus (2700hp old maus) with troll platoon… 😀 that maus after that battle, he spammed i was a cheater,hacker, “i violated wot server” xD

  18. Hey Dez, you forgot to put Russian Star and Red Army standard color with a Smile on it.

  19. So the game becomes World Of One-shots, and the main problem is still artillery…

  20. Is it just my imagination that WG said they want to make HE shells to be little less idiot proof? If yes, this is the exact opposite of what they wanted to do

  21. Guys….PPPPPlease with all thi WOT BS. These games are rigged and I’ve got the videos to prove it. You must be truly ignorant to spend money on this crap!

  22. Sturmtiger with a *7000* average damage round smirks.

  23. i like these videos with the fun and silly edits

  24. 6:50 had my laughing so hard…. awesome video as always!

  25. it happens me i shot fv215b and deals 2130 dmg with hesh shell

  26. Well…. i once one shoted Maus for 3k hp. Poor soul didn’t use fire extinguisher or just jumped into the battle with his new purchase and forgot to equip it. I felt so sorry that i had to apologize to him 🙁

  27. I wonder where WG get there 70% people were satisfied result with the new HE changes

  28. My top nuclear roll is hitting the ammo rack of a full HP of O-Ni with a Super Pershing and killed it.

  29. Ufff that’s broken 😀 I don’t like it. This game is going to be a bit more toxic again….

  30. What is this sweet outro music called?

  31. And THAT is why Arty is in the game XD

  32. My personal highest roll was the highest roll possible for the FV4005 something like 2114 or close to

  33. I dont now for the Last few years, but my Record is with usa arty m53 t9 oneshoot e100 😂 that hapend befor 3-4 years ago

  34. Mhm… since release… some WT100 one shot for sure.

  35. This HE rework is a bullshit

  36. Wg stupid idea

  37. Is it still high ‘explosive’ if it doesn’t have splash 🤔

  38. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    Arty dont need the new stuf like that. Tracker real live. Dont u know frome arty shoot. Doo only 1 öre 2 arty Max game this a f*** Joke. Like more wg stuf like more and more two stop this joker game

  39. my best shot on live server was 2122 in jg e100 lowerplate from 200m 😀

  40. The whole purpose of spaced armor is to make HE and HEAT shells go off before they reach the actual armor. Not only those changes make no sense in that regard, but also the outcome will be just more gold spam.

    Just nerf the gold dammit

  41. I think the highest damage clean shot I did was one shooting Conqueor for 1950. But I also one shooted T57 Heavy (shot and fire for 2250)

  42. alexandros papadiotis

    Still I don’t like the new HE need and artillery nerf… Feels useless…

  43. I one shoted badger, 2100hp

  44. Nobody wants these charges 😂. This is wg trying to get more money with less playerbase

  45. So, just to be clear. This is not an improvement is it lads?

  46. so… tracks won’t be so good protection anymore…

  47. muntean nicolae andrei

    nice nice 😀

  48. Hope no change at all, not for Arty or all the other tanks.

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